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4 Jun
I've rarely met a journalist who covers politics who hasn't got some crush on history. But it's odd how the profession that loves to review grand sweeps of changing tides is held back by the ownership of the outlets. In the end, the owners create the conditions for publication.
If you are a working journalist, you both "know" that ownership creates tension that can never be resolved, but you tell yourself (and your profession) that you will personally work VERY HARD to never let it effect you.

Or at least I said that at age 27 when I was reporting.
I was not cynical about journalism when I worked in the profession. I still can't help but love journalism, what is does when its good. Journalism does good stuff. It does. But it's not noble unless its actually being noble. It doesn't round up based on everyone's work.
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31 Oct 19
It's interesting Ivanka picked this example because the thing Jefferson's enemies were accusing him of -- fathering a child with a slave -- was absolutely something he did. 6 times as a matter of fact. Jefferson was bemoaning being called out for something he actually did.
Also Jefferson's daughter Martha never really knew how to treat her slave-born half-siblings. Martha had a complicated relationship with her dad. Sort of like Shiv's with Logan's on Succession.
Just another kismet relationship of one presidential-daughter with a deeply subservient relationship to a tyrant patriarch to another.
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31 Oct 19
So I bought a new iPhone via Apple financing, something I've done before but not since 2013. And I had a journey discovering what's new and problematic about the company that Apple uses for financing...
I bought my iPhone on 10/6 and I realized I hadn't gotten any paperwork in the mail when my next payment is due, my account number for setting up Bill Pay through my banking website, etc. So I called. And I realized how wildly the Apple financing rules had changed since 2013
Step 1: I could not set up any Bill Pay to CITIZENS ONE (the bank Apple sent my financing) through my bank's website. I had to go only through Citizen One's website for payments. But there's a trick to that...
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18 Apr 19
We're literally being run by a Kangaroo Court now. Honestly feels that way. Not hyperbole, which feels...weird to feel?
I feel genuine alarm at my genuine alarm. Not taking an ironic public stance. I'm a professional communications advocate. I didn't always feel this way. It's all just pent up, amorphous fear of...something? What I'm not exactly sure I can put into real form. Just of something big
There have been moments I've felt like "this could be a big crack between the past and the future" before. Like when the Supreme Court took up Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. Especially when they first put it on the docket. I thought "this could be a moment of past & future"
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22 Jan 19
Has anyone forgotten how scary it is to confront a crowd of rowdy young men???
A crowd of most thing except puppies and kittens is typically kind of intense at least. Especially a crowd of humans pointed directly AT you and jeering
Nathan Phillips was A BYSTANDER who was seeing a situation GO SOUTH.
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8 Oct 18
Was talking to my South American friend today about countries that once had stable (legitimate) Democratic elections and now don’t. She remarked: the news media coverage during their transition didn’t look any different than ours. Ie, not any more alarming on the surface.
I had to think about that for a moment, but she’s right. Whatever constituted “mainstream” news media in formerly stable democracies, could be translated into English and wouldn’t look very different day-to-day as long as things weren’t aflame.
It also made me wonder what “alarmed” news media that was truly shaken would look like? Honestly? I couldn’t think it’d look different. There’s still be celebrity news, style pieces, and think pieces. I suppose the newspapers right up to March 1861 would seem same way?
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8 Jul 18
Fuck it I’m 2 minutes in and I’m already annoyed. Let the #Sorkining begin!
Molly’s Game starts with Sorkin’s most famous way to introduce characters: someone reads you their resume, hitting each beat to personally tell you how smart they are. (Since this script is at least about a real person it may be one time it’s real? #Sorkining
I never watched Moneyball but my guess is the script is all numbers said at a fast clip to sound impressive. #Sorkining
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6 May 18
I listened to the 6minute 911 call a woman made to report 2 Native American students that she thought didn't belong. Knowing what the truth was, that they were 2 regular boys from New Mexico checking out a college tour, makes caller's words more important. safety.colostate.edu
Listen to how the woman describes her unease to the 911-dispatcher about the 2 Native American boys. She says "It's probably fine." "I've never done anything like this before." I'm sure I'm being paranoid." It's very banal...
The reason why I think people should actually *listen* to the 911 call this white woman makes on the 2 "suspicious" ( she thinks they are Latino and from Mexico) boys, is to hear the banality of racism. She's not raving, She sounds like most other white parents touring a college.
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29 Apr 18
So most people don't know this about me, but I'm actually one of the people who put together the research that demonstrated that media citations of women's appearance effects their relationship with voters. 1/
Have you heard somewhere down the line that media mentions of women's appearance (positive, negative or neutral) negatively effect a woman candidate's standing with voters? That's from this research done with @Lake_Research 2/ womensmediacenter.com/reports/name-i…
I helped put together the research on the impact of media citations of women candidates because through my work with @nameitchangeit during the 2012 I noticed how media talked about Michelle Bachmann's appearance at debates. 3/
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