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6 Apr
This morning's Pause for Thought: (Thread)

I’ve been thinking about three people this week.
- Jesus, as it was Easter weekend.
- Martin Luther King Jr, as it was the 53rd anniversary of his assassination on Sunday.

#Easter #MLK53 #MLKDAY
- And Mahatma Gandhi, as today is the anniversary of The Salt March – a 24 day protest against the British Salt Tax in India.

We often talk of Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther-King Jr. in glowing terms. But actually their lives were lives of difficulty.
All three of them promoted non-violent resistance against injustice, yet often I feel we sanitise their stories, and neuter their contributions to history.
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5 Dec 19
This is my darling girl at the airport—heading to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
I absolutely can’t believe it!
The battles she has fought to get to this point are extraordinary.
The Merciful is endlessly kind!
Your prayers would be very much appreciated for her, & the whole group!
And so The Trek itself begins. Day 1 of 7.
She is heading to the mountain-to rain, and to snow.
May The Merciful bless her every step, and that of the team.

Any donation would be very much appreciated. She’s trekking to raise funds for emergency relief:…
Getting some messages from the mountain.
The climb is STEEP. The weather hot and humid ATM
She’s been a little sick, and has to go slower than she wants, but she’s digging in. Says she feels positive. One foot in front of the other.
#Kilimanjaro #warrior…
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