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Tweets abouth Ukraine war, editing (slowmo freezing sharpening coloring) videos and posts about the war in Ukraine since 24.02.2022.
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Apr 10 7 tweets 2 min read

The techniques to deceive employed by the Russian authorities are interlaced with delusive trickery and shady methods. Typical Russian oddities are used to fool an audience. Image 2/7
Current Russian deception operations largely take place in the information environment and consist of active measures, dezinformatsiya and reflexive control. Other methods of deception are also used, such as imitation, diversion, stratagem1
and feints,
Mar 26 13 tweets 6 min read

Attentive people discovered that in the auditorium of the Crocus shopping center there were people dressed in the same blue clothes who behaved strangely during the shooting.

One of them was sitting right next to the door, but after the shooting and panic started, he remained calm in his place and did not go anywhere.
Mar 17 22 tweets 9 min read
A drone has hit a Russian helicopter in Transnistria (Moldova) located in Tiraspol.... yeah 😂... okay, remember i said ruzzians lie? And will it be a surprise to you when i say this is faked? Read along with me. 7/2
O yes, there is a drone, in the upper left corner, but wait where does it go, it solves in thin air? Or invented ruZzians a drone who becomes invisible? Or am i (and you looking not correct?
Mar 6 12 tweets 5 min read
Himars destroyed by ruzzians, well.... lets have a look at that, the original i speeded up, i dont think you need to see that slow version, but if you want, you can search it (1 min) or watch this one (20 secs) 12/2
Its a combined video, on total 4 edits have taken place with a nice fade from part to part

Mar 5 10 tweets 4 min read

The T-90 and its variants, equipped with a powerful 1000+ hp V12 diesel engines, the 2A46 125mm smooth bore gun, composite armour and other modifications by variant, was a much feared bulwark of Russia’s army. So what’s gone wrong? 10/2
In a week where over 100 T-72/80/90 variants were identified as destroyed on top of a host of other vehicles, Russian losses have been catastrophic, and far beyond what they can reasonably sustain.
At least 30% of the T-90 variants built appear to have been destroyed. Image
Dec 25, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
The IDF uncovers terrorist infrastructure in the Indonesian hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip that was also used by Hamas terrorists on October 7 - inside the hospital was found a vehicle belonging to the family of the late Samer Talalka, 6/2
and inside it were findings of another abductee

In a joint operation of Sheitat 13, Division 162 and the commando formation at the Indonesian hospital in the northern Gaza Strip,
Dec 19, 2023 8 tweets 2 min read
01:14 Presentation by Igor Salikov
06:25 GRU are the same bandits, but legalised.
08:52 About the beginning of work in PMCs
12:15 Getting to know Dmitry "Wagner" Utkin
14:45 First joint operation with "Wagner". "ALFA" OF THE TSSN FSB OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION 8/2
17:10 Recruitment of mercenaries in Syria. "Slavic Corps", "Moran Group".
21:37 History of mercenarism in Russia.
24:58 "Cook" Prigozhin.
25:55 Banana republics "DNR" and "LNR".
28:10 How mercenaries entered Luhansk
29:20 Prigozhin particularly liked Utkin's excessive cruelty
Dec 18, 2023 13 tweets 3 min read

On December 18, 2023, in the week before Christmas of the passing year, the main airport of the Netherlands Schipol (Amsterdam), located 45 km from The Hague (the headquarters of the International Criminal Court), 13/2
received a flight KL 598 from Cape Town (South Africa) by a military intelligence officer (GRU) of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Igor Salikov, ex-head of the 4th Department of the Directorate of Special Operations of the so-called "
Oct 17, 2023 19 tweets 7 min read
Operation "DRAGONFLY". Successful operation of the SSO of Ukraine to attack airfields in Berdyansk and Luhansk

Special operations forces received information about the enemy's use of airfields in temporarily occupied Berdyansk and Luhansk, Image 5/2
as well as the presence of a significant amount of aviation and special equipment and ammunition.

The specified information has been verified and confirmed. The coordinates and the necessary data have been transferred to the units of the Defense Forces.

