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#MakeSchoolsSafe so they can re-open fully and STAY open. Parent-led group, listening to scientists, health experts, teachers #COVIDisAirborne #SafeEdForAll
23 Feb
SafeEdForAll – 23/02/2021
Reaction to Government’s plan for full return for all on March 8th 2021
Reaction - disappointed

Since March 2020 it has been understood that education provision required a long term strategy to be safe, sustainable and fair to all.

The full return for all in September along with guidance that allowed bubbles of 300,
interchanging classes of 30+,
no social distancing possible,
no masks in classrooms and no ventilation monitoring...2/
...alongside no evident recognition of the nature of aerosol transmission in relation to identifying close contacts of a positive case was, to many parents who were following the science, unbelievable.
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14 Dec 20
1/7 As parents, we are concerned ab insufficient Covid19 control in schools. Govt now admits students spread it. We have made proposals (see pinned tweet). But govt ignores us & seems to ONLY listen to WEIRD “herd immunity” linked parent lobby, which we want to tell you about.
2/7 UsForThem was created 5/20, claiming to represent parents. Core demand=schools back to normal despite Covid19. Group appears to push for flawed “herd immunity” plans supported by Great Barrington Declaration, which they encourage public to sign, regardless of qualifications.
3/7 To oppose Covid19 policies in schools, UFT cites mental health impacts lockdown/school closure, but disregards making schools safer e.g. masks/rota/distancing to AVOID closures/disruption. Long term factors MH crisis in kids, e.g. cuts to CAHMS or SEND support not mentioned.
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