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Investor, Business owner, Outdoor Enthusiast. Trades are my DD/opinion -not financial advice. Love. Serve. Stay HUMBL. ♥️ UGA- GO DAWGS!
11 Sep
I'm going to share a powerful post from my son below. He was only 5 on 9/11 but it shaped him.

He's a police officer now in a very dangerous city. Gunshots nightly. A hero. Here's to all the heroes. #neverforget

“When faced with certain death, most people run the other way…
And why wouldn’t you? When every primal instinct is screaming at you to survive, running away is what you’re SUPPOSED to do.

But some people don’t run away. Some people turn towards the danger & face it head on. Before the echo of the gunfire stops, before the fireball vanishes
into smoke, before the screams of the injured even begin, some people run towards the danger. Putting into action a decision made long ago, those people run into the fire.

Those people are of course the firefighters and the police and the medics.
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30 Apr
Key words from HUMBL NEW HIRE Dennis Lee’s experience:

NCAA 🔥 (Woot! Let’s goooo🥳)

Disney (Playdom)

Rovio (Angry Birds)

market movers within the MUSIC, SPORTS, TECHNOLOGY verticals

producers of the GRAMMYs

Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson


My boys love that game 😂
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29 Apr
DROP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING and READ‼️ What is #HUMBL 🤷🏻‍♀️ BEHOLD this article & thread & if you EVER doubted- that’s about to end my friend 💯 $HMBL ONE APP TO RULE THEM ALL...…
“SOON, you’ll be able to seamlessly SEARCH, EAT, PAY and REVIEW all FROM ONE APP by downloading Humbl Pay…or you could download PayPal, Venmo, Yelp, Etsy, Amazon, & Vanguard - and GOOD LUCK remembering all those passwords!” $HMBL #DigitalTransformation
“The days of waiting for payments to settle are coming to an end. PUT YOUR WALLET DOWN, grab your SMARTPHONE and battery charger….YOUR VACATION JUST GOT SIMPLER” $HMBL #fintech #blockchain #Crypto
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28 Apr
HUMBL mentioned on BLOOMBERG for BILLION-DOLLAR #Blockchain companies! Great find by my girl @ChristinaPelz LOOK 👀 at the PRICE COMPARISON FOLKS! Now consider PayPal at 274/ps & NOT ON BLOCKCHAIN 🤯 $HMBL Image
THE TRIFECTA of GOOD NEWS coming May 7 on the HUMBL INVESTOR CALL right here: M+A updates, Patent Filings, and Peer-to-Peer $HMBL Image
Gotta thank @TheMosquitoGuy for this funny meme but it’s true, Papa HUMBL thinks this is a buy and it’s at bargain basement prices! $HMBL @MoneyAndPoliti2 Image
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27 Feb
AMAZING CC 🔥 Nuggets in this thread $TSNP $TSNPD
"Nano Merchants- we are in a FINAL DISCUSSION w/ ASIA 😳who will monetize themselves with brands amongst Nano Merchants so we are excited to potentially ANNOUNCE THAT PLATFORM in the next 7-10 days" Brian Foote, HUMBL CEO
"Q2 will be getting the Mobile App pushed out; WE HAVE GOTTEN APPROVAL FROM APPLE FOR THE APP STORE; the pause is a matter of Legal, Regulatory, Compliance & some liquidity aspects & how much of the Blockchain we can include based on those considerations." B. Foote $TSNP $TSNPD
MAPS! Like GOOGLE MAPS! This is NEW! 🔥 $TSNP "Discovery, Maps, Ratings, Review- loaded in the App store & queued; an Elastic layer connecting people in a Discovery cycle + Ratings & Reviews + binary connection that goes w/ you so you remember where last went for coffee" $TSNPD
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20 Feb
The GLOBAL POPULACE is about to be EMPOWERED on a level they never thought possible. HUMBL FINANCIAL users in 40 countries where released are BANKING MASSIVE profits way beyond a standard 7% IRA for $5/month! $DGB $BTC $LTC #Crypto used. Marc DOUBLED profit/month $TSNP $HMBL Image
I use @BittrexExchange to buy DigiByte as Bittrex is used on HUMBL FINANCIAL as you see in photo above. Prepping for USA release while it’s still cheap $TSNP… Brian says U can buy car w/ $DGB Microsoft has deal w/ DGB & $MSFT has a car 😳 $HMBL has TITLE 🤔 Image
@LucasMurphy4848 posted this graphic of DigiByte @ANTUMID (Microsoft deal) & HUMBL CEO together & on the left you see Microsoft Exec mentioning HUMBL. The future is so exciting! FINANCIAL DEMOCRACY in the making! $HMBL $TSNP $DGB $MSFT #fintech #CryptoNews Image
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6 Feb
Do you need to know why HUMBL? READ THIS 🔥 DD thread! $TSNP $HMBL and bookmark it so you can constantly share! I will add some of my favorite points to the comment section...
The Governments of India, Singapore, and Germany all want blockchain. What is that? Read below & understand that everything HUMBL offers from buying tacos to skateboards, Sending money or Investments is ON BLOCKCHAIN $HMBL
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17 Jul 20

I fully expect that if Amazon acquires JC Penney, the name JC Penney will disappear and be replaced with Amazon.” @UnicornTrading1 $AMZN
“I've written multiple articles since 2018 predicing & recommending that Amazon acquire JC Penney. Let me be clear. The reason why Amazon would acquire JCP is for the real estate, esp. Class A mall locations. JCP is about the past. Amazon: re-imagining retail. Big difference”
“JC Penney's stores and distribution centers will provide Amazon a starting point to create new experiences for customers, build mixed-use retail, hotel and other facilities.” $JCPNQ $AMZN
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