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Feminist. Blocked by many on 'both sides'. Speaking truth. #MNLeg #WomenRiseUp #StopHimNow #ItCanHappenHere #LetThemEatCake #SayNoToFascism #BananaRepublicans
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22 Jul
@aravosis I think it was that recent poll that showed over 80% of Democrats are vaccinated and around 50% of Republicans are and of the unvaccinated Republicans about 25% said they won't get vaccinated. #DeltaVariant is killing white people now. When they thought it was just POC they 1)
@aravosis Didn't care. Republicans know that by 2040 white people will be a minority in America & #COVID19 is hastening things along. I saw today that the life expectancy went down due to #COVID19. It's all about white people. They are fearful of being the minority.
@aravosis Why do you think they're so concerned about #CRT? If we teach children our real history they're worried that when they're the minority they'll be treated badly. Stopping abortion is all about bringing up white birth rates. Most abortions are performed on white women. 3)
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30 May 19
@realDonaldTrump Thanks for your admission of guilt old man.

My tweet of about a year ago is aging well. I predicted you'd admit your guilt on Twitter.

Narcissistic sociopaths are so predictable if you know how they behave.

@realDonaldTrump Did everyone see this announcement yesterday? I wonder what possible actions in the Middle East these 3 are planning on discussing?
@realDonaldTrump Did everyone see this today? The whole addition of a citizenship question on the #2020Census was concocted by an architect of #GOP gerrymandering to advance #whitesupremacy & disenfranchise Democratic voters.
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21 May 19
@AshaRangappa_ Barr like every other trump appointment is a theocrat @AshaRangappa_ & @waltshaub. This was part of a #FarRightGlobalCoup. They want to turn the U.S. into a christofascist theocracy with biblical law rule. Our foreign policy is being run w a biblical view.
@AshaRangappa_ @waltshaub
#Exvangelicals like myself have been screaming this on social media for over 3 years & been ignored. I call them the #ChristianTaliban. They think they're doing God's work & trump is letting them 4 greed. Match made in hell w Russia.
@AshaRangappa_ @waltshaub
Please pay attention to the things I'm sharing with you. The #AbortionBan laws are part of these biblical laws & encroaching theocracy. We ignore these religious zealots at our country's peril.
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24 Apr 19
@WalshFreedom Joe this is exactly who trump has always been. We tried to tell people like you, but you let your dislike of liberals cloud your judgement. Help fix it by getting Republican lawmakers to jump off the trump train. He's destroying the #RuleOfLaw & he's a traitor to America.
The proof of treason lies in the digital campaign #ProjectAlamo. I figured this out in 2016 & got called crazy. FSBbook took down my posts & suspended me dozens of times until they admitted they worked with the trump campaign.
@WalshFreedom Big tech helped too. This was a coordinated effort by big money, right wing, billionaires to destroy democracy. People like you have been lied to & helped propagate their lies for money. You ushered this into being.
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14 Mar 19
@peterdaou Peter,
IMHO the GOP was involved in 2016. Why did McConnell hold so many judicial seats from Obama? This was a long-term plan. They wanted Pence in the WH, but knew he couldn't win. So they hitched their wagons to the narcissistic sociopath with name recognition for the 1/
@peterdaou Opportunity to reshape the country to favor corporations & entitled, rich, mediocre, white, men for the next 50yrs. Bannon said that the goal was to rule us for 50yrs. EVERYONE but trump is a member of Council for National Policy. The same dirtbags that gave us Nixon & every 2/
@peterdaou Criminal Republican since gave us trump. WHY? This was a revenge presidency personified by trump. He brought out white folks dormant hatred 4 women & POC. These men didn't like having to compete with us. They want to drag the country back to Colonial times. That's what it 3/
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22 Jan 19
@SimonWDC YES!! Simon, this is the culmination of a 50+ years, long-term, plan of the GOP. They're trying to destroy the federal govt from within. Once it's accomplished, they'll blame trump & ditch him 4 Pence. Pence was their preferred POTUS all along.
@SimonWDC Are you familiar with Council for National Policy? Everyone, but trump, is a member/affiliated with the group. IMHO this is a revenge presidency for Nixon. Republicans hate liberals/Democrats. I heard it in church during 15/16. Please look at this. 2/
@SimonWDC #Exvangelicals, like me, have been trying to get the media & others to listen to us. Did you know that the evangelical charlatans ran a HUGE data operation to elect trump? The GOP has been taken over by religious zealots that want theocracy by 2020. #ChristianTaliban
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19 Dec 18
@realDonaldTrump This is so untrue. ISIS is reported to have killed 700 people recently. It doesn't sound like they've been defeated.

