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I am not a trainer, coach, nutritionist, doctor, business & life guru etc.Just share what has worked for me. Ambassador @fitindiaoff
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12 Mar
Only a few years back, I had a work schedule that rarely allowed me to see my family and had me stressed to maximum. I rarely had time for holidays. In fact I just had very few holidays with my boys. I was over weight and unhealthy eating fried and fatty.
I was over my head in debt.I wasn’t exercising and I was a smoker. My life was complicated and I didn’t have time for anything that I loved. And though I was aware of it but had no time to even plan a way out.
And then the car crash happened which forced me to get things order. To Simplify. To make positive changes.
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9 Mar
Lot of people boast about high Vo2 max. Rarely anyone gets tested. They just believe what their watch says which mostly will be inaccurate. There are sports institute that does this test. An air tight seal is created around the nose and the mouth
Basically it checks how much oxygen and Co2 is coming out of their respiratory system. You know how much oxygen is going in. The difference is amount of oxygen consumed. At rest we have a Vo2. And on a tread mill they will ramp up the speed to check how much oxygen u can
consume. The fitter the person the more oxygen he will consume. This is basically a test of the muscles. Most people think this is a test of lungs. Lungs is where the gas exchange is happening. It’s about what your muscles can do to utilise the oxygen.
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23 Feb
Along with standing, walking and lying down, humans have always used squatting for rest, play and work. We learn it as toddlers, when we were perfectly comfortable and stable in a full squat with only feet flat on the ground and butt resting on calves.
But as adults, after sitting in chairs too much and losing strength, our muscles may no longer be able to obtain, or maintain, the natural full squat. Not able to squat is going to severely effect health and fitness. If u r unable to squat full, don’t try and risk injury.
In fact, bending the knees half way to about 90 degrees, with thighs parallel to the ground can activate more muscles than any other squat position. Start squatting even if you are able to do quarter squat and gradually go deep as muscles grow strong.
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23 Feb
My ability to focus and function was extremely compromised with the side effects of spine surgery. My legs would tremble, there was a cotton wool feel always and left side of my body would pain. With literally no movement my health parameters were all very bad
And the recovery thereafter with my fitness routine I discovered one of the greatest lesson for extraordinary results While working towards our career goals we sacrifice our health. We stay up late, miss meals, eat poorly and completely ignore exercise.
Let me tell you with certain authority this gamble will not pay off. You will run out of gas prematurely. High achievement requires high energy. It’s dangerous to assume that health will come back for you to enjoy anytime in the future. My power day now is :
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12 Feb
Of the five factors that effect your longevity, diet and nutrition is the most complicated. What works for someone may not work for u. So best to talk to an expert for food but the most simplest is sleep. U need no expert. Some rules that has helped me
1) Stick to a sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. All seven days.
2)Avoid caffeine and nicotine. Caffeine can take up to 8 hours to wear off fully. Smokers often wake up too early because of nicotine withdrawal.
3) Avoid alcoholic drinks before bed. Ur REM sleep is robbed with two pegs or more. Avoid large meals at night.
4) Relax before bed. Some activity like reading or music may help. A hot water shower will get u sleepy fast.
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12 Feb
Driving across Namib desert saw this huge nest of social weaver birds. One of these communal homes contains a hundred or more nesting chambers, or apartments. They’re refurbished& reused, with residents adding new ones over successive generations, often for more than a century.
They have designed quite an engineering marvel. The nest keeps the extended family cool on hot summer days and warm on cold winter nights. The family chamber is quite comfortable because it’s lined with twigs, cotton balls, and feathers.
This is how they look and the entrance to their chamber.They live for nearly 10 years in the extreme conditions of the wild. For the first two years of their life, young ones do all the house chores like bringing food &twigs; building &cleaning the nest and caring for the babies
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11 Feb
Two words that we often hear is lifespan and healthspan. Lifespan is is simple - the number of years you live. Healthspan, for simplicity, is how well, not necessarily long, you live. Long lifespan with poor health or short lifespan with rich healthspan is not what we want.
