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21 Sep
.@OpIndia_com is intervening in #UPSC_Jihad case. Its surreal that the issue I raised yrs ago with analysis, RTI with Min Ministry, SC Comm is now at centerstage where so many are joining.

As Harvard said, Data Scientist is sexiest job of 21st century. 😎
This is graphical analysis of marks differences
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18 Sep
Since Supreme Court is hearing on #UPSC_Jihad issue, here is a box-plot diagram of category-wise marks range for Muslims(1) and non-Muslims(0) for 2018.
I believe UPSC must be made a party and asked to explain the difference that remains for last 3 years.
Here is the box-plots for Interview (Personality Test) for 2017. Number 1 represents Muslims. Number 0 represents non-Muslims. Central line in each chart is mean. Top and bottom edges of box represent 25th and 75th percentile.… will explain
Here is the box-plot for 2016. Same pattern as 2018 and 2017. Why?
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18 Sep
Muhammad Ali Jinnah was friend to Dinshaw Petit. Just 3 years younger at 40. One day, he came to meet Petit and proposed to marry his 16 y old daughter. Despite family opposition, she eventually married 42 year old Jinnah in 1918. Jinnah forced her to become a conservative +
...Quran worshipper to suit his political agenda. At her reluctance, he separated. Eventually she is suspected to commit suicide at age of 27 under depression. Jinnah got a boost in career for doing to a Kafir child what she deserves. And announced that marriage was mistake.+
When their daughter Dina chose to marry Parsi industrialist Neville Wadia, he clashed with her. Said he married her mother only because she chose to convert to Islam.
Of course nationalism is secondary in such situations. Later when she had rift with Neville in 1943, +
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17 Sep
In 2013, Md Arshi and Salmantaj Patil, Zakat Foundation heroes, invited celebrated terrorist-mentor Dr Zakir Naik to National Police Academy, Hyderabad to address the batch of 2012 batch IPS officers, I hear. Right or wrong must be vetted by @IPS_Association.
But there is more +
Salmantaj Patil was hailed as hero by @IPS_Association. But last year, he was suspended. He was also accused of beating a lawyer to near-death and hurling casteist attacks. Coincidentally, Md Arshi also allegedly did same to a lawyer and Dalit woman.…
Salmantaj Patil was a darling of SP and said be close to Congress. Got plush postings and had considerable influence till 2017. When an IPS batch passes out, each officer gets 2 passes for family. Salmantaj got 7 for his burqa-clad sisters, aisa suna hai.
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16 Sep
After huge demand, giving you distribution plots of interview (personality) & written marks in UPSC. First image is for interview marks in 2018. As clearly seen, marks of M (blue) are clearly shifted by around 10 marks higher from non-M (orange) candidates. Isn't it interesting?+
The written marks of 2018 have more interesting pattern. M marks (blue) show perfect bell curve (actually too perfect for small sample). But non-M marks (orange) seem as if half of candidates' have marks pulled towards lower to balance for higher marks of top half of candidates.+
In 2017, interview marks show same trend but margin of difference between M and non-M is lesser. 2016 has a bit uneven marks pattern for non-M but a smooth curve for M. Interesting!+
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16 Sep
What is national song of India? You may say "Vande Mataram". WRONG.

You will be shocked that as per Zafar Mahmood, ex-OSD to PM, and founder of Zakat Foundation that trains Civil Servants, it is "Sare Jahan Se Achha" by Iqbal. +
Zafar Mahmood is founder of Iqbal Academy India whose aim is to propagate message of Iqbal.
Is it not a tragedy that an experienced civil servant of India who trains hundreds others is not just fan of ideological father of Pakistan but also considers his poem national song?
Iqbal wrote Sare Jahan Se Achha in 1904. But in 1910, he wrote revised version of poem Tarana-e-Milli where he openly declared his Islamist agenda. What is interesting is that Zafar Mahmood has given link to this poetry in website of his Iqbal Academy.+…
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15 Sep
I differ with stay on #BindasBol on @SudarshanNewsTV. I have been a panelist and provided them data analysis which was used for program. Here is where Justice Chandrachud has misunderstood things. +
No insinuation has been made on Muslim community that they are trying to infiltrate UPSC. The program has used data and information available in public domain to claim that there are reasons to believe that some elements have religious agenda to infiltrate UPSC.
As evidence, presentation from Zakat Foundation has been shown where it clearly establishes Dalits as its adversaries and wants Muslims to dominate bureaucracy. Why is it banned in democracy to raise alarm on this?
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14 Sep
In Hinduism, marriage is a Dharmik Sanskar. It has to be conducted as per Dharmik Vidhi Vidhan. LGBTQ marriage is out of question as goal of marriage is not a license for sex.

