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May 14 18 tweets 6 min read
101 skills to teach your kids 🧵 Image When I first started writing about fatherhood online, one of the most common concerns I got from other dads/parents was this:

"I just don't know what to do with my kids"

It was always surprising to hear, but it was common enough I started compiling this list and have been adding to it here and there.

Hopefully it's useful, and hopefully you never run out of ways to spend time with your kids 👇
Mar 28 19 tweets 7 min read
I asked you to name classic books that are "must reads" with your kids

Here are 15 of the top answers you gave, with brief synopses and discussion lessons from each (save this and reference it with your kids): Image 1. The Call of the Wild, Jack London

Buck, a domestic dog, is abducted and sold into the brutal life of an Alaskan sled dog. As he copes with his new life, Buck reverts to his wild instincts to survive and eventually becomes the leader of a wolf pack.

Lessons for kids:

-The importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of change.

-Embracing one’s inner strength when dealing with challenges.

-The value of understanding and respecting nature.

(might be scary for younger kids)Image
Mar 24 4 tweets 5 min read
Lots of parents ask me for a big list of things to teach their kids. So I put this one together.

Make sure you save it so you never run out of things to do with your kids. And add your own in the comments if you have them.

1. Camping: plan a weekend camping trip to explore the outdoors; pitch a tent, build a campfire, enjoy bonding time

2. Fishing: teach your kids the art of fishing and patience, (and how to clean a fish)

3. Woodworking: pick a DIY project to do together (birdhouse, toy car)

4. Sports: get outside and play a game of catch

5. Car maintenance: teach the basics (change a tire, check oil, etc)

6. Grilling: teach proper heat, marinades and rubs, how to flip meat

7. Martial arts: join a boxing or jiu jitsu gym together, or just punch a heavy bag

8. How to throw a punch: proper foot and shoulder position, how to guard your face

9. Gardening: plant a small garden together, learn how to care for & nurture the plants

10. Astronomy: get outside and look at the stars, talk about the constellations

11. Biking: just go do it

12. Home improvement: change lightbulbs, fix toilets together, etc

13. Chess: one of my favorites, teach strategy, thinking several moves ahead

14. Model building: build model cars/airplanes/trains, emphasize attention to detail

15. Geocaching: a modern day treasure hunt

16. Archery: kids love this, teach technique and patience

17. Rock climbing: builds strength, coordination, and trust

18. Metal detecting: more treasure hunting (bonus points for hiding treasure ahead of time)

19. Photography: teach composition, basics of different lenses

20. Emotional intelligence: how to understand and manage emotions, empathize with others

21. First aid basics: CPR, bandaging wounds, Heimlich

22. Cooking essentials: teach basic healthy meals, kitchen safety

23. Goal setting: create achievable goals, strategies to hit them

24. Public speaking: practice confidently & effectively speaking in front of the family

25. Manners: teach proper social behavior in your region

26. Networking: how to win friends and influence people

27. Basic sewing: how to patch clothes, sew a button

(continued on next post)Image 28. Decision-making: how to make a decision based on facts

29. Digital literacy: online safety, basic excel skills

30. Negotiation: learn leverage, create win-wins

31. Laundry & clothing care: washing/folding/stain removal

32. Home security: secure your living space together

33. Environmental stewardship: leave spaces cleaner than you found them

34. Travel: basic planning, how to create itineraries

35. Map reading: kids love maps, teach how to interpret them

36. Electrical skills: safety and handling minor issues (circuit breaker etc)

37. Reading comprehension: analyze and critically evaluate written material

38. Time management: prioritize tasks, set deadlines, avoid procrastination

39. Job interview skills: do mock interviews together

40. Resume writing: write mock resumes together

41. Self-reflection: learn personal strengths and weaknesses

42. Work ethic: teach dedication, punctuality, dependability, thoroughness

43. Bike maintenance: how to fix a tire, adjust brakes, etc

44. Volunteering: go do it together

45. Art appreciation: visit a museum

46. Resourcefulness: thinking outside the box

47. Personal safety: how to avoid dangerous situations

48. Conflict de-escalation: techniques to defuse tense situations

49. Posture: stand up straight, shoulders back, eyes forward

50. Study habits: learn how to learn

51. Organization: how to maintain a clean, organized living space

52. Public transportation: how to read schedules and maps

53. Swimming: non-negotiable, the sooner the better

54. Musical instruments: pick one he likes, learn together

55. Memory techniques: read "Moonwalking with Einstein" together

56. Sportsmanship: how to act when you win and when you lose

57. Basic plumbing: how to unclog a sink

58. Writing: practice together

59. Typing: do family speed contests online

60. Firearm use and safety: safe handling and maintenance

61. Fire safety: teach how to prevent fires, and how to respond in case of a fire

62. Assertiveness: closed mouths don't get fed

63. Budgeting: create and manage a personal budget

64. Animal care: feeding/walking/etc

65. Weather: learn how weather works, prepare for severe weather together

66. Personal branding: teach the importance of maintaining a positive personal image

67. Sleep hygiene: develop healthy habits early

68. Mentorship: teach the value of guidance from people w/experience

(continued on next post)
Mar 22 11 tweets 4 min read
Reminders for dads (myself included)

-say yes more often
-don’t wish away time
-keep your voice calm
-you can never be too patient
-remember they’re watching
-you’re never a finished product
-an extra story at night won’t hurt
-the good old days are happening right now

(continued👇)Image Say yes more often.

