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Jun 28 8 tweets 2 min read
Let's put this aside and take a closer look at the situation on the ground in Northwest Syria. Unfortunately, in 2016, the PKK expelled Arabs from towns and villages. They want to go home. Most of them are in tents and in 2 weeks Russia could block UN aid to the area totally. The best scenario would be if the PKK left Tel Rifaat and Manbij as both road maps have been agreed in the past. For the Tel Rifaat area in particular, it would mean that many 10,000s cud return home and those displaced persons have expressed their desire to return home regularly
Jun 28 4 tweets 1 min read
"Wy stoat niet voor ons zelf in" Die video is in taalkundig opzicht interessant. Een mix tussen (de lokale variant van het) Nedersaksisch en Nederlands...
Jun 3 5 tweets 2 min read
#AfrinCity Protesters - against high electricity prices and long power cuts - have set the electricity company on fire tonight. I received this video a while ago from one of my contacts in Afrin (the city). In the Mahmoudiye district. "And the local council w stormed and set on fire. A popular intifada" as my source describes it, "1000s on the street, against the very high energy bills that people can't afford. Bills reach ahout $50." #Afrin
Jun 3 4 tweets 1 min read
I am at fusha and about 5/6 colloquials. All of these are not yet 100%, مع الأسف الشديد. #uitslover

Wish list:
Improve Iraqi & Gulf Arabic
Improve Moroccan & Algerian Arabic My way:
Teaching Arabic from 2nd year of university, taking additional private lessons in Amman, Damascus & Beirut: "Tell me the differences from Egyptian Arabic".
Watch Arab media, soaps, listen to music.

Living in Istanbul is also great. All Arabic colloquials are here.
Jun 2 5 tweets 1 min read
Dear @SecBlinken, there is no ISIS thread in Tel Rif’at nor Manbij. Actually the rebels in NW Syria expelled ISIS with less US support than YPG.

There is something else. Kurds in the PYD/YPG camps in the Shahba area want to return to Afrin. But your partner doesn't not let them. I know several Syrian organizations that have asked you to help solve this. Completely in vain. Why?
May 29 17 tweets 4 min read
I would like to add some findings here from my field research in different parts of Northern Syria and Turkish mirror towns of the Syrian towns in Southern Turkey. A thread. /1
@martinchulov… Syrian Kurds mainly live on the northern border in Syria, but it is not only Kurds who live on the northern border.

Ra's al-Ayn - majority Arab,
Tel Abyad Arab, Manbij majority Arab..

I hate to even say this but I feel like this isn't mentioned often in western media /2
May 16 6 tweets 2 min read
Exactly. This is the point. It is not worth disagreeing with NATO membership. I have been researching Northern Syria for 6 years now and have spoken to many hundreds of locals, mainly Kurds and Arabs. I also don't understand why some western countries support the repressive PYD to such an extent.
Apr 16 144 tweets 34 min read
#NESyria KNC's Fouad Aliko (Yekiti, he is in exile) tells Syria TV that the US wants to restart the intra-Kurdish talks. The KNC wants the Self-Administration to release all political prisoners first: 'Last night 3 journalists were released, a positive step.' Aliko: The talks have been on hold for 1.5 years, now with what is happening in Ukraine and between the US and Russia, the Americans do not want to leave Syria to the Russians.

And he made some other interesting points. Will tweet them later.
Apr 13 128 tweets 30 min read
Yekiti's (KNC/Kurdish party in the Syrian oppo) report on the regime's siege of the 2 PYD neighborhood

ara.yekiti-media.orgتقرير-عـن-حصار-الفرقة-الرابعة-للأحياء/ Sheikh Maqsoud:

"بدأ الحصار بحسب الناشط السياسي مصطفى شيخو قبل نحو أسبوعين، ومع بداية شهر رمضان، عندما منع حاجز فرقة الرابعة دخول قاطرة مقطورة محمّلة بمادة السكر، مطالبين بإتاوة مالية من صاحبها وبالتحديد على حاجز الجزيرة في مدخل حي الشيخ مقصود بحلب."
Mar 24 5 tweets 2 min read
As relations between Russia and the West have bottomed out with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is a real chance that Russia will block UN aid to Syrian IDPs in Syria. My latest for @nieuwwij For anyone who has been following the situation in Syria closely, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a déjà vu. Although the destruction is now proceeding at a faster pace.
Mar 24 5 tweets 1 min read
Omdat de betrekkingen tussen Rusland en het Westen een dieptepunt hebben bereikt door de Russische invasie van Oekraïne, is er een reële kans dat Rusland VN-hulp aan Syrische vluchtelingen in Syrië gaat blokkeren. Voor iedereen die de situatie in Syrië nauwgezet volgde, is de Russische invasie in Oekraïne een déjà vu. Alhoewel de vernietiging zich nu in een hoger tempo voltrekt.
Mar 23 11 tweets 3 min read
Frederike, I've seen their locations with my own eyes. Talk to the locals/Kurds in the area, they'll show you. And for the rest, putting democratic in one's name doesn't necessarily make you democratic. And what a sickening suspicion you do there. I never block but now I have to. Corresp Orient News in Azaz has more details:
Aug 31, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
Syrian Kurdish Yekiti (KNC) quotes ADO, Assyrian Democratic Organisation (christian): "The Self Administration" prevents Gabriel Moshe from traveling. Is it Moshe or Mouche? I wrote Mouche at first because I was afraid to Hebraise the Aramaic...
Jul 21, 2021 111 tweets 24 min read
's Middags lezen, 's avonds schrijven. Daartussen fitnessen en zwemmen. Gaan jullie maar door naar augustus, of september, ik blijf nog graag in juli hangen. Image We plakken er trouwens net zo'n augustus aan. Kon het alleen maar juli & augustus zijn..
Aug 9, 2020 33 tweets 12 min read
'Turkish Tel Abyad', that is how the vast majority of its inhabitants (Arabs) call the Turkish half of Tel Abyad. I wanted to see it with my own eyes, cuz I wondered if the town was like half Turkish half Arab or majority Arab. It is absolutely the latter. It is an Arab town. Image Of course, education, services and so on are Turkish and jn Turkish. But the Arab inhabitants speak Arabic among themselves. They are bilingual. Same goes 4 the town of Harran, roughly between Şanlıurfa and Akçakale. Ak = white, kale = castle/the Turkish translation of Tel Abyad.
Oct 23, 2019 7 tweets 2 min read
A Syrian Kurdish activist: The US knew they were supporting and arming the PKK/a terrorist organization. Why they haven't been supporting/arming the moderate Kurdish forces? Then this escalation with Turkey could have been avoided. Now ordinary ppl fall into poverty cuz they lost ..their homes. And they will never return to the places where they lost their homes, and if white phospherous was used by the Turks, it will contaminate the water, cause cancer also in those places. Ppl will never return, will rest of their life live in poverty.