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19 Jun
Juneteenth is a reminder: Freedom isn’t something handed to us.

The narrative of white abolition is a myth—both discarding the ways Black people won our own liberty and obscuring how whiteness enslaved after emancipation; how it continues to shackle folks now.
This weekend, we’re telling the full story of freedom. Tonight, we’ll celebrate prophetic Black joy and fierce love that has always been the true proclamation of American liberty.

Then, tomorrow, @agordonreed & I will talk about Juneteenth history and the freedom yet to be won. Image
There are lots of ways to participate in whatever you’d like!

Use the code FREEDOM for a discounted ticket for the whole weekend.

Can’t join us in person? Use BELL and we’ll send you a recording of Sunday’s antiracism workshop.

Tickets and details:
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9 Jun
Democrats need to stop kindly requesting freedom from people in the business of making shackles
Since this is resonating, if you want to learn more about how we get free—and bask in Black excellence—please join our Juneteenth celebration!

I'll be talking with @agordonreed, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian of "On Juneteenth" & we have a glorious concert the night before.
Grammy Award-winning, world-renowned singer @PrettyMill1 will make a rare live performance, and we'll have other fabulous speakers and musical acts like @RevDrBarber, @Instatituss, @Kamilahf, @martharedbone, & @lodivadevine!

Because art and joy power liberation.
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9 Jun
Queer liberation isn’t just freedom for LGBTQIA+ people. It frees me, too.
Breaking down harmful gender binaries also helps dismantle patriarchy that has weaponized those same binaries to oppress women.
Recovering ancestral queerness fights anti-Blackness that tried to destroy our varied ways of knowing and naming sexuality & gender—the whiteness that subjugated them alongside our bodies.
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20 May
Too much foreign policy criticism blames Jewish groups for US support of the apartheid in Palestine, when Christian Zionists are truly responsible. That's its own kind of antisemitism.
So let's talk about Christian Zionism. /1
There is widespread belief among white evangelicals that exclusive Jewish control of Israel will bring about Christ’s second coming. 
And they're willing to endanger both Jews and Palestinians to pursue these selfish theological ends. /2…
It's important to note that these same folks don't believe the Jews they say they're defending will be saved in that coming rapture!
You can't say your actions are motivated by love for Jewish people, while simultaneously proclaiming their eternal condemnation. /3
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25 Apr
The quiet part of "our systems are not racist" is "those people deserved to die."
Either policing is a racist institution or people of color disproportionately deserve to be killed.
Either our infrastructure/waste disposal systems are racist or there's just something about Black/brown communities that elevate asthma and cancer rates.
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13 Feb
Acquitted like a Jim Crow jury
They could have had hi-res video of Trump committing crimes and it wouldn’t have mattered, because they did and it didn’t.
Black people can’t object to a knee on our necks or kids getting pepper sprayed, but whiteness protects its own.

This is who America is, and it’s who we’ve always been. And we need to decide if we want to be something different.
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9 Feb
I've been thinking a lot about a "personal relationship with Jesus" and here's what concerns me most:

What if cultural focus on a "personal relationship" confuses worshipping whiteness with worshipping God? /1
All relationships with Jesus Christ—personal and public—require communal acts of love and justice, and collective care.

And what really disturbs me is how personal salvation is offered as a placebo to make people content with worldly suffering. /2
"As long as you have a personal relationship with Jesus, it doesn't matter if you have a knee on your neck."

God is not a pacifier, and faith should never be offered as a substitute for justice. It cuts against the very heart of the gospel: For God, salvation is collective. /3
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10 Jan
We can’t move on—not until there is accountability. Accountability means telling the truth; it means confession and repentance. And it means consequences for brutality and death!

It means the removal of Trump from office. Now.
Either he resigns, or is impeached, or we invoke the 25th. Take your pick.

But if nothing is done—if there are no consequences to violence and insurrection—we are doomed to repeat it.
After the Civil War, the Black community—including formerly enslaved people—mobilized and organized for legal economic and political rights.