This must be part of the quid pro quo with Putin, SA, Assad, and Israel. We're not all stupid.

You're destabilizing the ME to justify #WagTheDog war with Iran.
@realDonaldTrump Is this more proof of #SecretsForSaleKen's 'awesome' diplomatic skills? Our country is being run by rank amateurs that have no fucking clue what they're doing. This will not end well. No one, with any experience, wants to work for a completely incompetent ignoramus.
@realDonaldTrump I just can't believe that people think this idiot should be in charge of America. I will never understand it. Personally, I like a POTUS to be smarter than I am. It's 2018 & he's stuck, diplomatically & mentally, in the 80's. This will not end well.
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26 Nov 18
@AviAhvee You know @AviAhvee, the folks trying to explain away today as dissimilar to the events of WWII are just trying to abdicate their moral responsibility in supporting this or trying to make themselves not look like the monsters they truly are.
I lived in Germany in the 80's. 1/
@AviAhvee My host family's grandmother lived through the Nazis. We discussed how things slowly, yet subtly changed. It was death by a million paper cuts until it was too late. I have been to concentration camps. While we might not have ovens yet, we are on our way. I remember in 2016 2/
@AviAhvee When I said I could feel this coming that I was called alarmist or off my meds. I wish to God I'd been wrong. But everything I feared has been coming true. Did you know that DHS was accepting bids to begin building 5 massive #TrumpConcentrationCamps starting in January? 3/
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5 Oct 18
@SenJeffMerkley Senator thank you for all you do. This process was never meant to be fair or right. This whole thing was a coup. It was plotted & planned over decades by Republicans. A bunch of mediocre, entitled, rich, trust fund, misogynist, racist, white men wanted revenge for being 1/
@SenJeffMerkley Forced to give women & minorities rights against their wills. I was told this by one of them on 11/9/16. They voted 4 trump to make us 'relearn our place' & bow down to white men again. The problem is they underestimated women. They incorrectly assumed that they could silence 2/
@SenJeffMerkley All of us like they silenced us in our youth when they assaulted us. We're not the same women anymore. The pain they caused us has made us warriors. We will never allow them to hurt our children or grandchildren like they did us. A reckoning is coming. They know it. They 3/
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10 Sep 18
@SenWhitehouse Senator do you understand what it means when judges claim to be 'originalists'? They mean they want the Constitution to be exactly as it was originally written w/o all later amendments. They only want rich, powerful, land owning, white men to vote. They want to take America 1/
@SenWhitehouse Back to Colonial times. They claim to love the Constitution so much, yet want to intertwine religious laws instead of civil laws in our daily lives, ie, Christian Sharia Law. I don't understand why Democrats aren't screaming from the rooftops about this. Everyone but trump 2/
@SenWhitehouse Is a member of Council for National Policy, a hate group posing as Christians per @splcenter. They hate LGBTQ, Muslims, liberals, POC, & want women to be seen not heard. They're Dominionists. Sarah Palin was their entry into mainstream GOP politics. They want christofascist 3/
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19 Aug 18
@JohnWDean @JohnWDean, you have influence and I'm just a mom fighting for the future of my children & grandchildren. I hope you'll listen to me. I've read & studied a lot about how we got here. TBH I believe this was intended to happen under Nixon. The same men gave us both: Manafort, 1/
@JohnWDean Stone, Ailes, Bossie. They used the same routine to get elected: Southern Strategy; Law & Order; Fear of change/minorities; white men scared of sharing the table with women & minorities. They were both criminals, paranoid, egotistical. IMHO Nixon was treasonous too. He went 2/
