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Author NYT Bestseller IMMORTAL LIFE OF #HENRIETTALACKS now an Oprah film. New book forthcoming on #HumanAnimalRelationships #AnimalResearch #AnimalRights & more
Sep 13, 2020 31 tweets 14 min read
I screamed & cried (literally) when I heard this news while driving through smoke with <.5 mile visibility to help my father seal his condo from the historically toxic air in Portland. It was 598 AQI in his hallway when I arrived. Worse outside (1)… My eyes were burning, throat hurting, headache piercing ... & I was wearing a vented N95 (under my surgical mask because Covid). Few people have access to those or air purifiers. I was out for a total of an hour and I’ve felt sick for 15 hours & counting (2)
Jun 7, 2020 15 tweets 5 min read
#PublishingPaidMe just showed up in my feed & I believe it's important for many reasons. So, I'm in: White straight cis female nonfiction, author of Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. What #publishingpaidme is complicated in my case; full answer & context in thread below (1/n) Henrietta was a black woman whose cells, codenamed HeLa, were taken by white researchers w/out her consent. Her cells are still alive; she died in '51. HeLa launched a medical revolution & multi-billion$ industry. Her children were also used in research w/o consent (& more) (2/n)