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26 Jan
1. In September of 2019,one Fulani ma Weti's 17 years old son Shakiru Weti was kidnapped at Igangan in Oyo state and kidnappers demanded for N1 million ransom. At the point of collecting the ransom Police struck and arrested the gang member sent to collect the money. Following 👇
2. confession other members of the gang were arrested. They include Yuguda Jayun, Kehinde Adeoye, Taiwo Adeoye, Bature Dogo, Kazeem Sulaiman and Maanu Garuba.
Watch the names

On 25 April, 2020, 2 years old twins of an Ibadan based cleric, Taofeek Akenwugbagold were abducted from
3. his home. The abductors demanded demanded for a N50 million ransom, but after much negotiations, the father of the abducted kids was able to raise N4 million and the kids were released. Thereafter the Oyo @PoliceNG swung into actions and succeeded in busting the syndicate
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24 Jan
1.One very big problem Nigeria has is "MOB MINDSET." A lot of us don't think on our own, rather we allow others think for us. And this Fulani herdsmen thing is not different. Crime in whichever guise should be condemned and tackled. But the reason we are here ImageImageImageImage
2. and not finding solutions is because rather than search for the truth, we decided to stereotype a particular TRIBE. Since May 29th, 2015, every act of kidnappings and banditry is now carried out by "Fulani herdsmen."
I remember when i came back from Germany in 2007, and was
3. traveling with my big sister from Abeokuta to Delta. Immediately we entered Edo state her security concerns changed. When we got to Benin she hardly let me get out of the car. We spent the night in Benin and on our way to Warri the next morning we needed cash, so we stopped
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9 Jan
1.I just hope that the Nigerian youths most especially the Soro So ke werey Generation will learn a thing or two from what is happening in America. That they will learn something about PATRIOTISM and LOVE of Country. Citizens has the rights to criticise or protest against the
2. gov't but allowing foreigners to help you destroy and burn down your Country while they protect theirs jealousy is the most stupid thing anybody can do.

The earlier you and all African youths understand that the problems you are facing and complaining about in Africa are
3. orchestrated by the same people you always call upon whenever there is a problem the better for you. Let me give you an example, every Country borrows, and the World Bank and IMF are created for these reasons. But when Countries like America and the other developed countries
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8 Jan
1. I have always know that Nigeria has a lot of youths that are of 24 Carat factory fitted STUPIDITY, but i never knew some of my Urhobo youths are in the first position. I never knew alot of Urhobo youths are wwwdotconfuseddotcom

I never knew that there was anything like the
2. Niger Delta Law that these idiots were made custodian. So they according to them are cursing @Senator_Akpabio but i still remember that in my Urhobo land there is a proverb that says "the bird that is on the ground cannot defecate on the head of the bird on top d tree
3. Akpabio is older than them, and he is more of a man than all their fathers put together. A 2 term former governor, a former Senator and now a Minister. Yet boys that can hardly feed themselves say they are cursing him because one power drunk Delta Politician gave them peanuts
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4 Jan
1.Right behind my estate in Abuja is a sort of Mami market. It was very helpful during the lockdown. My wife went there someday to buy stuffs and when the Igbo woman she was buying from did the calculation of the things she wanted, the cash with her was short with N50. She told
2. the woman she will give her the N50 later since they don't do transfer and no POS nearby, the woman bluntly refused. My wife went to the nearby stand belonging to a hausa boy where she usually buy vegetables, told him what happened and the boy gave her N200 to go pay the
3. balance and collect the stuffs. My wife is from SS, the woman is SE, and both of them are Christians. At least she knows my wife and sees her almost on a daily basis drive pass. The young man, a hausa and a Muslim. Who among the 2 was supposed to be more helpful to my wife?
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28 Dec 20
1. Between 2011 and 2015 when mostly people from the SS and SE were in charge of almost all our security agencies in the Country, the underlisted people and many more held almost every sensitive positions in the Country too.
*Ayim Pius Ayim- SGF
* Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
2. of Finance.
*Diezani Alison Madueke- Minister of Petroleum
* Stella Oduah- Minister of Aviation
*Godwin Emiefele- Governor CBN
*Bright Okogu- DG Budget
*Arunma Oteh- DG SEC
*Oscar Onyema- DG NSE
*Chile Obi- DG AMCON
*Emeka Eze- DG BPP
*Chinelo Onuoha- DG PenCom
*Uche Orji-
3. CEO/MD Sovereign Wealth Funds
*Evelyn Oputa- MD Bank of Industry.
*Patrick Akpobolokemi -DG NIMASA
*Anthony Anuforom- NIMET
*Engr Chukwu Amuchi- DG FERMA
* Samuel Yanango Ukara- Auditor General of the Federation.
* George Osahon- DG DPR
*Julius Okojie- DG NUC
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1 Dec 20
1.According to recent reports oil producing states shared N44 Trillion 13% DERIVATION is 18 years. Between January and September 2020, they shared N351.04 Billion with my state of Delta getting N106.9 Billion. But there are no evidences of these homogeneous amounts in the state
2. Last week South South Leaders met with the Chief of Staff to the President Prof Ibrahim Gambari during which demands were made, some of which are
1. Resource Control
2. Fiscal federalism
During this meeting @fkeyamo an SAN stood up to speak and demanded
3. same. He went further to say "...any Niger Delta son that does not support resource control and fiscal federalism is a bastard of the region." Now, Keyamo just like others have never asked questions about how the 13% received all these years were utilised. Keyamo has not asked
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22 Nov 20
1. "My dear family, today I was billed to be cross-examined by the Judicial Panel on the Lekki Toll Gate incident. However, before the cross examination, the panel insisted on playing the Lekki Toll Gate CCTV footage. This was played for 3 hours during which absolutely nothing
2.untowards showed up on the footage. In fact, if anything, it showed the Soldiers dealing with the hoodlums by firing into the air and clearing the Toll Gate in a professional manner that put in lie to the videos that have been making the rounds on the social media and @CNN. It
3. was so clear that there was nobody killed and even injuries were a doubt. The endsars lawyers were reduced to asking me questions such as "was the violence in the morning and afternoon of the 20th of October. So bad that the governor had to declare curfew?" In fact, when 3 of
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20 Nov 20
1. In the so called @CNNAfrica Special Report on the event that happened on 20.10.20 at the Lekki toll gate, one of the things they said was that the Nigerian Government has "DISBANDED SARS 4 TIMES." Honestly I never knew @CNN was this useless. But let me educate you ImageImageImageImage
2. with the real truth.
-In 2008 following a 2007 UN Special Reporteur on torture against the @PoliceNG, with SARS being most prominent the FG set up a Presidential Committee to propose REFORM for the Nigeria Police. The report never saw the light of day as usual.

