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1 Aug
The #Nehzra Series
"Your heart, your treasure."

A few years back at a youth conference, my pastor and mentor, @T_Vutabwashe once said a very profound statement. He said, " Being patriotic is not being political"
I attest to that.
2/. Ladies and gentlemen a desire to see your nation succeed, and a deep, abiding love of your country are all patriotic expressions. Nothing political about that. This shouldnt be taught. This should be an inherent feeling each and everyone of us should carry.
3/There is a man, Nehemiah, who I saw to be a character to learn from. His co-worker Ezra a scholar and teacher is another one we will also be learning from thus the title of this series is dubbed 'Nehzra'
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3 Jul
African leadership.

Rwanda's first President, Grégoire Kayibanda and his wife were starved to death by his friend and Defense Minister, Juvénal Habyarimana, who overthrew him on July 5, 1973. They were kept in a secret location.
The World's former Youngest President, Valentine Strasser, who became Sierra Leone's President in 1992 at the age of 25, was ousted by his Deputy Head of State, Julius Maada Bio in 1996 for neglect of soldiers and insecurity.
Patrice Lumumba, DR Congo's first Prime Minister, was executed by Secretary of State, Mobutu Sese Seko. President Kasa-Vubu watched & did nothing. This led to a Civil War. Kasa-Vubu made Mobutu a Lieutenant General for winning the war in 1965. Mobutu overthrew him 6 days later
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2 Jun
An excerpt from the novel “Short Time” by yours truly.
Ladies what do you think?
Gents is this really true?
1/One day Sharon’s friend, Priscilla visited. Thoko had only heard about her but had never seen her before. She came wearing designer clothes that cost more than an arm and a leg. She looked like someone who had a top white-collar job.
2/Thoko knew that she was never too far from the truth. Priscilla was also in the business of commercializing her private parts.
A few drinks later, Thoko and Priscilla got into a topic, which Thoko found rather interesting.
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