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7 Jan
If you're interested in starting a career in Human Resources or in HR already, one of the key concepts you need to understand is Job Analysis.

I will do a thread later today at 8pm on what a Job Analysis is, how to conduct a Job Analysis. #HR #JobAnalysis
A pleasant evening, and welcome to this thread on #JobAnalysis.

I will share briefly on what job analysis is, the methods involved in conducting one, the probable steps, the uses and stakeholders involved in conducting a Job Analysis. #HR
What really is a job?

A job is a group of related tasks related to similar functions. Simply, it is the collection of duties, responsibilities, and tasks (performance elements) that are defined, specific and supposed to be measurable. #JobAnalysis #HR
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15 Nov 19
I'll share a few tips around managing workplace harassment & discrimination tomorrow evening, as I've learned.

I'll share around reporting harassment, your organisation's obligation, how to handle feedback if you're the offender, and behaviours and actions to stop. #DisruptHR
Ok, I am here to share on workplace harassment and discrimination.

The truth is many people are oblivious of things that seem appropriate but are actually inappropriate in the workplace - and can be termed harassment or discrimination.
There are 3 key people in every case of harassment and discrimination.

The Offender: the one that perpetrates the harassment/discrimination
The Offended: the target/recipient of harassment/discrimination
The Observer: the one aware of the situation - heard/seen
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9 Feb 18
I have received a few messages enquiring about developing a career strategy.

I sincerely can't respond individually as it would take more time and I'd rather share about this at 1pm.

At 1pm, let's talk about developing a career strategy that aligns with your career vision.
What is a career strategy? #CareerTalkswithSam
Having a career strategy isn't a nice-to-do, it's a must do - if you expect to gain maximum success from hours you invest in work.

You are likely going to work for your entire adult life – which spans about 20-50years.

Why not make the best that you can create of these years?
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