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11 May
Faith & Freedoms Conference is THIS WEEKEND in Dallas, Texas!!

Four Days, 45+ Speakers, Chad Prather LIVE in concert, LIVE Q&A with Catturd, Sunday Morning Revival & MORE

Check out this thread to see who’s coming!

Get Your Tickets
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6 May
A thread on who’s coming to Faith and Freedoms in Dallas/Ft Worth May 13-26!! GET YOUR TICKETS DFW!!!

45+ Speakers, panels, Chad Prather LIVE IN concert, Catturd LIVE Q&A, Sunday Morning Revival Service, Meet & Greets, Cupcakes & Cocktails, & More!…
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5 May
So I'm guessing this page on the CDC's website on how much goes into testing children's vaccines just fell by the wayside?…
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3 May
Don't Miss Chad Prather LIVE in Concert with the Ragamuffins Friday Night May 14th @ 8PM from Faith & Freedoms Conference in Dallas/Ft. Worth from the Marriott Delta Hotels Watters Creek Convention Center

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2 May
Who lives in the great state of Texas?
Texas! We want you to join us May 13-16 in DFW (Allen, Texas) for this MONSTROUS EVENT!

45+ Speakers, Chad Prather LIVE in Concert, LIVE Q&A with @catturd2, Four Days of Fellowship, Sunday Morning Revival, DO NOT MISS IT!…
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7 Apr
Faith and Freedom Conference May 13 - May 16 in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Hosted by Matt Couch, Pastor Brian Gibson, & Dr. Cordie Williams

Special Guests
George Papadopoulos
Pastor Mark Burns
Craig Sawyer
Bianca Gracia
Gary Sheffield Jr.
Pastor Jessi Gibson
Pastor Greg Locke
Special Concert Friday Night May 14th by my good friend and Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Chad Prather!

Also Speaking!

@HISGLORYME @BobLancia @WethePeopleAZA1 @RepMontague @WatchChad @AdamBrassfield @MagaBeard @EricMMatheny @RobManess @ChuckCallesto @HowleyReporter
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31 Mar
COMING SOON Faith & Freedom Tour April 29 - May 2 in Dallas/Ft Worth

Hosted by Myself, Pastor Brian Gibson, & Dr. Cordie Williams!

Special Guests
Chad Prather
George & Simona Popadopolous
Patrick Howley
Craig Sawyer
Dr. Willie Montague
Eric Matheny
Gary Sheffield Jr
Also Coming to Faith and Freedoms Tour

Pastor Greg Locke
Pastor Dave Scarlett
Mindy Robinson
Maga Bride Michigan Congressional Candidate District 3 Audra Johnson
Adam Brassfield
Chuck Callesto
Nicole Nogrady
Mike Yoder

and MORE
Also coming to Faith and Freedoms Tour

-Bianca Gracia President Latinos for Trump, Latinos for America First
-Rhode Island Congressional Candidate Retired Navy Chaplin Bob Lancia
-Michigan District 6 Congressional Candidate Jon Rocha (He's a Marine)
-The Viking Pastor Jordan
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30 Mar
Lil Nas X has 12.2 Million subscribers on YouTube, many of them are children... Make sure one of them isn't one of your kids...
Check out my new signature shirt! It's not my job to wake up the Sheep, It's my Job to Wake Up All of the Other LIONS!! Shirts! I have been closing out my speeches around the country with this, honored to have this shirt from Faith N Freedoms!…
NIKE ENRAGED! Sues Company That Made Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes”…
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30 Nov 20
Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney will be LIVE in 25 minutes... It’s going down... ⁦
This is New Intel folks from what you heard yesterday will be LIVE soon!
From my source, General McInerney requested this interview. Said "We need to clarify this narrative", so this is completely new info tonight.
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10 Nov 20
Whistleblowers are being threatened, this is sickening what the Democrats and Media are doing..

I literally have someone who was willing to come forward, who now has nothing to say because they are too scared to speak out..

