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Nov 27 5 tweets 1 min read
Pastures can convert sunlight, animal waste, and CO2 into grass which is fuel for self propelled protein generating machinery we call cattle.

The protein this system generates is imminently digestible by humans with no post-processing other than cutting and optional cooking. 1/5 Grass and cattle can regenerate and reinforce each other indefinitely in harmony with nature and with almost no human input, as evidenced by existence of this cycle with tens of millions of bison on the plains of North America before our intervention. 2/5
Oct 2 5 tweets 1 min read

Friday we voted on a bill to:

*fund appropriations at 92% for 30 days.

*pass HR-2, the Republican border security bill (sans e-verify)

*establish a debt commission.

I voted for it, but that bill failed because 21 republicans and every democrat voted against it. The senate began moving a bill to fund the government at 100% for 45 days and send billions to Ukraine.

Some representatives in the House were ready to vote for that bill. In fact, GOP leadership (McConnell) in the Senate endorsed that bill. It was advancing as the likely option
Sep 8 4 tweets 1 min read
(1/4) Did you know the only way to buy beef or pork or lamb from your local farmer and have it processed by a trusted local non-USDA facility is to buy the whole animal while it’s alive and pay to have it butchered yourself?! (2/4) Most folks aren’t able to buy a whole animal or share a whole animal with other families, much less keep all of that meat in a freezer for months!

So they’re forced to buy from a supermarket & farmers are forced to sell their animals to multinational monopolies.
Jun 18 11 tweets 2 min read
When our Constitution is amended, everything in the Constitution that precedes the amendment is subject to the amendment.

The base text does not overrule the amendment; the amendment overrules the base text. Art 1, Sec 5, Clause 2 of the Constitution states:

“Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.”
May 29 9 tweets 2 min read

There are at least 5 things Congress calls “spending.”

1. Budgets from budget committee.

2. Authorizations to spend money from various committees.

3. Appropriations from approps committee.

4. Entitlements/nondiscretionary spending by law.

5. Debt limit. BUDGET

It’s an aspirational guideline that typically covers 10 years. It’s reported from the House Budget committee. Years 2 thru 10 are routinely ignored. It considers discretionary and non-discretionary spending. Ironically it’s not very relevant to Congressional spending.
Apr 23 4 tweets 1 min read
Two threads on how the animal cells used in lab grown meat are similar to cancer cells. First thread is “pro” lab grown meat: (2/4)
Second thread says these cells are basically tumors:
Mar 12 5 tweets 1 min read
Let’s review the Federal Reserve Bank’s many roles, & how each of them enabled the SVB failure/malfeasance:

(1) Santa Claus.
By keeping interest rates artificially low, FED stimulated the economy, & nudged those with capital into the VC space creating demand for a bank like SVB. (2) Arsonist.
FED created $5 trillion out of thin air so Congress could inject this money into the economy. There weren’t 5 trillion dollars to borrow during COVID, and certainly not at the low rates imposed by FED. Inflation was off to the races thanks to dilution.
Mar 5 5 tweets 1 min read
Our government has built an elaborate but Constitutionally unsound framework for violating your natural rights. (1/5) As we have seen with the Twitter files, they boldly work in close cooperation with private actors who aren’t subject to the Constitutional restrictions imposed on government by our Founders. (2/5)
Feb 6 4 tweets 2 min read
@ggreenwald There was a serious effort in 2013 to begin an open proxy war with Russia in Syria. Obama seemed to be for it, but tossed the ball to Congress. The American people weren’t for it, so House leadership quietly killed the vote. There were other non-legislative attempts afterwards. @ggreenwald For instance……
Feb 4 4 tweets 2 min read
Four very illuminating short videos from @SharylAttkisson about the ethics and outcomes of hospital COVID-shot mandates. I’ll RT them here in a thread. (1/4) (2/4)
Jan 2 4 tweets 1 min read
January 6th committee abandoned all pretense of legitimacy when they bent over backwards to exonerate Ray Epps, who persistently directed protestors to go into Capitol, told protestors he expected he’d go to jail and texted, “I also orchestrated it” once his mission was complete. Ironically, J6 committee didn’t push back on Epps’ narrative that Antifa did it, not him.