Healthspan is basically preserving three elements of life as long as possible
1. Brain - processing speed, short term memory
2. Body- maintain muscle mass , strength, flexibility and freedoms from pain
3. Spirit - sense of purpose
We will talk about point 2 in this thread
You should be able to hip hinge, squat, carry, push, shift, pull, rotate with confidence and fluidity. My daily workout routine consists of four parts
1. Tissue preparation - I use foam roller to relax the soft tissues. It takes me around 5-7 minutes.
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10 Feb
Reading can be one of the best things that u can do to yourself. Chance discovery of The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown was one such book last year. Since then have read portions of it 3-4 times. My biggest health discovery last year was nasal only breathing
I started it with my low intensity spinning sessions and found that my performance soared. I could endure more power output for significantly longer at my max aerobic fitness heart rate. What I learnt is that breathing through nose delivers more oxygen to the working muscles
thereby maximising performance. Like most I also used to believe that breathing through mouth delivers more oxygen to lungs. This assumption is entirely wrong. As we all must have during oxygen checks with oximeter that blood is almost fully saturated (95-99%)
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9 Feb
It’s now 8 days without sugar. When I say Sugar, I mean everything which masquerade as sugar from honey to gur. Once u realise how harmful sugar is u really would not like to go back to it Do u know our intake of sugar has gone up by 400% from 1970.
And it’s now not in just the obvious places like candies or sweets. It’s in salad dressings, sauces, healthy sports drinks, low fat healthy yoghurt & what not. It has sneaked into almost every packaged food. Real sugar is toxin. It’s probability as chronically harmful as tobacco.
I believe once you eliminate sugar from your diet, you craving for sugar will actually vanish. I used to take my tea and coffee with sugar and last few years stopped it and now can’t even have one sip with sugar in them. It tastes yuck and leaves a bad taste in the mouth
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9 Feb
Exercise has been touted as a cure for just about anything that ails you. Frequent colds? Exercise. Poor digestion? Exercise. Knee pain. Exercise. Sleep issues. Exercise. Feel depressed. Exercise. Exercise is trigger that release endorphins, our built in happiness drug.
Morning workouts offer numerous benefits to your health and schedule that exercising at other times of the day cant provide. A closer look at the benefits
1. It enhances your metabolism. Your body burns more calories after your workout through out the day.
2. Morning workout cultivates consistency. Nothing interrupts your workout schedule. In the evening u run the risk of getting stuck at work or feeling overloaded with errands that must be done and u may miss exercising
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8 Feb
Let go of perfection. Be better consistently every day. My focus on workout has always been on consistence progress. Always listen to your body. Data is key to understand your body. Always collect and review ur data
Your regular blood test data gives you information on your vitamins and minerals. Helps u to know if u need to supplement. Is there anything going on in your body that you should be aware of? You get two types of data - Quantitative and qualitative
Quantitative data like weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure , pulse etc helps u reorganise and correct. Qualitative data is important. Thirst, exhaustion, hunger, exhilaration. Ur body gives regular signs. If u keep ignoring them it becomes too late to course correct.
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7 Feb
Few years back after I completely recovered from all my lifestyle diseases without any medication, doctors or nutritionist. Reading and understanding human body, lifespan, became a fascination. Over the last three years I have read hundreds of books , journals,
researches, podcasts and blogs. It has given so much confidence about the healing power of our body. Your body is a marvel. It’s possible to reverse lifestyle diseases living a normal life. Life is chaotic and only thing which is there with you always is your body.
माँ बाप भाई बहन , दोस्त, customer( जिनके साथ एक पेग नहीं लो तो networking नहीं होती) कोई साथ नहीं देता । आपका दर्द आपकी सेहत उसकी तकलीफ़ सिर्फ़ आपकी है। Your body is the only place where u get to live.
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6 Feb
Most of us who exercise want to lose fat. Doing this long thread on what & how u can . Your weekend read. My framework for exercise has four components - strength, stability, aerobic efficiency and anaerobic performance. Heres my last 12 weeks workout data.
Explaining today Zone -2. Zone 2 is defined as the highest metabolic output/work that you can sustain while keeping hour lactate level below 2 mmol/L. A healthy person when at rest has a lactate level of 1.0 mmol/L. Usually doing your daily chores should not increase this.
But doing a little strenuous workout you are going to start making lactate. Even the best athlete in the world will. The fitter the person is the more work they can do with less lactate. Zone 2 is the level where you can understand how metabolically fit you are
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4 Feb
Longevity is a balance of lifespan ( living longer) and health span ( living better). 80% of non smoking population die because of heart attack, stroke, cancer and accidental death. Health span is decline of three main things
1) Physical decline - decline in mobility, muscles, strength, aerobic functions, movement, sexual function, freedom from pain
2) Cognitive decline - decline in memory, processing speed
3) Emotional decline - decline in sense of purpose, mindfulness, social support
While death is inevitable, the three points of health span are not. You can easily manage them. It’s in your own hand and not very complicated as most marketing and SM influencers make it out. It all depends on prioritising these five things. Make them your life goals
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2 Feb
If u r serious about getting extraordinary or desired results, u have to be serious about asking the focusing question. What’s the one thing I can do to (whatever you want) such that by doing it everything will become better?
