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1 Aug
@carolecadwalla @Detox_Facebook And why did he have selective amnesia? Travel back to 2012 and his visit to Moscow and meeting with Medvedev…
@carolecadwalla @Detox_Facebook Facebook 2012 Hack the World: winners BoostMate (Moscow). BoostMate analyzes your social graph & connections you have with all your friends, producing a ranking of who you’re closest to, who you interact with least, and whether interactions were positive.…
@carolecadwalla @Detox_Facebook Russian developers/hackers won the Facebook hacker cup year after year - (earlier in 2013) here's another one…
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27 Jul
@peterjukes Did you know the Mayor of Radstock (in Rees Mogg's constituency) also works for Zander Group....and many Zander's are living in the same general area - funny that
@peterjukes Here's links - he's an ultimate beneficial owner - not the biggest shareholder that's Spadi Trading (once employed Lord Risby all of 2014 - see declaration)……
@peterjukes During all of 2014 Risby was on the payroll of Spadi Trading owned by Robert Shetler-Jones but all Dmytro Firtash's money. He admitted it. Shetler-Jones was also a director of Zander Group and Spadi Trading was a MAJOR shareholder of Zander as well…
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26 Jul

Q1 - Which future PM's idea was it to set up TheCityUK and help Moscow create an international financial centre in 2008?
Q2 - Which MASSIVE Tory donor did the PR?…
@dcminx @JeanneBartram Which PR company wrote the letters to all these lovely former Soviet bloc states with increasingly dodgy reputations seeking work for the CityUK…
@dcminx @JeanneBartram They'd have you believe they worked/are working/ in Moscow for free too?…
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22 Jul
@peterjukes And who else pays CMEC
@peterjukes Guess who pays CMEC
@peterjukes Lot of money pouring in to CMEC
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14 Jun
Is the Tory Party in league with the Russians (wittingly or unwittingly) in Libya? It has taken astronomical sums of cash from donors via its Conservative Middle East Council and prepared policy positions for the party backing Haftar as a result…
Only 2 days ago the UN expressed its horror at the mass graves left behind by General Hafter's forces in Eastern Libya a likely war crime which appears to be supported wittingly or unwittingly by Boris Johnson & his Rent-a-Tory regime…
That Russians are behin Haftar is beyond dispute - as Haftar forces look likely to collapse Russian mercenaries are fleeing en masse…
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21 May
"April 2011 Cambridge Uni researchers have created a website that combines the Facebook profiles of fans of companies and public figures with personality testing to create what they are describing as a “revolutionary” new marketing tool"…
the tool above is called it was the forerunner of the tools which landed in the middle of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and dates from about this time (2010-11)…
By 2012 this morphs into Cambridge Personality Research…
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15 May
@WendySiegelman @SameralAtrush @david_wainer @BorisJohnson is a huge fan of Russian-backed Haftar (because there's cash in it for him)…
@WendySiegelman @SameralAtrush @david_wainer @BorisJohnson The Tories are milking the Middle East for cash too. One of their biggest backers Russia-linked New Century Media has a curious indirect connection to New Century Consulting which runs mercenary armies (David Burnside has publicly allied himself to Col Tim Collins
@WendySiegelman @SameralAtrush @david_wainer @BorisJohnson New Century Consulting was a 'director' of UK based Hechler & Koch (arms dealer front office in a little house in nowhere in particular UK)
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28 Feb
Brooksford Overseas Limited has a "restriction" placed on any disposal of the Russian mob backed Ukrainian oligarch's asset Brompton Road Tube station. Why? (thread read all)
We've got David Rowland briefly named Conservative Party Treasurer named as placing a restriction on the sale of Russian mob backed Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash's £53m asset sold to him by the MoD and Boris Johnson - how come?
