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Oct 15, 2021
Request Hon'ble @PMOIndia Shri @narendramodi ji to speak with his Bangladeshi counterpart immediately. There is wide spread violence going against Hindus & today they attacked our @iskcon temple in Noakhali. Many dead & many devotees in critical condition
#SaveBangladeshiHindus Just few hours back today, around 500 Muslim mob gathered outside @iskcon
Temple in Naokhali and they broke Deities inside ISKCON temple and set temple on fire. They also destroyed Durga Devi in front of ISKCON Temple. Our devotees fought: many r critical
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Jun 24, 2021
Today is #SnanYatra or birthday of Jagannath Swami.

On this day of #SnanPurnima, Jagannath, Baladev & Subhadra Devi are bathed with panchagavya, waters from different divine rivers & reservoirs etc. #SnanaJatra #JaiJagganath ..1/5 On the day of #SnanPurnima devotees bath Jagannath so much & the rainy session makes Him sick in the night with high fever. Then the 3 Divine Siblings are immediately taken into a sick room & quarantined for 15 days where they are served ayurvedic medicines for 15 days. ..2/5
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Jun 21, 2021
Do you know that ISKCON holds the Guinness Book of world record for Yoga?

There is interesting story about it & how we did it, inspired personally by @PMOIndia Shri @narendramodi ji.

Please read the below thread...1/6
#InternationalDayOfYoga Image On 21/06/15, I was fortunate to attend d #YogaDay celebration at Rajpath lead by @PMOIndia Sri @narendramodi ji. That day Ministry of Ayush attempted a Guinness world record for Yoga & they made a new record with 81 nationalities.

I watched our PM do various asans with ease 2/6 Image
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Feb 12, 2021
This list won't STOP, Hindus will never get justice unless Bharat is a Hindu Rastra.

Only solution is Hindu Rashtra. Let's each one of us work for it. Unite, learn, educate and respond. #JusticeForRinkuSharma Rinku Sharma has donated his blood to the Muslims who killed him.

Thieves & aggressors like Akhlaq will get Justice here but not Hindus.

Hear d desperate cries of his mother who pleaded to spare him. If Hindus won't unite, each one of us will get killed
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Dec 19, 2020
On this day, exactly 9 years ago, monks of @iskconkolkata were shocked to hear the news that a Russian Court has banned Gita.

The monks went & gheraoed the Russian Consulate. News spread & our MP's cutting across the party lines raised this issue in parliament. ….Thread 1/10 The news spread like wild fire. We also called our Member of Parliament's & requested them to raise this issue in parliament.... continued...2/10
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Nov 29, 2020
Unbelievable: Twitter has suspended True Indology's new accounts: @BharadwajSpeaks and @TheTrueIndology .

Madam in action from behind?

How powerful is their eco system? @PMOIndia Shri @narendramodi ji please take note of this before it's too late. Why they r again&again suspending #TrueIndology ?

Because d MARXIST-MULLA-MISSIONARIES unholy alliance is most fearful of Hindus knowing their TRUE HISTORY & also Hindus knowing their true history of destruction & looting.

They don't fear @narendramodi as much as True Indolgy
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Nov 6, 2020
Now they have started new propaganda so that people stop eating mithai and Amitabh Bachchan starts pushing chocolates into Hindu traditions.

They are after each tradition of Hindus & they want to omit all things associated with Sanatan culture. Beware
timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/are-you-… In one day, attack on following Hindu traditions:

1) Chatta Puja banned at 2 city lakes by Calcutta High Court

2) Crackers banned. Loss of 5000 croers for cracker industry.

3) Showing traditional Sweets in bad light so that chocolates can be promoted.

Notice the bias. Image
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Nov 4, 2020
Many Hindus wonder, how only few thousands of invaders could rule Bharat & destroy & loot our temples.

Silence of other channels on attack on #RepublicTV is an example. When they were destroying our temples, the king of other state were thinking its the problem of that state. When invaders attacked Somnath or Kashi or Ayodhya or Mathura, each time other Hindu kings of other states thought that's the problem of the King of that particular state being attacked.

And some Hindu kings even alinged with invaders & attacked other Hindu states.
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Oct 31, 2020
Today is the 1st day of month of Damodar or Kaartik Mas. This month is most auspicious & anyone who worship's Lord Damodar is blessed.

All spiritual sadhana you do in this month, you get multiple benefits & one should offer daily a ghee lamp to picture of Lord Damodar. Even an “unserious” person can attain Krishna’s personal service, simply by “executing devotional service according to the regulative principles during the month of Kārttika”–wouldn’t it then also be a seriously good time to get serious?
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Oct 31, 2020
This is how they converted each Hindus for last 1000 years.

It's shocking that those people whose helpless ancestors were raped & converted like this by force, like this Hindu women from Bangladesh, are still following the religion of the oppressors, rapists of their ancestors. This same thing is happening everyday in #Mewat & other places in India. Don't be surprised that they r converting this women on camera. We all witnessed how #NikitaTomar was killed in front of CCTV. How dare she can refuse ISLAM & marriage to a Muslim. They want to send message
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Oct 17, 2020
OMG is one of the movies which derides Hindu way of worship. The argument put in the movie was complete crap.