Staff and members of the committee so thoroughly beclowned themselves that they sat on the transcribed interview for over a year, and released it only in the final week of their existence.
Dec 9, 2022 15 tweets 8 min read
18 months ago, I introduced a bill to prohibit the military COVID vaccine mandate. I predicted that thousands of members would quit if the mandate was invoked. I was derided by many prominent individuals. Here’s a thread highlighting their tweets of ignorance and indignation. Let’s begin with the snarky tweet from US Representative @RubenGallego. It’s one thing to be wrong; it’s another to be snarky and wrong. Perhaps he regrets tweeting this after thousands have left the military over the vax, and many lives have been ruined.
Nov 28, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
Tomorrow, I will offer a change to the rules of the US House of Representatives.

My proposal is simple: To suspend the existing House rule that allows 3 days to read a bill, a 2/3 vote of the House will be required instead of a simple majority. I have served in Congress for ten years. Regardless of which party has been in the majority, Speakers, acting through the majority comprised of their party, have always had enough sway to casually suspend the 3 day rule with only a simple majority.

No good comes from this.
Oct 11, 2022 11 tweets 3 min read
KY State Rep. Savannah Maddox and I were invited to participate in the Kentucky Truth Summit in Pendleton. The summit is the product of an alliance of doctors & scientists committed to revealing truth, uniting people, and demanding accountability for harm done by COVID vaccines. ImageImageImageImage What I heard from the panelists, one of whom is a child, was astounding. They told of life flights, hundreds of days spent in hospitals, continuing neurologic problems, inability to eat, sleep, or walk, excruciating pain, and even death.
Aug 31, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
🧵I’m concerned that elected Republicans will say “we can’t do much” or “pick one thing to fight” if we gain control of the House while Biden is still president.

But we can do a lot to roll back Biden’s agenda because we have the power of the purse. We just have to be smart. 🧵First we have to abandon the absurd notion that we should pass only one bill to fund everything (often called an omnibus). Our rules call for passing 12 separate bills.

Fund roads, military, NASA, national parks, etc with separate bills! Do not let Biden take them hostage.
Aug 23, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Science didn’t evolve, Fauci ignored science.

He denied the existence of natural immunity.

He spoke of droplets to avoid acknowledging the size of the virus was too small to be stopped by the filters of loose fitting cloth masks.
(Thread, 1/4) The vaccine trials were designed NOT to show the vaccines didn’t prevent infection or spread, but he spoke as if they did.

He ignored harm caused by locking down people - delayed cancer screenings, untreated diabetes, un-filled prescriptions, mental health (suicides), etc.
Aug 21, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
A real Inflation Reduction Act would have three words: “End the Fed.” The Federal Reserve created trillions of dollars out of thin air and loaned it to the Treasury Department to enable the unprecedented deficit spending Congress undertook over the last 2 & 1/2 years.

That dollar devaluation, and policies that free money enabled, caused inflation.
Jul 24, 2022 9 tweets 3 min read
Every weekend I come back to Kentucky and try to purge my brain of the hypocrisy and stupidity I’ve witnessed in Congress the week before. Otherwise, it just piles up.

It’s noon on Sunday and I still haven’t purged the nonsense I dealt with in person this past week.🧵 Image I heard the Democrats argue vociferously that a wrist brace is a bump stock. If there was any doubt of their profound ignorance, they removed it by displaying a poster of the wrist brace and reiterated it would facilitate full-auto fire. Image
Jul 13, 2022 5 tweets 10 min read
Last night the rules committee, controlled by Nancy Pelosi, refused to allow the House of Representatives to vote on my National Defense Authorization Act amendment which would have defunded the military COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

(Continued…) I want to thank @RepMattGaetz for testifying on behalf of this amendment in the Rules Committee.

If this issue is important to you, please express your gratitude to the other 23 colleagues who cosponsored this amendment:

Jul 11, 2022 12 tweets 2 min read
🧵Good governments are those which institute laws that only criminalize behavior of criminals.

A good government would not make laws that regulate most aspects of every person’s life.

Yet some pretend a more prosperous and virtuous society can result from bigger government. 🧵The fallacy that bigger government provides us a more virtuous society is found in one of two propositions:

(1) people to be governed will reliably select lawmakers more intelligent and virtuous than the average one of them to make rules regulating the behavior of all of them.
Jul 5, 2022 14 tweets 2 min read
From a friend:

We must, should and need to remember Independence Day not once a year but every day of our lives we should be living the Declaration of Independence. Etched in our minds. Embedded in our souls. Either we learn to govern ourselves or we will be ruled by others, our rights will become privileges conveyed only if we are obedient to the masters who we have ceded sovereignty over us.