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29 Jul
Letting the vaccinated go back to normal is THE BEST incentive to get others to vaccinate.

Instead, they’ve chosen to hype breakthrough cases, demand vaccinated mask up again and propose all sorts of Orwellian restrictions.

Then they wonder why people aren’t getting vaxxed.
There’s no incentive.

People don’t want damn Krispy Kreme donuts for getting a shot.

They want to be able to go to the store, a concert, school without a million ever-changing rules and hysterical people whining about masks.
The ONE THING that would encourage more vaccinated is the ONE THING they refuse to do.
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21 Jun
So @washingtonpost — the tones of these headlines are very revealing.
Kemper is forced to apologize for the racist past of an organization that integrated long ago.

Whitehouse hid his *ownership* in an exclusive all-white club after vowing to leave, and the media is now finding nuance in what “all-white” may mean.
A kid says something stupid and racist 10 years ago and his adult life is ruined by the media. Hunter Biden uses the n-word frequently as an adult and the media just
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11 Jun
Just so we’re all on the same page:

They pushed the “believe all women” narrative, and encouraged women to come forward and report sexual violence of any kind (*including* stuff that wasn’t violence/harassment, like asking a woman on a date) 1/…
Now, don’t get me wrong: every woman should report *actual* sexual violence to the police (and not some college kangaroo court) so her attacker can be stopped from hurting others. 2/
But not *everything* was sexual violence, even though they argued it was. 3/
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10 Jun
I cannot emphasize this enough: people. Died. So Anthony Fauci could make a few bucks, and the left could make Donald Trump look bad. People. Died.
And you won’t hear one damn word from the people who like to scream “people over profits!” Not. One. Word. Because Anthony Fauci is the high priest of the religion they call science. And you cannot question the high priest.
Anger doesn’t even begin to describe what I am feeling. There is no word for how evil this is. I wonder how many other patients treated at my old hospital died because they couldn’t get hydroxychloroquine. How many? How many across the globe?
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10 Jun
Let’s take a walk down memory lane, guys and gals…

I was sounding the alarm on this, and it fell on deaf ears.
TWO YEARS AGO I said this wasn’t sustainable.
From the beginning, it was plagued with issues, like not working in the rain.
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