@JohnWDean Behind Johnson's back to the Vietnamese. The crime is pretty much the same too. The difference btwn then & now is that the GOP had morals & played by the rules. Watergate taught the GOP that Democrats are moral, decent, & put the country b4 self. The democrats made a huge 3/
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12 Aug 18
@ChrisCoons @NancyZawadzki Senator did you read any of the comments on this tweet? The overwhelming majority are from women. What men in Congress don't seem to understand is that my rights, as a woman, are completely under assault. Since 11/9/16, I've envisioned every worst case scenario. Do you realize 1/
@ChrisCoons @NancyZawadzki That when they talk about a SCOTUS being an originalist, they mean they only want the Constitution to be as it was originally written. No civil rights, no women's rights, and only rich, white, property owners can vote. We need Democrats to bring a gun to this gun fight. My 2/
@ChrisCoons @NancyZawadzki Rights and the rights of our daughters & sons aren't up for negotiations. You need to realize that the GOP has been playing a decades long, long-term plan. They knew about our changing demographics bc of Roe v Wade. They know most abortions are on white women. They don't care 2/
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29 Jun 18
@neeratanden Neera please look at the attached graphic. None of this happening is a coincidence. Trump was part of a long-term plan of the GOP to seize power. People like me have been trying to get anyone to listen to us. People don't understand the dangers we truly face. 1/
@neeratanden This is the group behind this coup. Almost everyone in this regime is a member. Their goal is christofascist theocracy by 2020. Why do you think there's been a push to rewrite the Constitution? 2/
@neeratanden Please look at these documents from #CNP for Betsy DeVos for the department of education. They are Dominionists not Christians. There's a huge difference. 3/
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25 Jun 18
@carolecadwalla @Bloomberg @Nigel_Farage OMFG Carole. I could kiss you. I'm American & I used to be a broker/banker. I've been screaming on Twitter & Facebook since the US election that these bastards manipulated the markets, but no one would listen. I remember here that the polls claimed @HillaryClinton was going to 1/
@carolecadwalla @Bloomberg @Nigel_Farage @HillaryClinton Win. I read an article from, I think ABC news in 12/16, that a pollster contacted the trump campaign on election night to tell him there was no way he'd win before all the polls closed based upon exit polling. The timing would've given them time to manipulate their digital 2/
@carolecadwalla @Bloomberg @Nigel_Farage @HillaryClinton Campaign in areas that hadn't finished voting yet. I wish I could get this reporter to look into market activity by Mercers hedge fund. In addition, I believe these thieves have been using trumps Twitter feed to manipulate markets & specific stocks, ie, Boeing, Amazon, et al. 3/
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10 Jun 18
Based upon interactions with his 'fans', they don't care wtf he does as long as he hurts people & upsets 'libruls'. On 11/9/16 I had a chat with a Tea Party male. He told me that trump was elected bc 'Obama gave women & POC too many rights & we needed to relearn our place'. 1/
Trump promised to punish people they didn't like. This is a revenge presidency. Most of his base are narcisstic sociopaths like him & the sycophants surrounding him within the Republican party. The crueler he is, the happier they are. But they didn't think this through. They 2/
Assumed that they wouldn't suffer if they were loyal to him. The problem is he's only loyal to himself. He's a marketer. He sells BS. People are coming out of their kool-aid induced comas. My concern is what the sociopaths will do when he completely screws them too. 3/
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