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WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to all its citizen🇮🇳
24 Oct
Some BJP devotees say to me that Kashmiri Pandit from Jammu Kashmir was chased away because of Congress. I say to all those bjp bhakts either you are fool or illiterate. Who does not know that the date on which four lakh Kashmiri Pandits were expelled from Jammu and Kashmir
It was 19 January 1990, that day NDA government was at the center, Vishwanath Pratap Singh was the Prime Minister, that time BJP and The government was at the center of the Janata Dal coalition.
Separatist leader Mufti Saeed was the HM of the country at that time. Whose daughter is Mehbooba Mufti. At that time the governor of J & K was BJP leader Jagmohan. At that time there was a governor's rule which was under the central government, then one thing is not understood
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24 Oct
Prashant Kishore aka PK,Vinod Rai,Subramaniam Swamy,
Arvind Kejriwal,Kisan Baburao alias Anna Hazare, Ramkrishna Yadav alias Ram Dev, Manish Sisodia,
Kiran Bedi,
Ravi Shankar alias Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
These are some names.
Who defamed a good good, running on the tracks of development, touching the peak of economy to downgrade Congress government, made him wear a shirt to call him corrupt, I
No black money has come till date There was no Janlokpal who could put the minister and the PM in jail.
Today these people neither speak about corruption nor demand for the appointment of Lokpal. Modi has weakened even RTI away from Lokpal, still no one is saying anything I Keep quiet since 2014, believe that their aim was to bring Modi in power.
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24 Oct
Yes finally ,Prashant Kishor is slowly emerging as he is the root of all evil that the country is having to suffer now due to his over ambition.He has styled himself as the King/Queen maker of Indian politics..
PK had stitched up a secret alliance between Modi and regional satraps prior to GE 2019 . With growing unpopularity of Modi,he made a secret deal where by Regional parties as well as Karats to get to keep states where they r powerful...
while B Team helps Modi where it is in direct confrontation with Congress by maximizing d split in anti BJP votes.. Prashant Kishor has manufactured larger than life fake image of Modi Kejriwal and Mamata, that is harming our Democracy as well as Polity..
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23 Oct

Nobody Knows Anything in New India and Nobody can be held accountable for anything going wrong.

Nobody knows who suggested and planned Demonetization ?

Nobody knows how much Old Currency was Deposited in the Banks ?
Nobody knows how much Black Money was Recovered post Demonetization ?

Nobody knows how many Indians went Cashless after Demonetization ?

Nobody knows what the exact GDP figures are ?

Nobody knows how Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi all escaped
Nobody knows how Nirav Modi accompanied the PM to Davos?

Nobody knows how Rs.58,000 Crore extra payment was made in Rafale deal ?
Nobody knows how judge Loya died ?
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23 Oct
If u thought Rajnath made the ultimate ass of himself on the Savarkar issue and no one could possibly better it, u were wrong. Visibly under pressure after Modis inspection Hardeep S Puri was obviously principal of the school where Rajnath did his schooling.
After being quiet for a while Puri suddenly chooses to remind us that India will do 5 trillion by '24-'25. BTW, that means an average growth of 20pc in each of three years from 22-23 from a government which had delivered 3.9 pc growth in the last pre-Covid year.
Interesting that he chose this lie over a million others. After all when u have given up all pretence of self respect, u can lie about anything, the world is open to u. He could have said Modiji will win Wimbledon. Or that he would be elected President of Moon. But he did not.
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23 Oct
This is what Modi n RSS ideology has done to d people of this country.. People have lost their Sanity n minimum sense of Humanity
One Tweet of Vinod Sharma Editor Hindustan Times made me to Cry how inhuman People have become.
In his Tweet he Said Pain of Children Can be understood only by fathers those who are not fathers will not understand.Probably Supporting indirectly SRK .Many Supported him but few Trolled him very madly .One Person replied whether your Children are drugs addicts.
The reply given by Vinod Sharma is Shocking,he Said his only Son died in 2005 .
How mad Society has become in hate . Earlier Arun Shouri was also trolled for his Physically handicapped Son when he was Criticising Modi .
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23 Oct
Bindiya will shine, bangle will shake, May your sleep fly away
Kajra will flow, Gajra will smell
If you make me angry then you will be angry.
Bindiya will shine...
Wow! they say a woman needs a bindi to complete her attire and these are the same people who ridicule the women...
who wear hijab as per their established traditions.
They find it regressive when they adhere to their established traditions as a choice but they want their own women to wear a bindi.
Where have we come, walking on the path of different religions..?
When a cart is driven on two wheels of religion and politics,the riders become insane and intoxicated, their ride grows faster,faster and faster.
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22 Oct
1 Bn Jabs & COVID Horrors: How Modi Govt Claims Credit but Not Responsibility
It’s important that we don’t forget the millions who suffered due to the BJP government’s COVID-19 mismanagement.Should We Forget the Horrors of the First & Second Waves?
Before we give credit to a credit-obsessed government, should we forget that this data could have been much better had we not exported 66.3 million doses between 21 January & 16 April 2021? Or that the first order for vaccines was placed by the government as late as January 2021?
Before that, the Prime Minister was patting his own back at the World Economic Forum for having defeated COVID-19. Should we forget how the unmasked Prime Minister gloated looking at the crowd in his West Bengal rallies?
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12 Oct
*Clever Signages*!!

