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Professor of Sociology, Psychology, & Org Behavior @Stanford. Director of Polarization and Social Change Lab, Co-Direct @StanfordPACS. Obsessive basketball fan
21 Apr
Republicans are the largest vaccine hesitant group in the US and their hesitancy is not declining. What can we do about it?

In this new piece in the @LAtimes, I & @jayvanbavel discuss strategies and some of the relevant behavioral science in this space…
We identify three broad approaches - general public health messages, promotion by trusted politicians, and promotion by trusted nonpolitical influencers – identifying behavioral science relevant to each.
We highlight @deaneckles and colleagues’ research on how vaccine intentions can be increased (in the US and beyond) by informing people about the actually very high levels of vaccination+vaccine intentions in the general public.
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8 Apr
🚨New WP🚨 “Elite Party Cues Increase Vaccination Intentions among Republicans”

How to convince Republicans-biggest holdout group-to get vaccinated? We find pro-vax messaging from Trump+Rep elites works, whereas Biden+Dems message reduces enthusiasm
High vaccination rate is key for herd immunity. But vaccine intentions are deeply polarized. ~40% of Republicans report they won’t vaccinate, essentially the same % as in Nov. A flat line for 5 months! (while other groups - e.g. racial minorities - have shifted substantially)
In pre-reg'ed experiment (N = 1,480), we varied whether Republicans saw endorsements of the vaccine from Republican politicians (including video from Trump’s CIPAC speech), from Democrats (including a speech by President Biden), or a neutral control.
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