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1 May
A story that made me cry 😭

Sultan Abdulhamid II and a dream of the prophet (SAW)

One day, the sultan’s adviser met him and said: “there’s a mad man that keeps coming to the palace saying that you owe him some money.”

The sultan commanded the advisor to summon the mad man.
When the mad man came, the following conversation took place.

Sultan: why will you say you have your money with me?

Mad man: My sultan, I am a businessman, I got bankrupt and I am heavily in debt.

I prayed to Allah every night before I sleep, your majesty
I saw last night, our prophet (SAW) he said to me “Tell our Abdulhamid that he remembers us by sending salawat every night and that he forgot to recite them last night, go and seek your need from him”

The sultan, being a great lover of our prophet (SAW) was shocked!
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13 Dec 19
Account Suspension: Twitter’s Myth

The way accounts are getting suspended on Twitter is scary. The worst part is, the people that are getting suspended do not know the reason. This makes it difficult for other people to take note of what to do and what not to do on the app.
Everyone is scared that his/her account can be suspended anytime, since it is something that many of us don’t know about. We normally accept terms of use of applications and many other related things without reading them, though I believe the conditions are many that is why.
After reading the Twitter rules here is a portion of an article from the Twitter website that states the common reason why accounts are suspended

Spam: Most of the accounts we suspend are suspended because they are spammy, or just plain fake, and they introduce security risks
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28 Nov 19
Account Hacking: A New Trend

This is the 2nd among the 3 articles I want to publish on internet fraud. This second one will focus mainly on how most accounts are hacked.

Most of the hackings that happen in these days are called social engineering; a system where someone will..
trick you and get some important details from you. He will use these details to hack into your account.


The image attached to this post was a post from an Instagram page of a lady. Someone sent the message to her that too much login attempts were detected; she..
should reset her password by sending her old password and new password to an email address that is not an official address.
What they want to do is; get the old password that she emailed to them, use it and hack her account. You can see how easy this type of hacking is. Let me..
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