In Islam, marriage is a contract. Hence LGBTQ marriage be included in Muslim Personal Law.
Rest, if two men or two women want to believe they are married, why tamper Hindu Vivaah Maryada for that? They can just live the way they want and occasionally play "Taare hain baraati" song from Virasat film (copied by Anu Malik from EL Condor Pasa).
Hindu Marriage Act is to decide on issues of property, inheritance, children. Hence only those who can naturally reproduce are under its ambit. Else it will only create a child trafficking mafia in name of adoption.
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14 Sep
Meet Maulana Syed Mushtaq Nadvi - Shahar Qazi of Bhopal funded by taxpayer money, and member of Zakat Foundation Shariah Council who mentors UPSC aspirants.
No M event can happen in Bhopal without his approval. However on 4 Dec 2015, a deadly event happened walking distance from+
..his Masjid Commitee office at Iqbal Maidan. A massive gathering of ~lakhs where fatwa was announced to break law to avenge insult to Prophet. A moulvi declared one should either die or kill. Gave example of how a Bhopali had beheaded a Christian woman for insulting Quran +
The event was organized to urge believers to kill Hindu Mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari. We all know what happened to him.
I want to know how did event happen under eyes of this Qazi of Zakat Foundation. Has he helped police nab the fanatic who instigated crowd to kill Kamlesh?+
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13 Sep
Even with religious reservations, Muslims are the biggest beneficiaries of reservations. I ran a rough analysis on caste categories of Muslims and non-Muslims for 2016, 2017, 2018 UPSC results.
Here is summary: +
In 2018, 72.41% of Muslims were either OBC or ST! The percentage of non-Muslim OBC or ST was only 34.25%

In 2017, this was 55.32% for Muslims and 34.4% for non-Muslims.

In 2016, this was 54.35% for Muslims and 39.08% for non-Muslims. +
This means that many deserving non-Muslim OBC/ST are deprived of UPSC selections because more Muslims take benefit of this.

Even if we add SC people in non-Muslims, still MORE Muslims have taken benefit of reservations than non-Muslims. +
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13 Sep
Let me tell you story of Mohd Arshi - 2012 IPS officer who took coaching in Zakat Foundation. In 2018, he forcibly took Agniveer Ashish Dubey, a BJP leader, in custody and gave him third degree torture. Asked him to give fake testimony that he was planning communal riots.+
Ashish is a lawyer and did not agree despite third degree torture for whole night. Next morning lawyers of Jharkhand mounted protests and only then he was released. Medical examination proved that he was tortured beyond human limits. Soon there were protests and hartal by lawyers
Under pressure, Mohd Arshi was transferred from Garhwa SP position. Matter went to High court and probe was initiated. Several policemen were found guilty. But question is why Zakat alumni wanted to kill Agniveer Ashish Dubey?+
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7 Sep
I recall a case from 2010. A fellow who had gone to Mecca read some Agniveer stuff (countering Zakir Naik) and decided to become Hindu. Straight went to a temple in Central Delhi in Mecca dress. They referred him to an Arya Samaj. All got scared and called police! +
Finally, a formal Shuddhi was done, but with suspicion. He expressed keenness to learn Vedas Mantra Vidhi. Many gurukuls refused him because he was not of desired Jaati. He went to Varanasi and had to lie to join a gurukul that inducts only specific highers among Brahmins.+
He came out frustrated because these closed groups had lost all wisdom apart from memorization. Finally, we got his vyavastha in a gurukul in Bengaluru. Not sure what happened then. But point is that, modern Hinduism is all about making things as hostile as possible any seeker.
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7 Sep
This is Maulana Kalim Siddiqui - founder member of Zakat Foundation Shariah Council. He mentors UPSC candidates. Details how they trap Sikh women into conversion. An agent creates scare of Hell. Then he forces her to recite Kalma and stop respecting Gurus or Guru Granth Sahib.+
Bait doesn't stop at forced conversion. When woman dies, they send team to make sure she is buried like Muslim and Sikh funeral rites don't happen. Then they target others in family, try converting other women, and propagate that a handsome angel came to take her to Jannat. +
No word of grief for deceased. No proof of conversion. Just propagate that Allah made them recite Kalma on phone. UPSC mentor of Zakat Foundation explains his aspirations to convert dying people to save them from Hell fire. His protege are Civil Servants.
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6 Sep
This is Maulana Abu Talib Rahmani - member of Zakat Foundation Shariah Council who trains chosen UPSC aspirants in special personality development classes. Claims that goons of PM Narendra Modi were molesting M women while he was roaming with a cartoon called Donald Trump.
In this video, Zakat Foundation Shariah Council star and mentor of UPSC Aspirants asserts that many lives could not be saved because PM Modi is active on social media.
Maulana Abu Talim, stalwart of Zakat Foundation and ustaad of many successful UPSC candidates accuses CM of Uttar Pradesh of encouraging police to become thieves
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31 Aug
UPSC has open pro-Nehru, anti-Savarkar bias. Likely that unwritten selection policy favor Nehruvad.
In history syllabus, Hindu Mahasabha of Savarkar is clubbed with Muslim League as separatist despite Akhand Bharat. And Nehru is Foreign Policy genius despite Ambedkar's criticism
Further, students must study Khilji revolution and measures. In this revolution, he raped innumerable, killed innumerable, broke innumerable temples, standardized rates of young boys for sex-slavery and did all he could to decimate Hindus.
There is a whole section on Gandhi in History. But no mention of Ambedkar. The syllabus was formulated in Congress Raj and continues in same way till date. Hilarious is that even Gujarati syllabus has a Gandhi Yug and Anu Gandhi Yug!
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30 Aug
This is Zakat Foundation Shariah Council member Kalim Siddiqui.
Is he not a psychopath that he wants to convert all Hindus to Islam so that they don't burn in Hell forever? Mocks that H call their Jahannumi dead Swargeeya!
Imagine he trains those who get selected in UPSC!
Zakat Foundation's founding member of Shariah Council explains how it is easy to fool and convert Hindus in bulk to Islam because Hindus are good, loving people. Hindus treat even enemies with love. He brags how he exploits this to convert them. He trains future Civil Servants!
Zakat Foundation hero clearly debunks secularism. Asserts Ram and Allah are different. Only Quran will save one from fire of Hell as only Islam is true religion. Hence convert all Hindus to help them.
Imagine that such people mentor those whom Zakat Foundation funds for UPSC!
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29 Aug
Many requested short clips of my video on analysis of UPSC Selection. Will share in this thread.

