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Chairman of the House Budget Committee. Congressman representing Kentucky’s Third Congressional District.
13 Jan
Never in American history has a President taken such brazen, lawless, and reckless action against our own nation as Donald Trump undertook last week.
And yet, while this dark episode was unprecedented, it was entirely consistent with the behavior he has displayed each day for well over the last four years.
It is an understatement to say that history will not look kindly on this President. But history will also harshly judge a Congress that failed to stop him and a Republican Party that allowed him to evade the law and believe himself a dictator.
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11 Nov 20
We face a worsening pandemic & a weak economic recovery that is now slowing. This is when gov't can be the difference between life/death for hundreds of thousands. But instead of helping Americans in crisis, the GOP is propping up a made-for-tv coup with no chance of success. 1/X
Aside from the crises we face, Republican officials have betrayed their oaths to the constitution and continue to undermine the most sacred pillars of American democracy in the eyes of the world for nearly nothing—to send fundraising emails and appease Trump's fragile ego. 2/X
What would be devastating for our nation at any time is deadly for our citizenry today. These are the once-in-a-generation moments when our leaders must rise above pettiness for the good of a country. 3/X
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23 Sep 20
Yesterday, a day before a grand jury chose not to charge him, one of the officers who broke into Breonna Taylor's home and shot her to death wrote, "I know we did the legal, moral and ethical thing that night." [1/4]
In no sense could this be considered moral or ethical. That this killing has been deemed "legal," that an officer involved could *still* feel that her death was justified, shows how very, very far we still have to go. [2/4]
No, Breonna Taylor's killing was neither moral nor ethical, and it's past time for the law to reflect that. Breonna did not deserve to be killed in her home. She deserves justice. [3/4]
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23 Sep 20
It is expected that the Grand Jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case will be announced soon. I have no inside information on the exact timing or what that decision will be, but there are some things that are clear to me at this point. 1/11
First, any decision on these 3 officers cannot bring justice for Breonna Taylor—and I don’t just mean it won’t bring her back. Too many things happened before they ever knocked on her door to put our hopes for justice on the fate of 3 individuals. The system must change. 2/11
Justice for Breonna means ensuring that there are no more who suffer her fate, and a public safety system that views Black people not as threats but neighbors to serve and protect . We have already made progress in that direction, but we have so far to go. 3/11
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2 Jun 20
We still don’t know exactly what happened at 26/Broadway early yesterday. Sadly, videos released by @LMPD offer more questions than answers. But we know that the life of another Black Louisvillian ended at the hands of law enforcement. That is a tragedy. David McAtee matters. 1/x
I pray for Miss Odessa, the McAtee family, and my city — already reeling from the death of our own Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless Black lives ended too soon. But I know my prayers are not nearly enough. 2/x
I am a white man in America. I don't have first-hand experience facing the challenges my Black colleagues, constituents, and friends do every single day. This is a time for us to have the humility to listen and support. 3/x
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29 May 20
Last night was tough for us all. Heartbroken to see gunfire erupt during otherwise peaceful protests here in Louisville. Angered by the President outright fanning the flames and inciting violence against protestors in MN (or anywhere.) I pray that justice and order will prevail.
We shouldn’t forget, just as Breonna Taylor’s death is not just Louisville’s problem, George Floyd’s death is not just MN’s problem. They and all other manifestations of racism are as poisonous as COVID-19.
In America, racism is as old as time, but it is past time for all elected officials to raise their voices in a deafening chorus against racism in our justice system.
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12 Mar 20
.@HouseDemocrats have introduced the Families First Coronavirus Response Act to:

• Provide access to free testing
• Establish an emergency paid leave program
• Support strong unemployment benefits
• Protect our frontline health workers
• Expand food security programs
Last week’s Emergency coronavirus supplemental was an important first step, but more must be done. Travel bans & payroll tax cuts don’t meet the immediate needs we have. The coronavirus is here. We need the targeted, multi-tiered approach of the Families First bill.
This legislation will guarantee free testing to protect public health. Knowing the scope of this pandemic is the most important element of determining the next steps in our response.
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11 Nov 19
As we join together in thanks and appreciation of the brave men and women who’ve fought around the world to protect this nation today, let’s also commit to ensuring they won’t have to struggle here at home to build a strong future.
Our veterans shouldn’t have to fight to get quality health care, job training, a roof over their head, or an education they are owed. They and their families shouldn’t have to fight to find adequate mental health services for PTSD and the other less visible wounds of war.
We’re blessed to live in the greatest and most free country in the world, but that freedom has a cost. We must honor the sacrifices of our veterans by fighting back when anyone, foreign or domestic, threatens the freedoms they defended.
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1 Aug 19
On the ground in Ciudad Juárez to see first-hand the conditions along the border. Meeting with CBP and immigration advocates, touring processing facilities & the port of entry, and speaking directly with those seeking asylum & safety in the U.S. Will give updates as best I can. Image
We’re now touring the Paso del Norte Bridge & port of entry with officials from CBP’s Field Operations team. One interesting piece of information: only 2-4% of asylum claims are approved in this area. In other ports of entry like Baltimore or NY, 35-40% are approved. ImageImage
VIDEO: My remarks from yesterday's #DemsAtTheBorder press conference at the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso: Image
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14 May 18
I am deeply saddened by the horrific slaughter of at least 52 Palestinian protestors and injuries to thousands more by Israeli forces. No doubt this will spark claims that Israel has a right to defend itself — and it does. But this has nothing to do with defense.
We are witnessing the use of unabated brutality and force against civilians to stifle civil unrest. America must expect and demand more from its close allies.
The disingenuousness of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s claim that the new U.S. Embassy is any part of a “pursuit of peace” is exposed by the Israeli soldiers meeting expected protesters onsite with gunfire at close range.
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17 Apr 18
This Tax Day, my Republican colleagues are heralding their #GOPTaxScam law, which *RAISES* taxes on 86 million middle class Americans while a company like Pfizer pockets $218 million more *A WEEK* under the new law.