Our ISKCON devotees had enacted a drama & answered each of the questions raised.

Please watch the Thread & tag @akshaykumar to watch so that he knows why we offer milk Part 9
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Oct 15, 2020
This is an official announcement: H.H. Nitai Chaitanya Swami Maharaja left his body today fighting COVID-19.

His Holiness Nitai Chaitanya Goswami Maharaj, is one of the first Russian sannyasis and one of senior most devotees from the times of USSR. It was in 1970 that while listening to the underground western radio station he was fortunate to hear the sounds of Hare Krishna Maha-mantra broadcasted and a few years later he became convinced in the tradition of bhakti.
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Oct 9, 2020
Look at this picture. Behold it. Lord Krishna appeared 5,247 years ago on 21st July 3227BC in Mathura.

The great grandson of Lord Shri Krishna, King Vajra Nabha made the 1st Temple known as Kesavadev at the exact place where Bhagwan Shri Krishna appeared #कृष्ण_जन्मभूमि_आंदोलन A stone inscription in Brahmi script shows that during the reign of Shodasa, an individual named Vasu had renovated the Temple, added an arched doorway and renovated the altar at the birthplace of Shri Krishna. #कृष्ण_जन्मभूमि_आंदोलन
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Sep 20, 2020
Yes, plants too have life but their consciousness is least evolved & they don't feel the pain as animals do. Here is detailed explanation in the below thread: 1) Most fruits r picked without harm to the tree that produces them.

2)Most vegetable, species produce many vegetables - picking them only strengthens them; the plant continues its life cycle & eventually dies

3) Grains are harvested only after the plants have reached maturity
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Sep 5, 2020
Yes, our devotees are visiting remote places and reviving the Sanatan culture.

ISKCON is committed to Tribal preaching & saving the Sanatan culture from the evil eyes of conversion mafia. This below thread is dedicated to the warriors like @noconversion ,who are concerned about the ongoing conversion of the Indian natives by hook or crook.

ISKCON has seriously taken this challenge & for last many years we are working deep in Jungles. Listen to the 7 video thread
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Sep 3, 2020
I remember when I was in class 9, Kendriya Vidyalaya, one of our teacher Mr. Ahmed one day told us during a class (not history class) that Shri Ram committed suicide. I was very much shocked & pained that how can he speak a lie like this about Shri Ram.........1/3 Till date those words reverberate in my ears & I feel very sad about the fact that how everyone wants to impose upon Hindus that their customs, Dharma, ayurved, gyan & vigyan, worshipful Lords & everything Sanatan is useless.
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Sep 2, 2020
What Bharat has forgotten, West is slowly adopting:Cows as pets.

A BOY AND HIS DOG, at least in Western countries, is a symbol of friendship & of healthy psychological development.

But what sastra says about animal human reletionship is explained in this thread: Keeping pet dogs INSIDE home is a symptom of how the world has lost Vedic culture. Pet dogs or other animals can be kept, but only outside of home.

People sometimes say that giving children pets to love helps children develop universal love.
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Aug 30, 2020
Wish you all happy Vaman Dwadashi- the appearance day of Lord Vaman Dev. This festival is also celebrated as Onam in Kerala.

Let us read about the lessons we can learn from this beautiful pastime of Lord Vaman & His devotee King Bali Maharaj or King Mahabali. Thread... Image God is the master of all arts, including the art of conflict resolution. He is the loving father of all, and His every action benefits all His children. The story of Lord Vamana shows how the Lord satisfied two rival parties and ended a cosmic war between the demons and demigods. Image
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Aug 22, 2020
आप सभी को श्री गणेश चतुर्थी की हार्दिक बधाई व शुभकामनाएं।

May Lord Ganesh remove all obstacles in our lives & bestow Spiritual bliss. Hare Krishna!
#GanpatiBappaMorya #GaneshChaturthi2020
#गणेश_चतुर्थी #गणेशचतुर्थी Image It was due to the Divine mercy of Lord Ganesh that we all have the greatest fortune to read Bhagavad Gita.

While Vyasdev was dictating & Lord Ganesh was writing, the feather pen broke. Then Lord Ganesh broke His teeth & started writing with His teeth & completed the book.... Image
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Aug 19, 2020
This is completely unacceptable. Tomorrow they might apply for copyright of Gita or our mantras & obtain copyright & charge us for reading it or chanting it. Even worse we will not be able to propagate it

The Government of India should immediately intervene & stop this nonsense. Request @PMOIndia Shri @narendramodi ji to look into this. Many of Sadhus & amateur artists, get notice from YouTube for chanting our ancient mantras, Vedic sloks, bhajans etc.

How can someone fraudulently obtain copyright on our Vedic mantras, shloks, bhajans etc.?
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