- In 2010
3. then President @GEJonathan pledged his commitment to REFORM the Police by earmarking N71 Billion to the cause.

- In December 2017, then IGP Ibrahim Kpotum Idris announced plans to REOGANISE SARS units across the Country. Not DISBAND.

- In August 2018, then Ag. President
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18 Nov 20
1. #LekkiLies:
On 22 July 2011, 32 yrs old Anders Breivik opened fire on youngsters attending a summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utoya, killing 89 within minutes with hudreds injured. He was ALONE.

On 2 October, 2017, a 64 yr old man named Stephen Paddock from a room
2. window on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas towards an open air music festival, killing at least 59 people with 527 others injured. Take note of 'A LONE MAN' and distance '32nd FLOOR.'

Meanwhile, in Nigeria we are being told on 20.10.20 a Team of Soldiers
3. @HQNigerianArmy went to Lekki toll gate where hundreds or thousands of protesters were gathered, opened fire with their machine guns which lasted for a while, finished then left and @PoliceNG team of officers came in their AK 47s, opened fire at same protesters. This started
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8 Nov 20
1.The level of ignorance among Nigerian youths is of EPIDEMIC proportion. Most worrisome is the way they display it with pride. A court ordered the CBN to freeze 20 accounts, one of those accounts is that of Flutterwave's who's Chairman Tunde Lemo is a former CBN Deputy Gov. They Image
2. probably didn't know because all they do is carry Smart phones which have proven most times to be smarter than them. The man has even come out to explain that immediately he found out that the platform was being used, he personally directed it should be stopped. He did so to
3. prevent the platform from being used to move illicit funds in the name of funding protest. The man and his company are not making noise because they know what's up. But children who cheated their way into school and out most of whom through the help of their parents are
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8 Nov 20
1. Watch this video, check out the name Prophet Dr David Kinglee (Bruce-Lee) Elijah, listen to the message and take note of the crowd. So tomorrow when you see our 'YOOTS' misbehave on SM, don't be surprised. They are the most gullible creatures that ever walk d face of this
2. earth. All they have is their Smart phones that are actually smarter than them. But they think with their HASHTAGS they can rule the world. 😭
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31 Oct 20
1.When i hear 'YOOTS' are fed up of bad governance i laugh and wonder how they can be fed up of what they have played the major role in. I would have gone into history since independence but for space i will take it from the 4th Republic which is now.

The very first Speaker HoR
2. was Salisu Buhari, born in 1970 which made him 29 in 1999 but lied he was 36 yrs to enable him contest. All these came to light later when it was discovered that his certificates were forged in the famous "TORONTO UNIVERSITY" saga. He was a 'YOOT.'

@bukolasaraki was born in
3.1962,so as at 2000 when OBJ appointed him SSA on Budget he was 38. From there he became a 2 term gov and 2 term Senator (SP). He was a 'YOOT.' Please check and tell me his achievements in all positions.
Dimeji Bankole was born in 1969, so by 2002 when he was elected into the
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2 Apr 20
1) Yesterday in response to comment I made on Facebook on @MaziNnamdiKanu post, his gullible & misguided uneducated followers came attacking me & one of them brought d issue of @MBuhari 's younger sister celebrating 85 yrs. I Asked for d IV card or programme of event that
2) indicated 85yrs, he kept quiet. I then went ahead to educate thus:

General Gowon and Obasajo were older than PMB in age & service. Gowon is 85 & he joined d Army in 1954. OBJ is 83 & joined d Army in 1958.

PMB's mate's
Abacha was born in 1943, would have been 77yrs now
3) he joined d Army in 1963
IBB was born in 1941 he is 78yrs. He Joined d army 1962
Shehu Musa Yar'adua who was PMB's classmate in Secondary was born in 1943 if he was alive he would 77yrs now. He joined d Army in 1961.
PMB was born in 1942 just 3 months after Yar Adua 77yrs
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