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28 May
Selfie video posted by the guy who brought the ‘Trump Won’ banner to Yankee Stadium last night. Shows him throwing up ‘White Power’ hand signal, yelling ‘MAGA,’ then the arrest of his accomplice.
“Officer, it’s mine! 😢That’s larceny! 😢It’s my flag! 😭That’s my flag! 😭I just want my flag back! 😭 Shit ... F*ck ...
Here he is. Deplorable of the Day.
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2 May
Michael Flynn this afternoon was called up to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at Lin Wood’s rally AND HE FORGOT THE WORDS!!! What kind of “Patriot” General doesn’t know the Pledge!
Michael Flynn has been leading people so often lately in the QAnon pledge that he forgot the damn words of the Pledge to THE COUNTRY!
I have been on twitter for 8 months. I got on solely to help defeat Trump and Trumpism. I have never asked anyone to follow or RT me. I have had 6 video clips in the last 10 weeks go over 1 million views. I would like to have more followers than the FL GOP, so I will ask now!
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25 Apr
A few takeaways from the MAGA rally yesterday:

1. I have worked on campaigns and been active in politics since 1988. I had never been to a Trump rally though. These are much different than anything I have experienced. They are like revivals where Trump is a god. The lines that
get the loudest applause are the ones that are the most deranged.

2. These people have no use for GOP Senators or any other Republican who isn’t 100% loyal to Trump.

3. They really don’t identify so much as “Republican.” Of all the signs, flags, banners, hats and shirts, I
never saw “Republican” or an elephant logo on anything. It’s not loyalty to a party, it’s to Trump.

4. Although they want Trump to remain leader, few believe he will run in 2024.

5. Mike Flynn is definitely running for president in 2024. These rallies are his attempt to take
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24 Apr
OK I’m on the scene at the Trump Train Save America rally. Probably a good 3,000 people right now.
Merch tent has some cool shit.
Look at this cool flag with the MAGA heroes with Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan!
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21 Apr
Right-wing conspiracy theorist Dr. Steven Hotze, M.D., who owns several medical clinics in Texas and is a close political ally of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, explains how Bill Gates’ microchip is going to be used in our bodies after we are vaccinated to steal all of our money.
Here is a newspaper article about our Republican politically-connected Texas doctor.…
He claims that the chip is going to be pushed on us next year and inserted under the skin in our right hand. That is when Gates will be able to control us. 🙄 And yes, he is still practicing medicine in Texas.
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3 Apr
Aug 5, 2018 fundraiser for Ron Desantis hosted by Teens for America First with Joel Greenberg and Matt Gaetz. Gaetz praises Desantis for his tough stand against sexual harassment.
Gaetz, Greenberg and Desantis.
Teens For America First
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2 Apr
CNN reports the suspect who crashed into Capitol barricades has died.
NBC is reporting the suspect slashed an officer in the face with a knife and was shot.
Photo of suspect.
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2 Apr
Lauren Boebert wanted fencing and barricades removed from the Capitol.
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1 Apr
Catholic Priest James Altman of La Crosse, WI, railed against masks and capacity restrictions in his sermon last Sunday. “Godless vermin fed us fear, and instituted godless Nazi controls on all of us.”
Father Altman: “The godlessness of what Fauci is now promoting ... is damnable in the hottest fires of hell.”
Fr. Altman, on other priests who follow covid restrictions: “It’s way past time for the great millstone treatment that Jesus talked about, or worse.”
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31 Mar
Greatest video ever! Obnoxious MAGA anti-masker spews disinformation on a bullhorn out his window, and a guy on a bike just wasn’t going to have it.
Name of the store. Image
This guy is a militant anti-masker who has organized “freedom rallies” and tormented his community with his bullhorns and demonstrations for months. This guy just finally had enough.
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20 Mar
Catholic Priest William Kosco in Buckeye, AZ tell parishioners that Joe Biden’s “ideas are not welcome here...Would you give him communion? No. Over my dead body. Not until he repents.”
While his church enjoys 501(c)(3) tax exempt status as non-political, he continues his attack on Biden.
I don’t know if anybody would want the contact info for Father Kosco’s diocese, but I thought I would attached it just in case.
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19 Mar
Since it’s Friday, do you mind if I retweet my Top 10 tweets from the last 14 days with over 4 million combined views in one thread?

