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Mechanical Engineer. Growth stock trader and student of the markets. Tweets do not represent financial advice. Always do your own DD. ⬇️ Youtuber ⬇️ #IBDPartner
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13 Sep
If you have a free 2 hours this weekend, check out #TheSocialDilemma on netflix. It will increase your social media/technology literacy.

We live in a world where the news we read, information we hear, our "truths", is based on the data these social media companies have on us.
This leads to increased polarization as we see and retweet what confirms our pre-existing ideas and then reinforces them.

We start to see only two sides dramatically separated on every issue when the reality is usually much more complicated with tons of gray areas
So be literate, and pay attention to what you are hearing/ where it is coming from, note that and potential biases of the source; monetary, political.... whatever.

Is a story/post just a provocative tagline designed to reaffirm your ideas and get you to click and see an ad.
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2 Sep
To any new followers

If you want to learn how to use Python to get the most out of the stock market including

🚨Auto Alerts
and more!

Check out my #PythonForFinance Videos

Here is the Intro video. No prior Knowledge Needed 👍

In the first #PythonForFinance video I show you:

🐍How to download Python
🔁Basic Logic and Loop commands
📘How to Download Libraries
🐼How to use Pandas
📈Iterate through Stock Price Data

The second #PythonForFinance video covers back-testing strategies.

✅ Creating Indicators (Moving Averages)
✅ Automatically "Buy" and "Sell"
✅ Store information such as performance data
✅ Calculate Statistics about the Strategy

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29 Aug
What is an Optimal Buy Point? (thread)
Your results as a trader/investor boil down to three statistics

Average Gain - Average % gain on winning Trades
Average Loss -Average % gain on losing Trades
Batting Average - % of trades that are gains
Like in baseball, you can find incredible success in the stock market winning only a handful of times out of ten. In fact a system that is profitable or break even with only a 30-50% BA is more robust and consistent
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5 Aug
Big thank you to everyone who has helped me reach 10k followers 🙏 I hope what I post on here helps your process. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d share my background story with trading...
I’m still very much a Rookie when it comes to trading. 2020 is actually my first full year. I’ll always be looking to learn more. Special thanks to the people on this list who share their experiences on twitter…
First, I’m 22, Just graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve always loved learning new things and figuring out the way things work. I’ll be going back to UMD in the fall to start my MS focusing on machine learning + design optimization.
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