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#YEG Urban Planner & Sociologist. UWaterloo. Co-Founder @YEGardenSuites. Cities & health. Urban activist, organizer, city builder. NE Central 🏑 #yegplan
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26 Jun 20
Cities lack the power, funds, & revenue raising tools they need to function in a post-Covid world.

While the #UCP slowly strangles #yeg & #yyc, a narrative is brewing that it’s somehow the fault of cities that our economy is tanking.

This is intentional. This is a tactic.

In our time of need, while we’re struggling to pay for core services like transit & we don’t have budget to cut grass, the UCP left us decay.

β€œA strong Canada needs a strong AB.” Well, a strong AB needs strong cities.

Cities are the powerhouses of this prov & co.
Abandoning them at this time is akin to deliberately sabotaging the AB economy.

The UCP is actively turning citizens against their local gov & taking advantage of the lack of jurisdictional literacy among the general population. This makes it easy for them to blame cities.
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24 Jun 20
WOW. Edmonton just made history, becoming the 1st major Canadian city to remove parking minimums CITY-WIDE.

We can finally park this policy back in the 70’s where it belongs!

Huge kudos to admin & #yegcc for leading the way! Thx to everyone who supported this!

Thank you to the businesses, property owners, media & news outlets, planners, politicians & fellow city builders who elevated this conversation & got ppl excited about parking.

Clear communication & evidence-based decision making won out today.

#yeg you just set a precedent!

As a young planner, this is one of the most exciting changes that I’ve been around for.

Feeling very proud to be part of a city that’s willing to lead on progressive city-building policies like this one.

#yeg #yegplan
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