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Proud combat vet who still believes in America. Army Lt. Col. (Ret.), President & founder of @USAMattersNow
14 Oct
#KatieCouric is the epitome of Fake News.

Sadly, I know this from personal experience. I was injured in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom & medevaced to Walter Reed.

During my recovery, Katie Couric reached out to me to be on her show about PTSD.
She flew me to NYC and they gave me a fictitious story about my wartime experiences then tried to convince me to recite her pack of lies on the air. My response was something close to “The Fuq I Will. Not happening.” I ended up walking away from her show.
They shot footage of me walking in Central Park. I was told to slump, not smile, look at the ground, & the kicker
They asked if I would try to cry. They called it “good optics”.
Back inside the studio, they asked me to read their narrative as a voice over for the show.
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