This one is for IPS Association. Rather than issuing vague condemnation, why not bring data from 1947 to date and check out mathematically.

For full video:
Shah Faisal, suave English expert chose Urdu as optional paper and is said to top 2009 UPSC exams thanks to interview and Urdu. He was first success of Zakat Foundation - founded by the person who drafted Sachar Committee report in 2006.

For full video:
A summary of Zakat Foundation mahima - the organization that claims to send maximum M successes in UPSC.

For full video:
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4 Aug
I have no personal grudge against casteists.

The core issue is that they insist Varna is only by birth and these Jaativaadi verses are true Dharma.

Agniveer believes, like Savarkar and Golwalkar, that these are disgusting anti-Vedic milavat that can never be true in any Yuga.
Here are more shameless samples that we believe to be later adulterations in Sanatan Dharma, while Ashish Dhars believe to be true Dharma to be swallowed like bitter pill.

I ask you, if this be Dharma, what remains as Adharma?
(Note they believe Shudra is by birth unlike us)
I can keep citing samples from these fake texts.
However same Manu Smriti has verses that reject birth-based Jaativaad. It says punishment is higher for Brahmin because Brahmin means intelligent.
Clearly there is adulteration. Because Vedas also proclaim valuing only merit.
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31 Jul
Ghar Wapsi attempts have always been there in Sanatan Dharma. However forces of resistance have been increasingly more strong. Deval Samhita was written to create prayashchit for converted after Qasim attack. But casteists questioned its authenticity. +
Karpatri Maharaj wrote a book condemning Savarkar for endorsing this Samhita as opposed to more authentic (rigid) Shaastra. Even the more liberal Medatithi commentary on Manu Smriti was rejected as spurious. +
By 1970, when laws were enforced against Jaativaad, the liberal stand of Jaativaadi on Shuddhi was that it can happen only if done within a short period of conversion. Next gen conversion meant getting Hindu status but NOT social, economic integration. +
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30 Jul
Nameless moron. We never said Kashmir Pandits are "evil". The episode of Hari Singh Nalwa wanting to convert Kashmiri Muslims and stopped by casteists is mentioned in most authoritative biography of Hari Singh Nalwa written by Vineet Nalwa who is a direct descendant. 1/n
Fact is that Kashmir became Hindu state ~1820. Proof lies in demographic shift from 1820 to 2020. Why were they not brought back? Savarkar had to pity on fake Hinduism propagated by casteists that oppose Ghar Wapsi. Fools live in denial. Brave accept follies and work on them. 2/n
Is Hinduism so abhorrent that despite Hindu rule for 200 years, population of Hindu only reduces and no one comes back to Hinduism? No. Fact is that Jaativaadis make it impossible. Even till recent "liberal" among Jaativaadis wanted converts to remain inferior forever.
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27 Jul
The M population of Bharat and partition is a gift of Jaativaad where full Dharmik rights are privilege of certain self-certified special borns. Anyone else must come and stay as outcasts.
A majority of M today would happily embrace Sanatan Dharma if this stupidity goes away.
Lakhs of Muslims in Bharat celebrate Hindu festivals, follow Hindu customs, worship Hindu deities, sing Ramayan. But they cannot become Hindu because they were announced Jaati Baahar some generations ago by Jaativaadis on reasons like a Muslim spitting in their well.
Jinnah's grandfather was kicked out of samaj for doing business of selling fish. He and his son tried hard to convince samaj to enter Hindu Dharma again. Grandson Jinnah - though not Muslim even a bit in personal life - chose to avenge it. Rest is history.
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