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Lighting Lead for Soul World Assets on #PixarSoul. Luca, Bao, Dug Days, Toy Story 4, Coco, Cars 3, Finding Dory.
1 Jan
Hi! My name is Ryan, and I was a Lighting Lead in charge of Soul World Assets on #PixarSoul. My main responsibilty was to be part of the look development team and the Lighting department liason for the Soul world characters. So, SoulJoe, Soul22, Soul mystics, Terry, the Jerries..
as well as all of the crowd souls, the cat soul, etc. All of these characters were particularly difficult to figure out, as they were unlike any characters Pixar had done before. There were some precedents at Pixar (Joy in Inside Out, the clouds in Partly Cloudy), but tech has...
changed a lot at the studios since those days. There was no approved single "design" for the soul characters when I started, so we weren't figuring out how the look of the souls would be achieved, we were figuring out what they were supposed to look like on screen. #PixarSoul
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