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25 May
The New York Times is genuinely evil.
The New York Times is genuinely evil. Image
The New York Times is genuinely evil.
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11 May
Hi @MaraGay. Can you name a few white supremacists I’ve had on my show? Like legit white supremacists, not just people you don’t like so you call them that.

Also the show is called “The Rubin Report.”

I look forward to the apology and retraction. Thanks...
“Regularly” is quite a charge there, @MaraGay. Also I wrote a New York Times best selling books defending liberalism. Shall I send you a copy?

Don't Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason amazon.com/dp/0593084292/…
I’ve reached out to @AndrewYang privately and my team is reaching out to his people regarding his response. I’ll address all of this on the show later today as well.
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4 May
Since it’s #MayThe4th, allow me to once again state that the Star Wars prequels continue to get better and better as the years go on. The story of a broken political machine being manipulated by corrupt politicians to accumulate power is what we are seeing in real time.
They tell us to stay in our homes, keep us away from friends and family...
Of course they don’t want to to it, but that have to do it for us...
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21 Apr
“...in every single case (where police were defunded) you get more crime, you get more murder, you get more general mayhem.”

Today’s DM:


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31 Mar
What’s wrong with unlimited power?
Obviously it would only be for one thing...
I’m sure it’ll all work out.
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19 Feb
For the record I’m still in Florida and it feels real good...
Real time update from FL...

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5 Feb
Thread: I’ve come to the conclusion that the collapse we’re in now is the inevitable end of what purely secular liberalism looks like. (A sad reality as someone who wrote a book defending liberalism.) The tolerance baked into liberalism is what let Wokeism into the system.
The soft underbelly of that tolerance, and a belief that logic and reason can solve all, are the perfect breeding ground for bad ideas like Wokeism to pop up and breed. And secular liberals, without a bedrock truth other than their own minds, have no defense against this.
Our Founders understood this which is why the Constitution didn’t grant us rights, it protected them. Rights are god given, not man given. Logic needs something eternal beneath it as foundation. This is a point @yhazony @benshapiro @DennisPrager @jordanbpeterson have made often.
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23 Jan
So sad to hear about the passing of my friend, my mentor and my bonus grandfather. There’s only one true King of interviewing and it was Larry King.

“What does it all mean? The answer is I don’t know.”
“I’m still there. I’m still asking questions.
“I don’t believe in afterlife...baby, that’s it...”
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1 Jan
And of course on my flight back the episode the The Simpsons when they visit Florida is on. A SIGN?!?!
And now the Chinese Flu episode!
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20 Dec 20
Meanwhile I have to wear mask like a ninja going on vacation at an airport that looks like a 3rd world country because everything is closed.

See you in a few hours, the free state of Florida!
Neck seal!

Twin fans!

Do I get a cookie if I do it right?
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9 Dec 20
Holy shit just got this email from YouTube.

Starting today they will remove content about election fraud...even though there are court cases about election fraud going through the system at this very moment.

Adios free speech. The bannings are coming.
This is an extraordinary escalation in the free speech war. Mainstream will ignore as will the few remaining “free speech liberals” so they won’t be though of as scary Trump supporters.

Time is running out.
You guys get this email? @ScottAdamsSays @Timcast @scrowder?
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26 Nov 20
Thankful for you and butternut squash soup...

Cranberry sauce on the way. Bird in the oven...
Enough roasted garlic for...oh, I’ve said too much...
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2 Nov 20
"Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place."

This is the reverse of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We guarantee equality under the law, not equality of outcome.

I've been warning for 5 years that the left is no longer liberal. Thread here we go!
First up, what is the difference between Leftism and Liberalism?
This split between Leftism and Liberalism is exactly what I was warning against in my first @prageru video, “Why I Left The Left” from almost 4 years ago.

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22 Jul 20
Progressivism is a mental disorder which uses meaningless slogans to cover its emptiness. This tweet means absolutely nothing. Cancel rent? Ok, who is gonna build apartments for people to live in? Cancel mortgage? Ok, I can live in my house for free? Should’ve bought a mansion!
Of course I’m gonna get some genderless 🌹 Bernie people here saying the rich will pay for it, or government, or some third grade nonsense.

Your life is on you, go get yours. Not by taking from others or burning it all down. Go build something. Trust me, you’ll be happier...
But in case it works out for the progressives I’m moving here. Cancel mortgages! Image
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16 Jul 20
The perfect Democrat policy. Spend money we don’t have on a problem that doesn’t exist.
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24 Jun 20
Mashable creating “how-to” take down monument videos. Encouraging criminal activity totally cool, right Twitter?

Speaking of Mashable. They have 10 million followers and get virtually no traction. These well funded companies bought followings to trick us and now the game is up.
Their last three tweets have 5, 4 and 2 retweets. That’s almost mathematically impossible. I could tweet a poop emoji, the number 4, an @ sign and an exclamation mark and get more traction.
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12 Jun 20
“Dave it’s just college campuses, this stuff will never leak out to the real world...”

Full hour including my speech defending individual rights for all, a trans gender studies professor calling me a Nazi, a girl claiming my relatives who died the in the holocaust are rolling in their grave, mindless chanting, noisemakers and more!
Two years later Antifa showing up to an event I did with @MaximeBernier about free speech: The man who opened our talk was my friend @SalimMansurLNC, who happens to be Muslim but was also labaled a Nazi.
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3 Jun 20
One of the things conservatives have to realize is that rationalizing with facts and reality with a leftist/progressive/socialist rarely works. This is the disconnect. People on the left generally think because they feel something it is true. People on the right like evidence.
The best way to deprogram a lefty from progressive brainwashing is to gently offer them information and make it as personal as possible. Eventually if they have tiny spark of individual thought left their wake up will happen. As the mob then turns on them it accelerates it.
Share videos and ask them to point out the lies and bigotry. They can’t, and maybe, just maybe, that ignites something in them. A few good ones to share:



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1 Jun 20
A thread on the situation now that I’ve caught up.

First, there is nobody, not a single influential voice that I can find across the political spectrum, that is condoning or defending what happened to #GeorgeFloyd. The officer is in custody. We all agree his murder is horrific.
What is happening across the country has nothing to do with him, though, it was just the current spark. Rioting, looting, burning down stores and churches is evil lawless behavior that must be dealt with swiftly if we are to remain a civilized society.
For the last 5+ years there have been a bunch of voices online warning about what the toxic stew of progressivism, socialism, grievance culture and identity poltics was going to bring forth. Well here it is. The rioters aren’t white supremacists, they’re far left Antifa.
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11 May 20
How is this not a fireable offense? We all get that journalism is dead and it’s the “journalists” who killed it, but they’ve gone from derelict in their duties to malicious. @chucktodd needs to go, or he has to admit he had no idea what he’s doing and the producer gets axed.
And before the trolls jump in with “you’re adding to cancel culture and the mob”, this is 100% different. We live in a time when we need truth more than ever. Our institutions are failing and journalism has been gutted by activists. @NBCNews should be embarrased and called out.
This isn’t a comedian or celebrity or private person making a bad joke or going against woke culture. This is a blatant and intentional misinformation play by the host of what was once the most important political news show on TV. Functioning society can’t have zero standards.
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10 Mar 20
This is insane. Beyond telling the guy he’s “full of shit” Biden gets in his face and then says something about “take this outside.” Mainstream media can’t run cover for this much longer.

Anyone know who the man is? Would love to have him on the show.

And more...
I’ve been saying 25% chance DNC hands it to Hillary at convention. Now I think it’s 33%. And if you vote Biden you’re voting for the VP, so at the moment you have no idea who you’re voting for.
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