*A sign in a shoe repair store*: "We will heel you, We will save your sole,
We will even dye for you!"

Sign over a *Gynaecologist’s Office* : "Dr. George, at your cervix";
At an *Eye Clinic* : "If you don't see what you're looking for, You've come to the right place.”;

On a *Plumber's truck* : "We repair what your husband fixed”;

On an *Electrician's truck* : "Let us remove your shorts”;
In a *Non-smoking Area* : "If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and will take appropriate action”;

On a *Maternity Room door* : "Push. Push. Push.”;

At a *Car Dealership* : "The best way to get back on your feet - miss a car payment.”;
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12 Oct
Shocking new details on 32,000 crore+ PM CARES fraud:

3 weeks ago, I asked the National Informatics Centre (NIC) as to how a "gov.in" website was allocated to PM CARES which has told Delhi HC that it is a private fund unconnected to Govt of India.
NIC now bizarrely claims domain was allotted under guidelines meant for govt depts.

Image 2 is a copy of the the "gov.in" website guidelines referred to by the NIC while allotting a Govt domain to a private fund.
Do read through the categories of offices which are the ONLY ones eligible for gov.in websites.

Also, in trying to cover up this fraud, NIC has refused to furnish a copy of the "gov.in" website allocation request..
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10 Oct
Air India is not sold. Its given as gift.
Cost of one jumbo 777 aircraft is about 2000 crores.
Air India has about 30, all ordered during UPA congress, but delivered in 2018.
So brand new.
Total = 60,000 crores.
Add cost of other smaller 40 aircrafts, total = 40,000 crores.
Add cost of older 60 aircrafts, total = 18,000 crores.

So in the cost of older aircrafts, TATA was given all new ones free!!!
This is special deepawali gift from Modi to TATA.
Purana khareedo, naya muft muft muft!!!
Thank You TATA for donating 100 crores black money to RSS and BJP.
Adani Ambani, and now add TATA in the list of "thugs of Hindustan".

By the way, in that 18,000 crore deal, only 3000 crore is actually paid. Rest 15,000 crore is just loan transfered to TATA, "on paper".
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10 Oct

1-IT raids are called Survey

2-Jobless is called Atmanirbhar

3-Selling PSU is called Monetization

4-Critics are called Anti National

5-Bootlicking is called Journalism

6-Farmers are called KHALISTANI
7-Writers, Poets & Social workers are called Urban Naxals

8-Blind followers r known as Bhakts

9-Statues & Temple building is called Vikas

10-LPG Cooking gas from Rs 400 to Rs 900 price rise is called "Contributing towards National Development
11-"Not screaming "Bharat Mata ki Jai" at d top of ur voice means you r not Indian & must go to Pakistan

12-Not chanting praises to certain Gods means you can be lynched & trashed

13- No money in people's pockets is called "Cashless Economy"
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22 Apr
Shocking revelation:
Post Credit: Kautri Bhatt
I saw a few posts especially one by Peri Maheshwar about Bombay Oxygen company share Prices go up abnormally in the last month.
It intrigued me to dig more and some startling facts have emerged.

One Privately held company Inoxair alone contributes 50% of India's Medical Oxygen needs. It has more than 50 Plants across almost the entire nation.

The group's only public listed company - Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd Share Price was hovering steadily around 530-550 price bandwidth upto March 15th suddenly started to rise and rose to 727, 5 days ago. It's an increase of roughly 40% in 25 days flat.

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21 Apr
Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that from today onward 1000 beds facility is initiated by Armed Forces w.e.f 0800 hrs today for admission of all confirmed Carona Patients, who need immediate hospitalization.

This state-of-the-art, 1000-bedded Covid Care Hospital is very close to Domestic Airport T1.
This facility is meant to extend a helping hand to all civilian brethren and ex-servicemen. Everything is FREE.

Manned by critical care specialists, pulmonologists, doctors and nursing officers of the Indian Armed Forces.
It is Near Terminal 1, Next to Raksha Sampada Bhavan.
The Carona patient needs to carry his/ her Aadhar Card & Positive RTPCR report for admission.

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21 Apr
Complied by Vinod C

COVID-19 Hospitals in Mira Bhayandar, beds & its Contact number
Here is the list of hospitals, number of dedicated beds & contact details offering testing and treatment for COVID-19 in Mira-Bhayandar.

1. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Hospital, Bhayandar (150 beds) COVID – 19 Helpline Number 022-28117102, COVID – 19 Control Room 022-28042738
2. Bhakti Vedanta Hospital & Research Institute (100 beds), 022-71452500, 022-61882500

3. Family Care Hospital, Mira Road (100 beds), 022 4162 0831
4. Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road (90 beds), 081081 01104
5. Sheth P V Doshi Hospital (Conducted by Bhakti Vedanta Hospital), Mira Road (40 beds), 022 6230 3300
6. Tanwar Hospital, Mira Road (25 beds), 022 2855 2002

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