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Information Operations Analyst @Mandiant. Former Georgetown SSP & Ohio State Buckeye. Troll hunter, disinfo junkie. Tweets my own.
17 Nov
🧵Heading home after a great time at #CYBERWARCON yesterday. IMO, a good threat intel or #INFOSEC conference should mainly 1. Stimulate new thinking and grow the field 2. Facilitate genuine networking 3. Be fun! This conference is definitely all three.
I’m in awe of @JohnHultquist and Amy’s ability to basically will this thing into existence year after year with only a small volunteer force to help them. Thank you to them, the rockstar review board of John, @ridt, @olgs7, @t_gidwani for producing an outstanding agenda…
…and to everyone else who helped put the conference on! My gratitude to the various sponsors that also made this conference possible. Congrats to all on another fantastic year.
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22 Jan 19
THREAD - I found that @2020fight - the account that helped the Covington High School video go viral, according to @CNN, and that Twitter suspended shortly after, had services for hire on Shoutcart - a service that allows users to pay influencers to post videos on their behalf.
Put another way, someone *could* have paid @2020fight to post the viral video that sparked one of the most toxic 24-hr news cycles we've recently seen and led @POTUS to take sides and criticize the press. The video was viewed at least 2.5 million times.
This highlights an under-discussed aspect of information operations - information laundering. You don't need a bot network or sockpuppet to make divisive information go viral - you just need a few bucks and an influencer or trusted source willing to do it for you.
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