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Jan 27 5 tweets 1 min read
His name is Faisal Khan and he is from Uttar Pradesh.

Now, what he's recommending to his masters is the classic ethnic cleansing/demographic change technique which never remains limited to just dislocation/relocation. It always includes massacres and concentration camps.

(1/n) Now, lets teach "Khan Sir" abt the problem of India with Kashmiris. It isn't ethnic, its religious and Kashmiris being Muslims have been experiencing Indian state tyranny for decades now.
Proof: The Hindus of IOK have never faced any repression/action from the Indian state
Jan 14 20 tweets 4 min read
What a defeatist article! The former AVM effectively tells us to lay down and beg Indian cooperation coz India has grown too big.
Unfortunately, this disease is much prevalent among our military officers and bureaucrats.


tribune.com.pk/story/2395510/… They are captives of a closet mentality and can't ever envision unconventional solutions.

True, India has grown huge but Pak can not only survive but also chase its strategic goals thru unconventional methods, an unbending will, and national unity.

Jan 13 4 tweets 1 min read
The army is also a pivotal source of middle-class jobs in countries such as Sri Lanka. If implemented, ethnicities like Tamils would be dropped preferentially resulting in a more Sinhalese-dominated military and an angry/disappointed Tamil middle class.

(1/n) This will enable India to become the benefactor of SL Tamils more efficiently. As a result, India would again be in a position to play off Tamils and Sinhalese against each other and try to pull SL away from the Chinese and under its thumb - a scenario preferred by the USA

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A thread on The Fall of Grenada and parallels with Pakistan.

On 2 January 1492, Grenada’s ruler Abu-Abdullah (aka Boabdil) came out of the city gates and surrendered the city to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Thus ended the Islamic presence in Spain after 780 years.

(1/n) The fall of Islamic Spain is one of the most traumatic events in Islamic history. Flipping through the history books about the tragic fall of Grenada awakens one to the eerie similarities between Grenada and Pakistan.

Dec 15, 2022 63 tweets 14 min read
Thread 13: Defeat and Surrender at the Eastern Front

Soon after the start of the civil war in East Pak in March 1971, Indira Gandhi consulted her army chief Gen. Manekshaw about a military campaign in East Pak.

(1/n) “Manekshaw stated that the Indian army was not prepared for an offensive operation in East Pakistan or to meet the inevitable Pakistani military counterthrust in West Pakistan, and insisted that the army would need 6 to 7 months to prepare for conflict on both fronts.

Dec 14, 2022 45 tweets 11 min read
Thread 12: The Western Front in the 1971 War

Can it be said then that the strategy “East Pak’s defence will be conducted by West Pak” was just a lie that was used to justify stationing all defence assets and industries in West Pak alone and depriving East Pak?

(1/n) Image Since the 1950s, Pak army had repeatedly declared that the defence of East Pakistan will be conducted from West Pakistan. This theory had come under criticism after the 1965 war but it wasn’t changed or modified by the army.

(2/n) Image
Dec 13, 2022 83 tweets 19 min read
Thread 11: Myths and Realities about the “Genocide” in East Pak

Were 3 million Bengalis killed and 2 lakh women raped by the Pak Army in East Pak during 1971? What happened to the Non-Bengalis/Biharis in East Pak? Were Hindus in East Pak targeted for special atrocities?

(1/n) Image If yes, then by whom? Can the term “Genocide” be applied accurately to any party’s actions in East Pak in 1971?
In this thread, I will discuss these questions objectively.
Let's deal with the figure of 3 million killed and 2 lakh raped first.

Nov 23, 2022 50 tweets 8 min read
Pearls from Bajwa Sab:
1) East Pak was a political defeat
2) Our 34k troops faced 250k Indian army and 200k Mukti Bahini bravely
3) Our nation has never acknowledged Pak army's bravery in 71 - A grave injustice to the troops
These “pearls” some objective dissection.
(1/n) 1) How is a political defeat defined? Looking at Bajwa’s speech, it appears that he meant to put all responsibility of the tragedy on the politicians while absolving the military men. This approach is obviously spurious. First, Pak was being ruled by the military from 1958.
Oct 18, 2022 37 tweets 7 min read
The saga that began on 25/12/12 has finally reached its logical end. Finally, Justice prevailed and the innocent imprisoned for a decade were acquitted honorably. All hail Shahrukh Jatoi! The shining, smiling face of a vibrant, thriving Pakistan!
dawn.com/news/1715658/s… Sadly, some people are bent on snide remarks and loose talk. Thankfully, their number is not large. They weep for Shahzeb’s family. Why? Didn’t Shahzeb’s family get a butt-load of money?

