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6 Aug
Fantastic to see this multi-author publication. The state of gender inclusion in the #POCUS community. A thread of highlights from the paper. 🧵1/7
In 1994, #JamesMateer trained the 1st American emergency #POCUS fellows: 3 women #BethThoma
#VerenaValley @mbphelan pioneered the field at @MedicalCollege. Despite the historic beginning, women remain underrepresented in #POCUS. 🧵 2/7
@ACEP_EUS has elected 6 women chairs out of 25. One of 10 physician members of @ACEPNow Clinical Ultrasound Accreditation Program is a woman. 🧵 3/7
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9 Feb
Is Academic Medicine Making Mid-Career Women Physicians Invisible?

TY for this assist and amplify @ETSshow + @SapnaKmd Highlights from the paper. 🧵(1)
Diverse teams afford strength, innovation, and increased productivity to organizations. Gender diverse teams may be more successful. It is thus beneficial for organizations to hire promote, and amplify women. HT @HarvardBiz (2)
Carnes + Bigby's editorial “Jennifer fever in academic medicine" describes a phenomenon whereby trainee and early career stage women i.e. “Jennifers” receive professional attention and focus by senior male colleagues. (3)
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15 Sep 20

Amplifying #DrChenHe: "Ultimately, the author questions if trainees and early-career women in academic medicine are simply in a “preinvisible” phase of their careers HT @mcgregormd Image
See Me by My Title

"patients comment on my youthful appearance, my age, and question how long I have been ... about my nice accent (I am American; I grew up in Oklahoma), ask if I’m Korean (no, Chinese)..." HT 🧵@choo_ek Image
Follow the Woman Leader

"I bring a male medical student with me to see a patient or to speak with a consulting physician. There is an automatic assumption that my medical student is the team leader." Image
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14 Aug 20
In 2014 @steveleechmd et al proposed #POCUS fellowship milestones HT @doctoRoblivious @SonoStache @Takeokun

Milestone 1: Clinical Ultrasonography
In 2014 @steveleechmd et al proposed #POCUS fellowship milestones HT @doctoRoblivious @SonoStache @Takeokun

Milestone 2: Education and Training
In 2014 @steveleechmd et al proposed #POCUS fellowship milestones HT @doctoRoblivious @SonoStache @Takeokun

Milestone 3: Administrative Leadership
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9 Aug 20
TEE #POCUS 🧵: For emergency medicine, It's not if, It's when

Survey: Where are you and your ED in stage of a TEE #POCUS program development?

@ACEP_EUS @SCUFellowships @codachange @iceman_ex @SAEMAEUS
TEE #POCUS 🧵 In 2008, I saw #DrMikeBlaivas publish one of the first ED case reports

TEE #POCUS 🧵Years ago I met @JijiElzen of @karolinskainst who was using TEE #POCUS for Trauma. HT @chrismuhr

👉🏽… via @feminemtweets
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7 Jun 20
Discover the Black Heritage Series: Part 1…
Discover the Black Heritage Series: Part 2…
Discover the Black Heritage Series: Part 3…
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