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“Normally affable” according to @NYTimes. These are difficult days, but American compassion and resilience will shine. Optimism is just as contagious as fear.
1 Aug
THREAD: As America waits for six people to negotiate a long overdue relief package, I speak for most in Congress when I say we’re disgusted just like you. We who serve to solve problems find ourselves at the mercy of a system that rewards obstinance and punishes cooperation. 1/9
A system that elevates dividers and ignores uniters. A system that promotes those who raise the most money for their party and sidelines those who raise the best ideas for their country. A system that over appreciates tenure and under appreciates talent. 2/9
During my 30-year career in business and philanthropy before being elected in 2018, I observed hundreds of organizations, institutions, and enterprises throughout the world - but have never encountered one so utterly dysfunctional and in need of reformation as our Congress. 3/9
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