Oct 2, 2022 18 tweets 3 min read
835 years ago, on 2 Oct. 1187, Salahuddin Ayyubi liberated Jerusalem at the head of an army which included Muslims ranging from modern-day Morocco to Turkey to Iran and Yemen.
He liberated it from a settler-colonial-imperialist state full of Europeans/people of European ancestry. In contrast to the crusader tyranny and genocide, which marked their 88-year rule in Jerusalem, Salahuddin showcased the virtues of Islam through magnanimity, clemency, and generosity.
He showed the world that while Europeans peddled barbarity as "civilization", ...
Oct 1, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
Excellent article by Gen. Naeem Lodhi Sahb.
I would like to add one small bit.
The "tilt to the East/China" (suggested in this article) will also help to unify our nation and minimize the confusion which is causing fragmentation in our polity.

(1/n) If we follow a clear course by gradually abandoning US and joining China in forming a regional bloc including China, Russia, Iran, Central Asia, and Turkey we would undoubtedly face economic hardship in the short term.
Sep 1, 2022 34 tweets 6 min read
1st Sep marks the 57th anniversary of Operation Grand Slam by Pak which led to Indian attack on Lahore/the outbreak of the 1965 war. Op Grand Slam was preceded by Operation Gibraltar and the Indian capture of Haji Pir Pass in AJK. In this thread, I ll discuss these events
(1/n) Operation Gibraltar was a brain child of Foreign Minister Z. A. Bhutto and General Akhtar Malik who was commanding the 12th Division of the Pak Army. 12th Div was responsible for the LOC (then called ceasefire line or CFL) and AJK’s security.
Aug 21, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
My brothers and sisters of Pakistan: It is time to eliminate these bullies, these thieves, these bigots and these traitors!
And if IK betrays us afterwards, we ll do the same to him!
Let the people defend their homeland and their ideology!
Let the people fight all those who come in our way!
Aug 21, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
PTI has 48% seats in Punjab, 66% in KP, 18% in Sind, 13% in Balochistan, 67% in GB and 60% in AJK. IK is the soul of PTI and the only national leader who commands reverence across Pak.
Is IK a threat to many coz he has across-Pak reach? #ہلاکو_خان

tribune.com.pk/story/2372348/… Are some people threatened that a popular leader with a truly national following will have power to make them pay for their misdeeds?
Are the traitors worried that their efforts to fan the flames of provincialism and sub-nationalism would fail miserably b4 the national tsunami?
Aug 20, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
Today, we remember our budding flower, the boy martyr, the "kam-sin Shaheed" Rashid Minhas on his Shahadat anniversary.
Here's a link to "Tarikh aur Tajziya"'s tribute to 2 young shaheeds of Islam and Pakistan: Rashid and Aitezaz
Interestingly Matiur-Rahman is remembered in Bangladesh as a national hero as well. I don't know whether trying to trick a 20 yr old, breaking the sacred oath, and working in cahoots with Hindus is heroic. Anyway, Pak air force even held a proper funeral for that traitor and...
Aug 20, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
This analogy is inaccurate and not pertinent here.
Rashid Shaheed clearly knew that Matiur-Rahman was a traitor. Every officer knew what was going on in East Pakistan and that's why Matiur Rahman himself was grounded then.
(1/n) Military officers have to follow orders unless those orders are clearly treacherous. Even if a subordinate doesn't agree with detrimental orders there is a proper method of dissent.
Jul 12, 2022 24 tweets 4 min read
General Tariq Khan has written a very interesting and moving article on the current situation in Pakistan. He has identified the problems in our society and polity with remarkable precision and he deserves to be lauded for it. However...

narratives.com.pk/stratagem/the-… his proferred solutions are somewhat problematic as well. Technocratic governments, small cabinets, military/judicial oversight, management of religion, industrial reforms directed from above etc. All this appeared eerily familiar to me.

Jul 11, 2022 10 tweets 2 min read
27 years ago, on 11 July 1995, the Srebrenica genocidal massacre began which resulted in the killings of more than 8000 Bosnian Muslims at the hands of Bosnian Serbs
It was a cold blooded genocide which happened in a UN designated safe area

#Srebrenica #SrebrenicaGenocide Dutch soldiers of the UN who were supposed to protect civilians in the safe area didn't move a muscle as the Serbs conducted the killings. The designated "safe area" became a vast killing field as a result of this indifference/cowardice.
Apr 10, 2022 17 tweets 3 min read
I love the Pak army. I really do. But I have always believed that our army's intellectual slavery to the west will always handicap us in our struggle to cast off the colonial baggage and attain true sovereignty.
(1/n) The army isn't alone in this at all. But as the most stable and powerful institution in the country its failure to stand up to the west causes the most damage to our national prestige, honour, and power.