Did you know some 2,000 Black people held public office during Reconstruction?
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14 Nov 20
They’re attacking @ReverendWarnock by twisting Rev. Dr. James Cone’s prophetic words because he promises to reshape government like Dr. Cone reclaimed Christianity:

Dethroning whiteness and power to tend the wounds of suffering people. /1
James Cone took Jesus back from racists who stole Christ to sanctify whiteness and wealth, and provide moral justification for 400 years of ongoing genocide.

He put it plain: “Any message that is not related to the liberation of the poor in society is not Christ's message.” /2 Image
“Theology can never be neutral or fail to take sides on issues related to the plight of the oppressed.

It can never engage in conversation about the nature of God without confronting those elements of human existence which threaten anyone's existence as a person.” /3
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18 Oct 20
I'm so grateful to @ChildDefender for their consistent defense of children's rights.

Too often, kids aren't treated as full and complete humans—with their own particular needs, and unique agency.
Abuse of children is covered by euphemism, or explained away as just "part of parenting."

And government abuse of kids is hidden in data; not treated as an absolute emergency.

1 in 3 families with kids can't afford to feed them. Right now. Today. In the US.

That's a crisis!
And that doesn't even mention lead poisoning, substandard education, inaccessibility, a rapidly deteriorating climate, straight-up federal kidnapping or all the other harm that isn't addressed because too often children lack any voice in our political life.
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6 May 20
1. On Feb. 23, Wanda Cooper lost her baby. But she didn’t have a miscarriage. Her 25 year old son, born on Mother’s Day 1994, was killed in cold blood. An athlete with a gentle soul and humble spirit, Ahmaud never left her without saying, “I love you.”…
2. If you ever did anything for him, his mom says, he would say, “Thank you.”

Ahmad ran every day, unless it was pouring rain. But on that sunny Sunday in February, he went running and—as though he were prey to be slaughtered—he was hunted down.
3. Two men have been named, but I will not say those names here. They don’t deserve publicity. However, their crime deserves punishment. The fact that they have not been charged with murder is a miscarriage of justice.
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25 Mar 20
The President is reeling from how far the reality of COVID-19 is from the lies he's told.

But to risk people's lives for money—when what we need is truth, tests, and time—is grotesque. And to invoke Easter to do so is theologically abhorrent. /1
Church buildings should not be open for Easter. People of faith should not gather in church, synagogue, mosque, shul, gurdwara, temple or masjid. We don't need to go to practice our faith.

God—or however we name the ineffable goodness and love—is where the people are. /2
A divine spark in the woman quarantined by herself, drinking tea; in the two or three gathered in a household, praying prayers with their children; in the hospital where a nurse tends to someone with fever; in the workers who must go out, so we have electricity and food. /3
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27 Feb 20
1. Last night’s communion was one of the most powerful I can remember. We offered congregants Skittles and Arizona iced tea; recalling Trayvon Martin’s last supper before his crucifixion. Image
2. I’m glad that we could offer a moment to honor Trayvon’s life, but still overwhelmed with sorrow and rage.

He went out to buy Skittles and iced tea. A child’s meal. When will we let Black kids be kids? ImageImage
3. The juxtaposition of utter frivolity and harmlessness in the food Trayvon purchased, and the ways he was portrayed as “dangerous,” is too much to bear!
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24 May 19
As a Christian clergy who celebrates all the spiritual paths that lead to Love; as a woman who was unable to conceive and who grieved for years; as an aunt and grandmother who thinks children are precious, I am #ProChoice AND #ProLife
There is more than one religion practiced in this nation and no religious point of view should guide our legal processes. In fact Jesus, who is the mentor for my Christian faith, healed a woman suffering with a reproductive issue—a hemorrhaging womb—for twelve years #WomensRights
Jesus' model of compassion and love for those on the margins and those needing healing and health care drives my commitment to health care for all, and my pro-choice position. #WomensRights #ReproductiveRights #LoveTransforms
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