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30 Jul
This is the kind of mindset required for each & every TN youth
200 families together financed & built a small Sri Ganesha temple in their area & has been praying for yrs
But a Missionery school next to the ground has earmarked some parts for expansion of their school
ground & want to demolish the temple citing it as reason
It seems the school is built & maintained by a German
This youth is telling "if he has an audacity to come & build a school + Chruch in India & demands razing down of my temple- as an Indian
Hindu,belonging to the majority
religion I have every right to
protect my temple & the land!
Will not allow this missionary to demolish this temple at any cost"
Hope he succeeds in retaining the temple facilitating the people to continue to pray
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29 Jul
Kailasanathar Temple in ruins
Kallaperambur is a village near Thanjavur-15kms away
Has this awesome Shiva Bagawan temple
This temple was built by 1st Kulottunga Chozan(1070–1122 AD)during 11th-century
He was 1 of the sovereigns who bore the title"Kulottunga",
literally meaning "the exalter of his race" in Tamil
This temple has 6 precious inscriptions
which proclaims the history of the temple & the Chozhas
Wen a temple is build by Chozha Kings they leave lot of assests for the temple so it's always self sustaining
But we don't know where the assests are & the present state is Pathetic!
Rich temple generate enormous funds & govt swindle it to pay salaries of govt employees & allocate 2 development of M@sque & Chr@ch!
Not a penny they r spending on reviving old temples which
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27 Jul
Kashmir - The land of Divinity
A list of few of our lost temples can help us understand wat we "lost"
Oh Yes,Past can hurt - u can either run or learn from it
1860s Ruins of temple of Vichar Nag
Near Srinagar #Kashmir
Credit - #Britishlibrary
#KashmirBleeds without Sanathana
Meruvardhana Swamy Temple
Pandrenath - Near Srinagar Kashmir
Taken in 1868
This place is almost in ruins, is one of the important historical place in Kashmir as said by poet Kalhana in his poetical account of Kashmir history Rajatarangini @RajiIndustani
have been founded by king Pravarsena in the 6th century AD. Its name thus derives from Puranadishthana or 'old town'.
The small stone Shiva temple in the picture dates from the mid-10th century, reputedly erected by a minister named Meru
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23 Jul
Preaches FOE only to India
Who might be master screwing him?
His Chinese wife !
FB was founded by Mark to find her then girlfriend & now his wife!
He was grilled by US senate over data privacy
He went & testified for over 6hrs addressing privacy concerns
snooping into searches, the misuse of artificial intelligence.
Both FB and twitter meekly give access to worldwide data and user searches to every US security agency.
Chinese did not allow them in.
Russians restrict them & encourage the use of Russian sites.
But u know which country they feel safe preaching freedom of speech while shitting on its hospitality?
So far, this man has allowed 'breaking India' forces a free run of the site. They r at the helm,deciding which content u can post & which profiles to block
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14 Jul
This Once in lifetime Murti-Varaha Avatar is from RaniKiVav, Patan, #Gujarat
We Visit temples but rarely pay attention to what Murtis of our gods had to convey us
They are encyclopaedia, holding volumes of stories to say us
1) Prabhaavali/PrabhaaMandala - Like
ring of light around God, it's a ornamental circular ring with many "Jwalas" or emblems related to the God. Here we can see Avataras of Sri Vishnu
2) Padma Chatra/Atapatra - Used for
high dignitaries. It's the symbol of High
Spiritual power. Just imagine how did they sculpt that delicate umbrella & it stays there without breaking for generations
3) Bhudevi- Rescued form patalaloka
being drowned by Asura Hiranyaksha with bhujaaMadhya (Elbow).Observe that affectionate touch of Bhudevi on Varaha Mukhi
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