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From Here to Equality: Winner of ASALH 2021 inaugural Book Prize. Winner of the 2020 Ragan Old North State Book Prize for Nonfiction.
8 Apr
I challenge Ms Integrity, @JAMAiwuyor, to post screenshots and page numbers of passages in From Here to Equality where @IrstenKMullen and I made either of the two statementsx she falsely attributes to us.

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In From Here to Equality on pages 43-44 we argue there are salient differences between the experiences of black American descendants of US slavery and recent black immigrants in the US.
We say on p.44 of #FHTE “...ith is misleading to depict as synonymous the experience of ethnic immigrants or immigrants of color and African-Americans taken collectively... “
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23 Jan
1/ 6 I would prefer not to invest my time in responding to such shoddy research as the so-called Harvard “disinformation” study, but I’ve received so many comments and requests, I’m compelled to do so.
2/6 A central problem is the lack of clarity over whom was identified as the “voices” of ADOS. The report ultimately reads like an extension of the old “Russian bots” smear campaign against ADOS.A shabby process of determining whose Tweets are evaluated produced a desired result.
3/6 Very few ADOS voices on Twitter, if any, ignored or dismissed the COVID-19 crisis. @camglamming, for example, has been vigilant. @IrstenKMullen and I wrote about how the
pandemic reinforced the need for #purereparations last April.…
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6 Sep 20
1/4 As a number of us anticipated black folk are being recruited excessively as subjects for coronavirus vaccine clinical trials, including college presidents at Xavier and Dillard imploring their students to join trials. Other med centers are targeting the local black community.
2/4 I feared that the fact that we are disproportionately affected by the disease (3 times the mortality rates of other groups) would become the rationale for encouraging us to disproportionately be the guinea pigs for previously untested vaccines.
3/4 These are not trials for a curative medication that, understandably, might be given to folk who are suffering severe symptoms from the disease. These are tests of candidate vaccines intended to prevent infection, and there are at least two dangers:
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2 Sep 19
4. UBI is more likely to affect inequality adversely. If you give Bill Gates and "Bill the plumber" the same $12K, the former could save it all leading to a marginal increase in wealth while the latter is more likely to need to spend most of it, w little effect on their wealth.
5. The federal job guarantee puts pressure on the private sector to step up its game and improve job quality (pay, benefits, and safety). The UBI as a stand alone de facto will subsidize bad jobs. @StephanieKelton @ptcherneva
6. Yang says his UBI as "bureaucratically efficient" since it will replace a host of social programs. This is without ensuring nonpoverty incomes for all. The federal job guarantee is assures the lowest paid employee gets above poverty wages. @StephanieKelton @ptcherneva
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