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📚 I used to read but now I’m bound to the GRT for all my days. #WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome “Avowedly Team Tits” - Caitlin Moran. she/her 🏳️‍🌈
27 Apr
Is a thread of S2 kisses something people are interested in? I don’t know but here it is #WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome
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26 Apr
Thread of all the characters in season 1 for the numbers. Photos and gifs selected at random. #WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome
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26 Apr
Okay. Think it’s time I talk about this moment properly. Held off all day but thread incoming #WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome
I wasn’t an Earper back in 2016. By the end of the year I had heard of both the show and Wayhaught but I could not bring myself to watch. The Bury Your Gays was strong that year and my head and heart couldn’t take it. #WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome
In 2013 like a whole lot of the world I was obsessed with OITNB and obviously I am a Vause woman BUT boy oh boy did Poussey Washington steal my heart also. #WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome
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26 Apr
My turn with the office speakers bishes it’s about to get super gay up in here #WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome
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