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2 Aug

1. Something needs to be done about Google. Its search engine has 92% market share. Google is aware of its massive power & seeks to exploit it to the max. It has become an enemy to freedom.

Below, I'll briefly summarize its shenanigans, & then discuss what must be done.
2. Hundreds of websites & individuals--some quite prominent--have been censored by Google in various ways. Deplatforming, blacklisting, blocking, deboosting, & "warnings" to users, etc. Meanwhile, prominent MSM & other left-wing outlets get the red-carpet treatment. Small taste๐Ÿ‘‡
3. Google also manipulates information & opinions through autocomplete. During the run-up to the 2016 election, it was caught filtering the autocomplete to help improve Hillary Clinton's brand/image.

Ominously, the original video by SourceFed is not available on YouTube anymore.
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28 Jul
I believe Twitter freezes follower counts in 2 main ways:

1. It restricts your reach such that you won't get very many new follows.
2. When you do get new follows, it de-follows other accounts from following you, so as to hold your account steady. I've observed this many times.
Here are 2 graphs lined up by day:
1. Follower growth
2. How many followers required per single TL impression

Growth happens when followers/impression is below ~4. Rapid growth comes when it's below ~2. 4+ flattens growth. IOW, reach & follows are directly correlated. (cont ๐Ÿ‘‡)
I don't know ALL the ways Twitter limits reach into TLs, but here's a few:
1. Removing 'Likes' & R/Ts. When you 'Like' or R/T something, it shows up in TLs. But if they are removed, then they don't show up. Reach restricted.
2. Reducing the frequency tweets appear in follower TLs
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26 Jul
There are 3 main ways the #FakeNews is fake:

1. Propagates false information
2. Delivers slanted/biased information
3. Withholds or simply doesn't report true information

It often delivers reporting using a mixture of all 3 techniques.

Which is the worst? IMO, it's #3.
IMO, w/holding or simply not reporting information is the worst of the #FakeNews techniques because it can't be remedied by watching or reading more sources. A lie may be detected, or a more neutral slant constructed, if you mix various sources. Not so w/that which is unreported.
Most of the news/entertainment/media is controlled by the same people & powers. It's designed to give the impression that the more of it you consume, the more informed you are. But w/o the right approach, you don't become more informed, you become more trapped in the illusion.
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15 Jul
1. "Violence against black people is a serious problem."

(*This video is not a glorification of violence*)
(*This video is meant to highlight important social issues for educational purposes & discussion*)
(*May contain sensitive material*) ๐Ÿ‘‡
2. Nick Cannon responds to video above:

"When we talk about the power of melanated people."

3. "When we talk about the power of melanated people, we must also recognize violence against black women."

(This video is for educational purposes & discussion & is not meant to glorify violence)
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13 Jul

Have you heard of each of these men & without looking them up, do you know what their major accomplishments were?

-Lazar Kaganovich
-Genrikh Yagoda
-Nikolai Yezhov

In 1918 Russia, the 7 major socialist parties in Russia were dominated by Jews.

In 1918 Russia, the Bolshevik Party & its leadership was absolutely dominated by Jews.

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10 Jul
"Judeo-Christian" values

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteLivesMatter
"Judeo-Christian" Values
"Judeo-Christian" Values
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7 Jul
Thread on communist subversion via stoking racial tension since 1928:


Communist Revolution In America divided into 2 phases:
-Violent & Non-violent
-Violent phase to stoke chaos, anarchy & government crisis
-Non-violent phase most important & done under banner of socialism.
2. Communists speak in euphemisms.

Codes for:

Violent Overthrow
-War of "national liberation" to
-"Free" the "oppressed" from "fascism," "imperialism," &/or "colonialism."

Non-Violent Overthrow

-The "socialist" revolution
3. *The Communist Position On Blacks, 1928*

-Racial differences between Americans was the weakest point in cultural fabric
-Blacks offered the best revolutionary possibility
-Communists would tear cultural fabric by teaching blacks they.were "oppressed" by "colonialist" forces.
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3 Jul
1. Cures for the "WOKE" virus

Finishing School:
2. #CureTheWokeVirus

Return to Tradition, Marriage & Kids
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29 Jun
***Short thread on how to deal w/John Roberts's SCOTUS tyranny***

1. Many know Marbury v. Madison (1803) established the doctrine of Judicial Review. Almost no non-lawyers know that the 2nd case of judicial review didn't occur until the Dred Scott case (1857). Why the 54-yr gap?
2. The most important reason for the 54-yr gap is this:

Jefferson was so incensed at the tyrannical usurpation by the high court, that he targeted associate justice Samuel Chase (1 of the offenders in the M v M decision) & actively lobbied congress to impeach him!

(cont) ๐Ÿ‘‡
3. Jefferson's retaliatiory action delivered the results: for over 5 decades, SCOTUS behaved.

This is how "separation of powers" & "checks & balances" is supposed to work.

Since then, we unfortunately have allowed the 9-member oligarchy to establish its tyrannical "supremacy."
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18 Jun
61. Nate's #whiteprivilege was to survive the accident in the first place.

Hi friends:

Here are all ~120 videos from my collection of whites getting attacked & beat on. ~410 MB total. I only shared 61 of them.

Download & keep spreading the truth on all your social media platforms!
63. Bonus: Actual "White Privilege"
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18 Jun
1. "Racism is learned!"

#BlueFlu #BlackLivesMatter
2. "Racism is learned!"
3. "Racism is learned."

#BlackLivesMatter #BlueFlu
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13 Jun
The reparations proposal is for all descendants of slaves to get them. If we're being granular like that, then only descendants of slave owners should have to pay. This means that some blacks & Native Americans would have to PAY them.

Full disclosure: I don't support reparations
More disclosure: I'm not descended from any slave owners.

In fact, my 22nd great grandfather, Peter The Great, invaded Tunisia in 1281--no doubt to try and put an end to the north African muslim practice of invading the northern Mediterranean coast to kidnap people into slavery.
Should we talk about white slavery?

H/T @TheRedRight2โ€ฆ
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6 Jun
1. Wow, some Blacks say the darnedest things.


#BlackLivesMatter #Riots ๐Ÿ‘‡
2. Whew!

Black People: Part 1 ๐Ÿ‘€
3. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Black People: Part 2 ๐Ÿ‘€
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5 Jun
@CassandraRules *Poll*

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