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7 Jan
In addition to her organizing efforts for the Trump riot in DC yesterday, Michigan GOP's next co-chair Meshawn Maddock can be seen here giving a thumbs down to a civil rights march. Who would have thought?
Michigan GOP's Meshawn Maddock put a photo of herself as the cover for an event promoting free buses to DC for yesterday's riot, at least 1 of which she said was being covered by a "wealthy donor." This post indicates Turning Point USA's U of M Chapter also provided some funds
Apparently yesterday wasn't even Meshawn Maddock's first mob. Here she is at the front of the pack as Stop the Steal protesters mobbed the Detroit ballot count at TCF Center (which, by the way, did a better job securing its entrances than the Capitol yesterday). Well done MIGOP
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19 Nov 20
As if it couldn't get any wilder at the Wayne County board of canvassers:The republican members are now seeking to rescind certification, despite the fact that the motion officially passed, certification papers were signed, & records were sent to secretary of state this AM
While, Palmer and Hartmann have signed affidavits seeking to revoke their certification, Vice Chair Kinloch assures me the deal is already done. Lawsuits withstanding, as election lawyers have explained to me, the deadline is also a hard stop, and the deadline was yesterday.
What people likely missed on Tuesday night, after Wayne County canvassers voted to certify, Kinloch into'd a 2nd motion waving reconsideration, meaning the board wouldn't be able to revisit, explicitly because he suspected the Republicans wld come under pressure today #Foresight
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