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Multiomics • Spatial imaging • I-O • Microbiome. Asso Prof #Medicine. Co-Director #Cancer #Bioinformatics @UPMCHillmanCC. Lab: https://t.co/J0ueTL5Ldl @ImmunoTiil
May 29, 2020 13 tweets 9 min read
As #bioinformatician #biostatistician #DataScientist, have you ever felt you've done lots of work, yet achieved nothing? here is how to change that! A thread 👇 1/n 1 - #document rigorously your computing work - same as bench scientists do on experiments. Document your initial thoughts on data, your decisions, tests, issues, how you solved them, how you tried various tools, how you picked one over others. These are all *achievements*. n/1