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Reporter w/ Global Times. Worked in Latin America for years. Cover fascinating China stories & int’l relations. 中文, English, Español.
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Mar 4 9 tweets 6 min read
If you think the #Chinese govt is simply "supporting #Russia" in the #Ukraine crisis, you must be wrong.

I think there are several layers to China's position, each with different considerations behind it.

Some personal takeaways: 1. Given the #Taiwan issue, #China has always been most committed to territorial integrity. I can hardly imagine CN supporting Russia to recognize part of #Ukraine to be independent & launch military operation, which would create legitimacy for other countries’ intervention in TW
Mar 1 5 tweets 4 min read
Hundreds of #Chinese nationals are being evacuated fr #Ukraine amid escalating conflict.
GT learned fr Chinese embassy in #Ukraine on Feb 28, more than 600 CN students were evacuated fr Kiev & Odessa to Moldova, fr where they will go to Romania awaiting chartered flight back home On Mar 1, another 700-800 #Chinese citizens are to be evacuated from #Odessa and 900 from #Kiev, organized by the embassy, to Moldova and Poland. They will be escorted by #Ukrainian military and police.