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30 Jul
It can’t just be making it a federal holiday. We need a federal holiday + early voting to ensure that it doesn’t make it HARDER for seniors, disabled folks, and low-income go voters to get to the polls. /thread

Public transport runs on alternate schedules on holidays. In some places paratransit for seniors and disabled folks DOESN’T run.

If voting day became a federal holiday, without early voting, we are KEEPING folks from the polls.

For people who have paid caregivers, most of those staff get them federal holidays off.

That means those who they’re supporting will likely be unable to access the polls or get the help they need to vote WITHOUT their caregivers.

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29 Dec 19
Rep. Lewis and my family have a long history. My grandfather, a staunch segregationist judge, threw him in jail numerous times in Alabama. We have stories.
When i started doing more advocacy work i would go see the Congressman & his team. He knew me by my married name. When i told him my maiden name was “Hare” he laughed & then smiled at my interracial/interspacial family and saying “Judge never saw that did he?” And i said no
And he replied “that’s the arc. That’s justice. Judge Hare’s granddaughter is a civil rights leader.” I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud.
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15 Dec 19
Putting it out there. In the next election cycle i want to see #disability orgs invited by non disability orgs on town halls focused on education, healthcare, environment. We are here (& 20% of your members) even if sometimes you want to forget about us. #CripTheVote
It kills me to watch things like the #PublicEdForum and hear repeated questions about students with disabilities and know we weren’t invited to co-host or partner. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #CripTheVote
Folks talking about #PreExistingConditions , #opioids, #MedicaidExpansion , environmental justice, and act like we aren’t the ppl you are TALKING about. Those kids impacted by lead turn into US. We are preex. We are folks needing pain management. But you silence us #CripTheVote
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16 Nov 18
Dwarf-Tossing is a #hatecrime. I've had people stop me on the street & try to pick me up, threaten "tossing the midget" if I didn't smile/laugh at their hate speech or pose for a photo they're taking AGAINST my consent. @maziehirono pls ask her about this.…
I realize a lot of folks don't realize what I experience on a daily basis. There is NOWHERE I go that I'm not constantly attune to my safety needs as a little person #DwarfTossingIsAHateCrime
When I worked at the White House, Secret Service were amazing at making sure people didn't grab me, take photos of me against my consent, or harass me when walking on Pennsylvania Avenue. #DwarfTossingIsAHateCrime
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