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24 Jul 18
NOW: #JusticeForNia Rally at MacArthur BART #niawilson
h/t @APTPaction @CRCPOCC
“We gotta talk about Black girls, and Black women, and Black babies.” - @CatsCommentary
Cat speaks on violence towards Black girls in #Oakland
“Black women are matriarchs of society. Id we are not taking care of black women, we are not taking caring for society.” - @CatsCommentary #justicefornia
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21 Jun 18
‘Real Alamedans’: Nativism, Homeowner Politics and Evolution of Whiteness in Alameda #realistshitineverwrote
Last night I attended the Alameda Citizens Taskforce meeting to discuss forming a PAC to influence the upcoming City Council elections.
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About 50-60 people packed the offices of REMAX on Santa Clara east of Park St. Most attendees were white, and older. I saw two API women. I represented the colored delegation. More on this later. #alamtg
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