The Guernsey-based chum who bails out Prince Andrew (and is registered here) needs to explain why he has a right to "charge" a Russian mob oligarch
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27 Feb
RELEASE THE RUSSIA REPORT Call Tory fundraiser (June 23rd 2013 Billingsgate Mkt) David Burnside at New Century Media who works 4 TheCityUK and Moscow International Finance Centre FOR FREE - maybe he can persuade Putin to ask Boris Johnson to release it?
What a generous team David Burnside and New Century Media are - all for free!! wow! see why the Tories love them organising tables of Russians to come to donor meetings now and meet Ministers. Bet the Ministers praise NCM's kindness and generosity too
Moscow Int Finance Centre & TheCityUK (originally Boris Johnson's idea) are trying to set up a London Stock Exchange style operation in Moscow - NCM works for free - what a lovely guy…
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26 Feb
Lobbying company closely connected to Tories, New Century Media, appointed by the Lord Mayor of London to work in unpaid promotional activity with the Moscow International Financial Centre in 2011. New Century has donated £143,000 to the Tories March '18…
Is this story by The Times accurate? In 2013 (23rd June in Billingsgate Mkt) New Century also DID THIS....Vladimir Putin's judo buddy does not come cheap…
Burnside dinner guest Kliamko ties in nicely with Mikhail Friedman and Roman Abramovitch (close Putin buddies) and a man with ties to Crimean business…
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24 Feb
@fascinatorfun @Turloughc Missing this core of this - why was Jack Wakefield (an anonymous art critic with a tiny company catapulted onto the Firtash Foundation board). So much so he's a founder member. He's "put there" by Tories (Cummings already been IDS' director of strategy 2002 + Johnson).
@fascinatorfun @Turloughc THEN there is Granovski - the pic and supporting material from 2015 PROVE he is Firtash's man. So Anthony Fisher AND Walsh are BOTH from Granovski Associates (Firtash's men) joining Cummings brother to start a charity. Just when money starts flowing to Tories
@fascinatorfun @Turloughc There is no "oh jack's on the board by a mere fluke" - he is PLACED by Tories
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23 Feb
Vladimir Granovski acts as one of Dmitry Firtash's principal business/political consultants. Here he can be seen walking in a Vienna park in the company of Firtash & Ukrainian MP Mikhail Papiev (2015) where he is being held pending extradition hearings to the USA.
Former Granovski Associates directors Anthony Fisher & Alex Walsh set up a charitable organisation on Firtash's behalf in 2008 DF Foundation along with Jack Wakefield - Feb 15th 2008 (Jack Wakefield is Dom Cummings brother-in-law + sister is Mary Wakefield The Spectator fame
Jack is 'given' a columnist role at The Spectator (presumably by sister Mary) to boost his standing a little
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16 Feb
@Martina @carolecadwalla Boris was working with Old London Underground company to sell disused tube stations to make tourist attractions. Suddenly sold to Dmitry Firtash £53m in September 2013 (Boris disappears to China when sold) Firtash DOES NOT pay - subsidized by taxpayer £33m…
@Martina @carolecadwalla Aug 2016 Channel 4 TV said it had seen documents that indicated Firtash paid only a third upfront for Brompton Rd tube station - means British taxpayer GAVE A RUSSIAN MOB LINKED Ukrainian gangster a £33m loan to buy a tube station Boris Johnson was Mayor

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9 Feb
@El86562179 @mattprescott Cummings brother-in-law is Jack Wakefield. Why did he sit on the board for a Russian-mob linked Ukrainian oligarch? For five years - and did you know Wakefield is a commentator for The Spectator which Boris J edited 1999-2005 - Cummings wife being his deputy back then Image
@El86562179 @mattprescott The 'mass resignations from the board in 13 on the same day are interesting. On June 30th 2013 Dmitry Firtash is indicted by the U.S. Dept of Justice for global money laundering. So 'Cummings clan knew and were stood down'…
@El86562179 @mattprescott Firtash is linked to Russian crime mob boss Semion Mogilevitch. Near top of FBI most wanted list. Yet Cummings brother-in-law spent 5 years working with his "charity" Image
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8 Feb
