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Former sysadmin and storage consultant, present cat herder for @TechFieldDay and @GestaltIT, future old man shouting “on-premises” at clouds. @Utilizing_AI
Jan 10, 2023 23 tweets 29 min read
And @PGelsinger takes the stage and immediately confirms that this is the launch of the fourth-generation #Xeon processor known as #SapphireRapids. He’s also emphasizing the #XeonMax brand! @PGelsinger immediately turns it over to a video featuring @MichaelDell of @DellTech, then the CEO of @InspurSystems, then @AntonioNeri_HPE of @HPE, then @Lenovo
Jun 8, 2022 10 tweets 6 min read
Moving from spinning disk to all-flash is a lot like moving from internal combustion to electric vehicles. It’s simpler, cheaper, more flexible, and greener. And a little creative thinking goes a long way! /1 It’s as easy to swap out an ICE engine for electric/batteries in a conventional vehicle as it is to toss disks and use SSD in a storage array. But this really misses the opportunities of these technologies. /2