Let’s kick it off with our favorite misogynist pastor. Got this from his Facebook page, right before he deleted it.
Then John Oliver’s brilliant show exposing Tucker Carlson’s racism.
And Lauren Witzke talking about how the GOP was going to pass voter suppression laws.
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17 Mar
BREAKING: A man who have made threats to VP Harris was arrested near her residence. Located nearby was a long rifle, a large amount of ammo and several gun clips. Video from @MacFarlaneNews
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12 Mar
This is very suspicious. What the hell is Rick Scott doing with Donald Trump in Istanbul? Meeting with Erdogan? 😁😁😁 Image
Ok, yes of course this is Mira Lago. I tried to put the smily faces on this to show I was joking! I’m just saying Trump is so tacky he is trying to make his place look like the Hagia Sophia.
I got a little video from inside Trump’s meeting yesterday with Rick Scott and big donors. Of course, no masks. Don’t ever doubt he isn’t still controlling everything with the party.
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25 Feb
Here is a pic of Marge Greene with insurrectionist Anthony Aguero (behind her) posing in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office. Interesting that she would choose to do this in this location.
And here is Marge’s pal throwing up the White Power sign.
Aguero sure has the finest friends.
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23 Jan
Protests all across Russia today after Navalny releases video of “Putin’s Palace,” a 190,000 square foot palace with a skating rink, vineyard, bowling alley, theatre, and casino. It was given as a “gift” to Putin from a Russian businessman. Image
Despite sub-zero temperatures, Russians turn out in over 100 cities against Putin in support of Navalny.
Navalny’s wife Yulia has just been arrested.
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18 Jan
BREAKING: After court hearing held in a Moscow police station, Alexei Navalny is ordered to be held in custody without bond for 30 days.
Supporters outside shout, “we are with you!”
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17 Jan
The courage of this man, who returns to his country after a painful near-death ordeal being poisoned by Putin, knowing he is going to be arrested on arrival. This man is prepared to give his life for democracy, while GOP politicians here were selling it out, fearing Trump tweets.
Two things that Donald Trump has never said: ‘Navalny’ and ‘apologize.’
Navalny detained by Moscow judge without bond for 30 days.
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15 Jan
OK, here is an inventory of key items in the Oval Office from picture taken two years ago. That Lincoln bust sure looks like the one they carried out today.
One of the WH butlers is sending me a pic he is about to take right now so we can see what’s going on ...
Oh shit.
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13 Jan
Amazon response to Parler lawsuit details over 100 instances of content advocating rape, torture, and murder of public figures and officials, with continued refusal by Parler to regulate content. A constant theme of the examples below are racist and anti-Semitic threats.
MAGAs argue that they are victims of censorship because they are unable to post things like this on other platforms like twitter. Parler was completely unregulated, and this is what you get on a platform without a content policy.
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12 Jan
In the 1980-90s, when the Democratic Party was often fractious, GOP consultants were masters at creating wedge issues to further foment this division. The GOP is straining at its seams to stay together in 2021-22. Might be time to study the Atwater-Rove playbook a little bit.
There are issues that divide Republicans. I think the role of Lincoln Project and other Republican refugees going forward will be to exploit these issues, which we know well, to accelerate the demise. Believe me, it will be our pleasure.
Some issues that divide Republicans? Abortion, Free Trade, Foreign Policy/Isolationism, Immigration, Gay Marriage/Adoption, Race Relations, Corporate Regulations, Minimum Wage, Health Care. The GOP is by no means unified on these.
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