This isn't America, this is what Marxism looks like!
For the leftists that think those of us who do the REAL Work and REAL Journalism & Investigations in America are screwing around.. This isn't a game...
Trust me, I know first hand what this person is dealing with in the investigations I do... Everyone talks a big game, but no one offers to protect these people.. It's easier said than done when your life is threatened to come forward..

The fight for our Republic is on..
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9 Nov 20
Joe Biden is the 46th President..
Working on an algorithm thing here folks, Twitter's disputing this.. Let's see if it works..
You all should know me better than that... lol
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6 Nov 20
I literally do NOT have the staff to keep up with the voter fraud videos and information that I'm receiving tonight.. This is unbelievable...

I Stand with President Trump!

I have several up at now...
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20 Oct 20
This is the start of a really bad week for the Democrats...
The fact that you have to explain a joke to half of our movement is pretty sad... 50 Cent endorsed Trump tonight, Ice Cube is working with the President.. Of course this is photoshopped Dear God people aren’t dense....
Are* auto correct got me, but unlike many comments, I have a sense of humor 😉
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25 Sep 20
It has arrived! Get your Make Halloween Great Again Hoodies and Gear Today! Links in comments! :-) #Trump2020 #Halloween #Trump #MAGA #KAG
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15 Jul 20
BREAKING: The Arkansas National Guard has been called up by the Governor of Arkansas to transfer COVID-19 patients from locations around the state to an ISOLATION FACILITY near the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock..
And I see some of these weak minded conservatives saying "They're just helping those that can't self isolate because of family.."

Yeah, I bet that's what the Germans said too, you absolute morons..

This isn't okay, ON ANY F'N Level... You're the reason we're losing this fight!
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10 Jun 20
Where’s the outrage?
He didn't even try to arrest him, the guy showed no threat, and the Black Officer just tased him for no reason...

So why is this officer still employed? If you want to play the game, then by God let's play it.
Does anyone know what Police Department this is in America?
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26 May 20
I'm taking on the Swamp in Seth Rich, Lori Klausutis, and countless other investigations..

I'm being sued by the two most powerful Democrat Lawyers in America trying to silence my Seth Rich Investigations.

Help me push for the truth! Can't do it alone
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25 May 20
Imagine if you will a Sheriff's department flagging addresses and tracking you like this...

This is the Sheriff of Volusia County Florida, he used to be the Police Chief for Daytona Beach.. He's a liberal in a Conservative County who needs ousted...

A back story if you will..
Last night my brother .@Beard_Vet and I were monitoring a story with a couple of our sources on the ground in Daytona Beach. They said people were shooting at Emergency Vehicles, and rioting. That didn't happen, we reported it was developing and we took the tweets down...
This liberal Sheriff then decided to attack myself and .@Beard_Vet to make it personal... Making snide remarks...

A shooting did occur... The Boardwalk was overly crowded.. Two people were shot and injured, and one was arrested.. They were looking for a 2nd person..
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7 May 20
The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact on so many people. To try to battle it, we’re spending trillions of dollars, making people stay home, and damaging our mental well-being. But what’s really irritating is that nobody is talking about the really big issue.
Why are there more deaths in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world? Japan has 126 million people & less than 1,000 deaths from COVID-19. Why does the U.S. have over 70,000 deaths?

The Bible verse John 8:32 is applicable here: “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
COVID-19 is attacking us because as a society we are sick. We have damaged immune systems due to the Standard American Diet (SAD) and because dermatologists won the battle & have made us afraid of the sun. This has resulted in low vitamin D levels, which drains the immune system.
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24 Apr 20
I'm Super Excited and Proud to Announce our New Apparel Line from The DC Patriot, thanks to the super talented Patriotic Artist .@AntzRant68

With your support, we're turning the tide in Independent Media & Investigations.

Thread :) Check these out!…
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4 Apr 20
From 1932 & 1972 by the United States Public Health Service. purpose of this study was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis; the African American men in the study were only told they were receiving free health care from the Federal government of the United States.
And some of you want a Covid-19 Vaccination...
The study initially involved 600 black men – 399 with syphilis, 201 who did not have the disease. The study was conducted without the benefit of patients’ informed consent. Researchers told the men they were being treated for “bad blood,”
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