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Tweets are mine. Communications director/policy adviser for @NancySkinnerCA. Spouse of @LJFernandez. Former editor and publisher of @EastBayExpress
31 Mar 18
Personal/Career News: I’m voluntarily going on an extended hiatus from journalism soon in an attempt to help save a journalism organization about which I care deeply: Telegraph Media, which publishes @EastBayExpress, Oakland and Alameda magazines, and The East Bay Monthly. 1/
This was NOT an easy decision. I absolutely love being a news editor/reporter/columnist. It’s my dream job, and I’ve been lucky to have been able to do it for 22-plus years. But I fear that if folks like me don’t step up to try to help save local print journalism, it will die. 2/
Over the past two decades, I’ve watched far too many local print journalists – reporters, editors, photogs, copy editors – get laid off or take buyouts that they didn’t really want. I’ve also watched others leave print journalism in an attempt to outrun the next round of cuts. 3/
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