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1 Sep
Lol. Yes, please, tell me about how you’ve always supported ‘the revolution,’ Jill.
For the record, I’ve been on The Internets for over a decade and EYE was the one calling for a revolution, lol. And Jill and her merry band told ME to STFU, with Jill taking more ‘moderate’ stance of ‘ur a pie in the sky fantasy dreamer and I’m a realist.’
Like- I get it, I’m scared shitless right now, we’re all scared. But let’s not rewrite history. Like the entire feminist blogosphere didn’t fight for about literal years online for everybody to see about moderate election cycle voting versus radical grassroots organizing.
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1 Sep
I still talk about my fav can I haz cheeseburger meme every couple of months or so. My kids so enjoy it when I do that.
For the record.
See also: about every six months or so, I pull this one up and cackle. My partner hates this one. He’s heard it every six months for about 8 years now? 🤣🤣

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31 Aug
I haven’t seen a ‘way to talk to white supremacists about public health,’ tweet thread or brochure and it’s making me mad.
Everybody calls them ‘trump voters’ or ‘maga’ or whatever, and for the most part, I’m ok with that, I use both terms myself. But there’s entire genre on ‘how to talk to vaccine reluctant’ and literally not one of them name the actual *problem* and why-
‘Trump supporters’ aren’t getting vaccinated. It’s white supremacy. That’s the reason. White supremacy.
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31 Aug
snake people: my kid is an RA at their university, and they recently found a snake (yes a snake, a SNAKE) in their room. it was white with pink spots, so my kid is speculating it is a pet that got loose. i'm really worried about infestations of snakes in their dorm-
what do i need to worry about here--is this something that i need to worry about? should i tell my kid that they need to call a janitor or somebody that make sure there's not a colony of snakes hanging out in the ducts?
or is it normal for snakes to just show up out of nowhere? my kid found the snake burrowed in a pocket of their pants, which makes sense to me. it's warm and snuggly. it doesn't make sense to me that a *snake* just showed up in my kid's dorm so he could burrow into their pocket.
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30 Aug
this floor volleyball at paraolympics is something *else*. they gotta have ass cheeks of *steel*.
or, i'm sorry, it's called 'sitting' volleyball, not floor volleyball.
china is kicking the USs ass right now.
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30 Aug
so irritating that press secretary is doing press briefing on hurricane situation and so far questions from two reporters have been about afghanistan.
if u turn to logistics--the biden admin surprised the fuck out of me and pulled their shit together for withdrawal. they've gotten over 100,000 people out. do u know what a logistical miracle that is?
i don't congratulate us (the US) or give biden gold stamp for doing extra special good for getting people out. i DO acknowledge that getting that many people out in such a short time while in a hostile situation is a freaking miracle.
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30 Aug
watching biden on tv talking about hurricane ida. i'll wait to see how things play out, but i will say that for now, thank GOD somebody is in charge that understands logistics and is actively mobilizing.
it remains to be seen if this response lives up to its potential--but dear god, this is what the fed govt SHOULD be doing. it should be responding, *immediately* to needs of the people.
imagine what the fuck we could do if we mobilized our vast fucking resources to *address and solve climate change*.
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29 Aug
All these needless meaningless deaths have emphasized to me that *caring for others is essential to life*. Advocating to not care, literally kills. Usually, everybody else.…
I am not glad these assholes are dying. Dear god I hope their deaths can teach us all. We have one single life. Why on earth would you waste it making everybody around you miserable? Fighting for the right to make every one miserable.
Whether you see it as a spiritual practice or as just fucking common sense- taking care of others as we take care of ourselves is a universal law that we work against at our own peril.
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18 Aug
it wasn't nation building, it was resource extraction.
which is why i don't think that vietnam is the best historical reference point to understand what happened in afghanistan/iraq.
at the risk of being inflammatory (and showcasing my extraordinarily limited understanding of german history), could something like hitler's Lebensraum be more instructional for good faith attempts to understand 'what happened'?
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18 Aug
and whitmer responded: 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
i'm SO disappointed in whitmer. she's taking national D party line on covid and the 'surge in crime' and there's literally nothing that makes me more tired.
more about lack of mask mandate in michigan schools:
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18 Aug
this is the same guy that was a total dick to a woman journalist…
i recognize it's been a long time since the locker room incident. and i've watched his broadcasts before and have enjoyed his insights. but come on.
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18 Aug
i've fallen behind on this series and am only about half way thru so far, but he really is the best superman (which i say even having a thing for henry cavil). i've enjoyed watching this series so much and i don't generally like superman all that much.
worth noting, they do NOT do superman as (as @neville_park coined) grimdark with this superman. he is good and kind and decent guy that is trying to do the right thing even when it's hard--and i love that so much.
it's ironic that the craptastic CW is the one that figured out a superman people want to see. it's not going to get the support, money or interest that DC movie would get.
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17 Aug
every single solitary tweet about afghanistan is pissing me off. i need to stop reading.
i actually remember who was fiercely pro-war from 20 years back, lol. i also remember aaaall the politicians that barred entry into US for afghan (and iraqi) people over the years, but who now are suddenly whining abt 'why wasn't this done already.' stfu u pieces of shit.
and if all u can do is whine about how 'embarrassing' this is for US or how 'ashamed' u are, u need to STFU too. this isn't about u or US 'pride,' god fucking DAMN why does this need to be said.
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17 Aug
I am headed to bed so I just don’t have energy to hunt down all the links showing what a fuck George Bush is, but guys- his administration regularly refused to admit refugees from Afghanistan or Iraq. His admin used 911 to hyper criminalize immigration-
For both refugees and immigrants. His admin birthed what could be argued is the start of MAGA movement by empowering white supremacists. Vigilante attacks on the border hyper intensified during his watch and was justified thru ‘war on terror.’
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17 Aug
yes! and per ur previous tweet-the lack of cohesive vision--marvel, i think the 'vision' is 'u can't treat people like that.' it's the 'thread' that holds all the movies together, no matter how good/bad the movies are. DC has that 'grimdark' thing u talked abt.
where it's not really saying anything about 'grimdark,' it's just there for the aesthetic. you can do grimdark, and do it super super well--see 'the boys' or 'invincible.' but it's grimdark bcz it's saying something about the world or even *just about the characters* or genre.
batman is wallowing in grimdrink bcz it looks cool.
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17 Aug
watched suicide squad 2. wasn't my cup of tea.
i will say that there truly was beautiful imagery in this, esp around harley quinn's scenes. lots of gorgeous colors and shots.
and james gunn does a lot of 'weirdos with hearts of gold' stuff and 'families come in all shapes and sizes' which hits at my soft spot and i do enjoy.
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16 Aug
it really makes me livid to hear that $300 a month is shifting kids out of food insecurity--like, so livid i can't even form words.
we had the power to give families $300 a kid per month for decades. for *decades*.
we made the choice to just let kids go hungry.