The focusing question will be different for different areas of life. What’s the one thing I can do to ensure a good health? What’s the one thing I can do to reduce my debt? What’s the one thing I can do improve my relationship with spouse? thing I can do to create wealth?
If u know the answer done or ask the expert. Write it down. And then stick with it till it becomes a habit. Use reminders to help u achieve this habit. Use support systems. Social media is a great tool. Announce your focusing question. Let friends keep u reminding if u divert.
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28 Jan
Lets talk Muscle building/Strength Training for beginners today #gettingfitterwithsandeep
Know your MHR. The best formula is 211 – 0.64* age. MHR is max hear rate beyond which you red-line your heart. Don’t cross that.Don’t pick up your phone. Don’t gossip in between your sets. Don’t let your heart rate fall below 50% MHR ( which means you are taking too much rest).
Weight selection - stick to ‘moderate effort’ in the first 8-12 weeks of training. This is in part to prevent excessive soreness and to ensure proper form. At this stage in a person's training journey, technique practice is the primary goal.
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27 Jan
You need strong core to keep you safe and sound. A weak core will leave you prone to injury. And core is not abs. I have seen many with six pack who have weak core. Core muscles wrap around the torso and not just located at the front of the abdomen.
Your core training should compromise primarily of anti movements. Exercises that challenge the core muscles to resist the spine from bending and twisting. Avoid crunches and sit-ups. They will injure you more than help u. Your core exercises should basically be
Anti Extension - Exercises that resist the extension of spine like Dead bug, Plank, Ab roller wheel
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27 Jan
There is only one way to win consistently and it comes down to your daily habits. Many of u started 2021 to be at your fittest best. I hope u are continuing in that journey. In case u have lost track, come right back in. We still have 335 odd days.
Build momentum. Start slow. Start small. Maybe 15 minutes everyday to your fitness. You can’t create a new habit until u r consistently long enough that it becomes second nature. Changing one habit at a time. Like drinking couple of glasses of water to start your day
Making one lunch of just salads. Going for a 30 minute walk. Or doing body weight strength training for 15 mins. Setting an alarm to go to bed. We have got 335 days to make 2021 our best year. You can only make it best by being consistent through out the year
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26 Jan
Last couple of months noticed I was having quiet a few nights where I was having negligible deep sleep. We know that deep sleep benefits cardio vascular system and recharges our immune system. And I was not having alcohol so was worried what’s triggering that
So I started noting down all I was eating and drinking post lunch. And could zero down on the culprit - Caffeine. I need to drink something with the ‘street food’ type meals and I was taking this cold coffee which had protein when ever they made Pav bhaji or similar food
Caffeine is a stimulate and we all know it keeps us awake and makes us alert. Caffeine has half life of 5-6 hours & quarter life of 10-12 hours which means half of the coffee consumed is circulating in brain 5-6 hours after you had it &quarter of that is circulating at..
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25 Jan
As a society we rely too much on medicines and quick fixes. एक pill खा लो BP ठीक रहता है या TG नीचे आ गया क्यों मेहनत करें। Reality is we are blessed with far more healing power than you are aware of. While medication is needed, smarter goal would be not getting sick. है ना?
Our goals , aspiration, situations in life may vary but it’s safe to say that nobody wants to be too obese, unable to bend to tie their shoes. In the long run it’s easier to make adjustments how u live now than suffer the consequences of not making them.
Isn’t exercising right now not better than heart surgery? Isn’t eating right now better than living with diabetes later? It’s all about changing mindset. You save for retirement without questioning that u will be alive at that age or not.
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21 Jan
Let me put up compilation of thousands of research data on multitasking
1. We lose 28% of our average workday to multitasking ineffectiveness.
2. Multitaskers make more mistakes than non multitaskers
3. They make poor decisions because they favour new information over old even if the older information is valuable
4.Multitaskers experience more life reducing stress
5. Multitasking doesn’t save time. It wastes time
Multitasking word came into our vocabulary with computers.But even they process one piece of code at a time. It’s just that they are so fast we get an illusion it’s multitasking
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