Sep 26, 2023 7 tweets 3 min read
3/1 part 1 SOKOLOV

Admiral Viktor Sokolov would be alive according to the ruzzians and today he made his appearance... but remember ruzzians and distraction? So i removed all moving video and sound and kept the parts with Sokolov in it. Look at this video and go to part 2 3/2
SOKOLOV part 2

This part i enlarged and let the original sound in the fragments, i didnt freeze any parts, is there anything you notice too?

I think we are watching a dead man and a puppetshow, but he i could be wrong, just see it for yourself.
Sep 25, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read

Sevastopol strengthens defense measures after missile attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Sevastopol is moving “to a new situation,” which requires the authorities and citizens to systematically respond to what is happening and
clearly coordinated actions. Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev announced this at a staff meeting of the Government.

He noted that after the attacks on Sevmorzavod and the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, as well as the events of last Saturday, much has changed.
Sep 12, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
‼️As of this evening, battles on the Rabotino-Verbovoye line will be activated. After the regrouping of the Armed Forces, units of the recently arrived 71st Brigade were thrown into battle. They operate together with the 82nd. In addition, units of the 65th brigade Image 3/2
of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were transferred to the direction. The main attacks are carried out on the positions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the approaches to Verbovo: this is the road to the village and the northern and southern flanks.
Sep 10, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read
"It happened in July, when the 30th Brigade was on the offensive. When its fighters approached the enemy, the enemy noticed this and transmitted to the main communication centre that they were under attack.
We also heard these radio conversations. 5/2
At that moment, our guys had almost reached the enemy fortifications, and then Russian artillery started firing at their own positions.

Of course, our guys stopped to wait for the shelling, but it was so intense and long that they waited for almost 2 hours.
May 26, 2023 5 tweets 3 min read
Ruzzians decide to bomb a hospital again, instead of militairy targets they choose deliberate civilian targets, it belongs to the ruzzian tactics of terror, 1 dead & 15 wounded
#StopRussia #Dnipro #hospital…… Image
May 26, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
New details about "Ivan Khurs" hit by a drone.

Russian sources report that the analog reconnaissance ship suffered serious damage to its hull and equipment.Its repair will take at least six months. They write that there are dead. ImageImage 2/2
A rescue ship of the Russian Navy is currently transporting the stricken ship to Novorossiysk. Speed ​​0.8 knots.
May 26, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
A Russian woman shared her mother's treatment technology from Kremlin propaganda. Now it works, but with problems.

When it became clear that it was impossible to convince my mother, and she used quotes from TV, we simply went to Paris for a month. Russian woman Svetlana Odintsova tells about this on her page in social networks

The woman noted that instead of demands, she was convinced that she made a foreign passport for her mother and went to Paris with her for a month. There they rented an apartment,
May 25, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
May 25, 2023 9 tweets 3 min read
Drunken Medvedev was laughing at Ukrainians and subs, singing "yellow sub marine", m aeanwhile Ukrainian army without s navy sunk ruzzian ship #19, read along with STRELKOV and MEDVEDEV!
The one who does not laugh wins a price haha! ImageImage 8/2
Risky assume the following:

1. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported still reliable information about the state of the "Ivan Khurs" SRZK at the time of its publication.

2. Then according to our "scout" they added.
May 25, 2023 5 tweets 3 min read
The downed Russian plane near Melitopol - "#Zaporizhsky Avenger" is back!

In the #Zaporozhye direction, the enemy is actively using combat aircraft. On May 25, the occupying forces of the Russian Federation tried to inflict damage on the positions of the defense forces of ImageImage 4/2
Ukraine using a pair of #Su25s from the air. At that time, the National Guardsmen were on combat duty - "#Zaporizhsky avenger" and his combat counterpart. Fighters clearly identified enemy aircraft and accurately worked on air targets with #MANPADS.
May 25, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
Russian propaganda:
"We shot down all Ukrainian kamikaze water drones.

Ukrainians: "Hold my beer"

May 24, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
"I just finished an interview with Yevgeny #Prigozhin. The condition on my part was that I would ask any questions, including uncomfortable ones. Yevgeny Viktorovych agreed. What happened from this - you will find out today closer to the evening.… Image 4/2
I guarantee that many people will burn out in their second nineties after the interview.

"Ukraine's army now has a high level of organizational skills, a high level of training, a high level of intelligence. They have different types of weapons and,