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7 Jul
#RepealTheGRA – What TERFs deliberately get wrong, and why they do

TERFs want to repeal the GRA and roll back the rights binary trans people have to legal recognition of our correct sex (that trans men are male and trans women female)

As with all TERF ventures into the area of law and human rights, the idea that the GRA can be repealed without replacement, or replaced with something that "recognises sex is immutable" is based on a deliberately incorrect understanding, reading, and interpretation of the law 2/n
But what is sex, especially in regards to the law? How is it defined, and what rights do people have in regards to sex?

Let's start with the first

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7 May
I'm still cruising high after yesterday's judgement that completely vindicated every trans person who's stood up and told #TERFs that their interpretation of the law isn't just wrong, it's maliciously wrong

But there's a couple of details I wanted to cover in more detail

The first is just how important and extraordinary this is, and I don't just mean as a win for trans people

What was heard in court yesterday wasn't the Judicial Review. It was just a hearing to determine if there's enough grounds for a Judicial Review to go ahead

The bar to get past this part of the process is low. You don't have to do a lot to show that you've filed your case in time and have enough legitimate argument to take a case forward

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6 May
I've been having a quick shufti at the arguments that Bitty Sinott's team are putting forward in #AEAvEHRC

Even when read through eyes of a TERF tweeting, their argument so far seems incredibly inept
@EHRC now up and arguing

They appear to have made a good start, spearing one of the pillars of Bitty Sinnott's argument that the EHRC Codes of Practice, etc, are political opinion
EHRC making a good fist of this. Basic, solid arguments that show the #TERFs #FreemanOnTheLand "understanding" of the law for what it is. Of course, this is just a pre-lim hearing to see if Bitty's case has enough argument that it could be taken forward for a judicial review
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4 May
One of the particularly bad takes I've seen during discussions around #GRAReform and getting a GRC is that the process isn't difficult at all. In fact, it's rather simpler than many other processes people go through to get documentation, or to get their documentation changed

Seeing that kind of take from #TERFs is expected. Of course they'd lie about how "easy" it is to get a GRC

But seeing those takes come from people who should really know better is . . . concerning

If nothing else it speaks of a point of view...

coming from a position of privilege that has never been questioned

A sort of blithe assumption that everybody else is in the same position as the person saying how simple the process is

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31 Oct 20
@GCSarah2 @PrueBray @XYisnotXX @CroPage @C_a_rolin_e @AlisonMEden @jliebling @JulietLine @po9crg @monica_prensa So you're trying to argue that only /some/ women should have safety, privacy, and dignity?

That you personally should be able to decide you don't like somebody being a woman and just be able to say, "oh, she doesn't meet the purity test of being a woman...

@GCSarah2 @PrueBray @XYisnotXX @CroPage @C_a_rolin_e @AlisonMEden @jliebling @JulietLine @po9crg @monica_prensa she doesn't deserve the same safety, privacy, and dignity as other women"?

Suddenly all your claims about what you want aren't justifiable at all, are they?

@GCSarah2 @PrueBray @XYisnotXX @CroPage @C_a_rolin_e @AlisonMEden @jliebling @JulietLine @po9crg @monica_prensa Carry on with "won't somebody think of the women and children?!" as much as you like. I'll happily point out you aren't thinking of them. You're trying to expose women you don't like to a vastly increased danger of death and rape for no other reason than your own bigotry

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27 May 20
The rise of transphobia in the Uk and where did it come from

Back a while ago I interviewed by @WhatTheTrans (*waves* Heya!) and was asked where I thought this transphobia had come from

My answer was that it’s always been there in the UK because an awful lot of bigotry has always been here in the UK and routinely ignored because we’re constantly fed a lie that is not what we’re like as a country

But the reality is that the UK is a hostile place to live if you don’t tick all the right boxes. The UK is riven by class and socioeconomic divisions, as well as divisions based around every kind of separator you can think of

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