we have expected families to survive on $350 a month for the entire family. and whined and bitched and thrown temper tantrums bcz we've been just POSITIVE they were buying drugs and getting their nails done with that money.
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15 Aug
Please end forever: ‘high end’ bbq restaurants.
Which is almost *always* ‘white people thinking they can bbq.’
Grits with some veggies on top as the $25 vegetarian option.
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15 Aug
I mean, I can’t help thinking about how this entire thing started with televised shock and awe. Ending with televised draw down. What is this ‘gaze’?
How do we understand the gaze shifting from glorious heralded shock and awe to angry and embarrassed draw down?

Do we have any responsibility to make that gaze visible? Interrogate it?
With the Vietnam comparisons already coming thick and heavy- what was the media observing/framing for viewers in Saigon? What is it observing/framing for us in Afghanistan? Are they really the same thing? Esp given Vietnam already happened, so we KNEW better?
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15 Aug
Well, I just saw two squirrels fight with each other run up a tree—they got to where the telephone wires were, then slipped and fell straight to the ground. They bounced when they landed, they hit so hard. I watched the whole thing like.
They both just laid there- and right as I’m envisioning myself scooping up two dead squirrels with a shovel, they both get up and scamper single file back up the tree.
I may or may not have screamed when they fell. I definitely screamed when they both got back up again.
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27 Jul
a black woman said NO. she is in a point in her life and the system that has not respected her no throughout her career has changed so much that she didn't have to keep going no matter the cost. she said NO and her team and coaches *listened.* THAT IS A GOOD THING.
how many girl gymnasts will feel empowered to tell her overbearing parents 'no' bcz of biles? or to tell shit coaches telling her to practice on broken leg to fuck off?
the karolyi system made us believe that these girls have got X number of years--months even--to achieve greatness. from 13-16 or so. so there was no time to heal the broken leg, no time to deal with muscle trauma, no time to go thru puberty or just not wanting to do it anymore.
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