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Jun 12, 2023 147 tweets 17 min read
And the "debate" has begun, already with a warning about the use of language

Interestingly the matter of two cases currently before the courts in Scotland were mentioned straight out the gate in terms of them being ongoing legal matters

Interesting numbers for this debate. Conservative MPs low in numbers, which is about what I expected given the events of this weekend

The Tories have a lot on their mind, and we're not it

Jun 12, 2023 43 tweets 6 min read
So today's the day of the "debate" in Westminster Hall on both changing and keeping the current definition of sex in the Equality Act 2010

As ever with such debates it's meaningless as nothing happens at the end of it and, when it comes to trans people, merely a chance for MPs to fully roll in as much transphobic ordure as they can find, with the occasional MP speaking in support of us