Happy Tax Day, I guess?
87% of Fortune 500 companies have announced no plans to share their #GOPTaxScam tax cuts with their employees. #HappyTaxDay
Under the #GOPTaxScam, 13 million more Americans will no longer have health insurance. #HappyTaxDay
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9 Jan 18
The numbers are in. The people of Kentucky overwhelmingly REJECT @GovMattBevin’s plan to undermine Medicaid and take life-saving coverage away from tens of thousands of our fellow residents. POLL:… Image
A majority of Kentucky Democrats, Independents, and Republicans agree. Medicaid must be protected. POLL:… Image
And this isn’t a regional thing. A majority of people from every part of Kentucky agree. Medicaid must be protected. POLL:… Image
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14 Dec 17
The @FCC's Republican majority just voted to kill critical #NetNeutrality protections put in place during the Obama administration. This is a dark day for supporters of a free and open internet.
@FCC I have heard from thousands of Louisvillians who rightly and vehemently oppose this decision.
Under these revised rules, a handful of big corporations will now have near complete control over the internet, with the ability to pick winners and losers among small businesses and decide what content consumers can view or create online. #NetNeutralty
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2 Dec 17
Early this morning, Senate Republicans abdicated any claim they had to being the party of fiscal responsibility. #GOPTaxScam 1/4
There is nothing remotely responsible about forcing through a closed-door, hastily conceived bill to give tax cuts to the already wealthy and multi-national corporations. 2/4
There is nothing American or responsible about increasing our deficit by a trillion dollars, jeopardizing the future of Medicare and Medicaid, or forcing working families to pay more for healthcare, homeownership, and higher education. #GOPTaxScam 3/4
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11 Nov 17
Today we honor our nation’s veterans, thank them for their dedication and sacrifice, and pledge to uphold every commitment made to them for their service.
Not just today, but every day we must work to advance veterans’ priorities — including health care and access to services at our VA hospitals, new career opportunities, and support for military families.
And we must invest in programs to properly address the mental health crisis that results in 20 veterans taking their own lives each day.
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5 Nov 17
The Ryan-McConnell tax plan cuts corporate rates by 43%. You might wonder how they could possibly pay for that big of a cut. Here's how:
For starters, it explodes our debt & deficits. This isn’t about fiscal responsibility. Never has been. It's about helping donors & the rich.
Teachers who pay for classroom supplies for their students OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS will lose their tax deduction under this GOP plan.
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26 Oct 17
Congress just approved a shockingly extreme budget.

Here's what you need to know:
It cuts critical national priorities by more than $5 trillion. Education, health care, research, and infrastructure are ALL threatened.
It cuts Medicare and Medicaid by nearly $2 trillion.
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31 Aug 17
I won’t stand by while @POTUS threatens to deport thousands of children & students. #DREAMers, I will fight to #DefendDACA.
Kicking out 800,000 DREAMers isn't just a complete moral failure, @POTUS. Terminating DACA also reduces GDP by $460.3 billion over a decade. Image
In KY more than 2,500 of the nearly 3,000 DACA recipients are workers—educators, engineers, nurses & leaders—who contribute $151M to our GDP Image
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15 Jun 17
Today, I wrote to @HHSGov & @SecPriceMD seeking an update on @GovMattBevin's dangerous Medicaid waiver request.… ImageImage
The decision on @GovMattBevin's Medicaid waiver request could mean life or death for tens of thousands of Kentuckians.
.@GovMattBevin has put KY in a dangerous no-win situation. 85,000 will lose coverage if his waiver is approved, far more if it is denied.
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23 Feb 17
FACT: @HouseGOP doesn’t have a plan to replace Obamacare. Their patchwork of false promises are #NotAPlan. Follow #NotAPlan to learn why.
Health savings accounts largely benefit the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. #NotAPlan #MakeAmericaSickAgain Image
Cutting Medicaid is heartless—we should be helping struggling families, not stripping them of the health care they need. #NotAPlan Image
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4 Jun 16
The word "champion" has never fit a man better. Muhammad Ali was a champion. A champion for peace. For justice. For equality.
He was a man who gained fame in a violent game, but immortality as a gentle and caring soul.
In the ring, there was no one better. But his contributions to humanity managed to eclipse his boxing prowess.
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