Tory Party funder Robert Shetler-Jones the channel for SOOO MUCH cash from now under house arrest Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Fitash (global moneylaundering charges) has a bit of a CV…
In 2006 Shetler-Jones claimed to be a billionaire and bought the Three Musketeers castle in Acquitaine (here its been sold on) - as Dmitry Firtash's money man in western Europe you can call yourself anything you like…
Tories too donations from Briton (Shetler-Jones) linked to Ukrainian billionaire…
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20 Dec 19
#AnotherFutureisPossible @YvetteCooperMP @jessphillips 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 stress its OK for money to be there so long as its 100% transparent and questions can be asked of owners by the public and the press
@YvetteCooperMP @jessphillips Country after country now (and in past) the root cause of money not reaching the poor is it being diverted to hidden destinations and impossible to verify. Attack that - and you'll have the world turn on the corrupt and criminal gangs
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18 Dec 19
@Spoonhead8 @redgreenaction So create our own Bristol News Facebook page clocked up 71,000 views in last week - simply by reposting news with a tiny bit of comment. Imagine a #FBPE Network with sites like these in every town, sharing tips, coordinating FOIs, collaborating on investigations
@Spoonhead8 @redgreenaction Here's the page
'Repeat formula on all social networks' and we become MORE powerful than the media (perhaps?)
@Spoonhead8 @redgreenaction Also built a global news tracking engine, streams global content, make own newsletters, email newsletter distribution, create sites on the fly with a click - could feed such a network. When each site boss is ready could hand them a site to support them - UK wide press network
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16 Dec 19
The UK government was asleep at the wheel in 2016. The new NCA was struggling to set up and its mandate with the takeover of powers from the Serious Fraud Office was being fought over.…
So it wasn't looking for a planned 3-5 year disinformation attack from a foreign power or wasn't prepared. So we fully expect this report to say it did not find it.…
But as the clamour for WTF happened grew, it did put the pieces together and wake up to the fact the UK has become a nest of influential Russian, Eastern Europe and Chinese 'oligarch-style' residents.…
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15 Dec 19
1) Think ahead, plant our flag there first so when the Tories come for your idea - you show them stealing it
2) Link arms with other movements opposing Tories
3) 'Audit' the Tories in your former strongholds every day
4) Tie-in investigative journalism underground to dig for you
5) Offer hope and vision with simple messaging
6) Recognise cybertargetting' USA-style electioneering new normality and harness it
7) Create networks of like-minded allies now
8) Put climate change front and centre-brings in young
9) Sell change, define change, how impacts voters
10) Collate public information on opponents to hit them with facts when they trip up - both attack and questioning
11) Grab back the narrative of criticism against progressives- 2008-09 crash
12) Tories fuck things up choose a new leader and deny responsibility for their own past
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9 Dec 19
@KayBurley @adamboultonSKY @bethrigby Would you like photos of Boris Johnson canoodling with a Russian woman who he has been dining with discussing politics since before the 2016 referendum + who he seems to be still attached to now? @lewis_goodall @skynewsniall
@KayBurley @adamboultonSKY @BethRigby @lewis_goodall @skynewsniall Her husband Julian Gallants is now Tory candidate in Ealing
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7 Dec 19
@PA @itvnews @BBCPolitics @BBCr4today @Channel4News
@Labour is correct on NHS 4 Sale - the USA negotiators DEMANDS include full access for all devices & pharma (President's own documents) @Independent @guardian @HuffPostUKPol @LibDems @theSNP @BylineTimes…
@PA @itvnews @BBCPolitics @BBCr4today @Channel4News @labour @Independent @guardian @HuffPostUKPol @LibDems @theSNP @BylineTimes Full market access demanded by USA p7-8 - the origin of Lab document irrelevant these are US own negotiators words
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