Saying “no” is easy. It’s a comfortable default. But one day they’ll ask to play for the last time, and you never know which day that will be.Image
Dec 1, 2023 9 tweets 2 min read
8 Parenting & Marriage tips for Dads (continued in followup posts) 👇 Image Image
Sep 6, 2023 30 tweets 3 min read
65 sentences that will make you a better husband and father today (bookmark this thread): Image One day your kids will ask you to play for the last time. And the more often you say "not right now," or "I'm busy," the sooner that day will come.
May 17, 2023 11 tweets 3 min read
Thread: 50 old books to read with your kids (no current-year mind viruses included) Image Image
May 13, 2023 23 tweets 4 min read
Thread (dads, bookmark this and read it every day): Image Mistake 1: Trying to fix everything

You'll want to solve all your child's problems. But part of growing up is learning how to navigate challenges. Instead of rushing in, ask guiding questions to help them find their own solutions.
May 9, 2023 8 tweets 2 min read
PSA, do the opposite of this: Image I will give the author of this article EXTREME GRACE since I've spoken with a lot of other parents who struggle with playing with their kids

It's way simpler than you're making it

You are overthinking it
May 3, 2023 38 tweets 7 min read
Thread (bookmark this for reference in your daily life): Image "A wise man learns more from his enemies than a fool from his friends." - Baltasar Gracian

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." - Charles Darwin

"True courage is knowing what not to fear" - Plato
Apr 26, 2023 26 tweets 5 min read
Thread (bookmark this and never run out of things to do with your kids): Image 1. Camping: plan a weekend camping trip to explore the outdoors; pitch a tent, build a campfire, enjoy bonding time

2. Fishing: teach your kids the art of fishing and patience, (and how to clean a fish)

3. Woodworking: pick a DIY project to do together (birdhouse, toy car)
Apr 13, 2023 22 tweets 5 min read
Thread: Image 1. Confirmation bias

What is it: people seek out information that confirms their pre-existing beliefs. At the same time, they ignore evidence that contradicts those beliefs

What to teach: teach kids to consider all sides of an argument, especially if it's one they disagree with
Mar 31, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
When we defined our family's values, one of the most important additions was "truth."

While our kids are young, we mostly apply truth to honesty, ie "telling the truth."

But as they grow, the messaging will shift toward "seeking the truth."
Mar 24, 2023 24 tweets 5 min read
Thread: 1. She insults you in public

Great marriages are built on mutual respect. This means you never talk poorly about your spouse in front of other people. If your girlfriend insults you in front of your friends (or her friends, or strangers), she doesn't respect you. Move on.
Mar 13, 2023 23 tweets 5 min read
20 life lessons a father must teach his son

=THREAD= 1. Your freedom begins the day you realize nobody is coming to save you

Your life is completely in your own hands. And that's what makes life beautiful.

Success is your responsibility alone. And this is a GOOD THING. Because independence is freedom, and freedom is power.
Jan 6, 2023 24 tweets 5 min read
20 life lessons every father must teach his son:

THREAD Image 1. No one will love you as much as your mother

No woman, no friend, no organization will ever love you as much as your mother. Her love is unique. It's a blessing you can rely on.

But to expect this type of love from anyone else, especially your spouse, will lead to heartbreak.
Jan 2, 2023 5 tweets 1 min read
First Monday of 2023, how to win this year:

- Quit porn
- Lift weights
- Get outside
- Cancel cable
- Eat real foods
- Read old books
- Call your parents
- Toss TV off bridge
- Build cash reserves
- Honor your ancestors
- Spend more time with family

What would you add? Unpopular opinion I know, but I actually like the idea of using the new year as a chance to "reset"

The popular guru advice says "you don't need a special day on the calendar to change your life..just start now"

But there's something special about turning over the calendar
Oct 3, 2022 13 tweets 4 min read
I haven't done one of these in a LONG time, which means it's way overdue.

Twitter is the best place on the internet to learn and get better.

Here are some of my favorite accounts to follow that are guaranteed to level up your health, finances, and knowledge: 1: @SteveOnSpeed

Steve helps break down wealth building into simple habits anyone can follow. He's done it himself, and shares valuable financial knowledge daily.
Sep 20, 2022 10 tweets 2 min read
101 ways to stay active with your kids: Let your kids see you being active from an early age.

Then, when the time is right - they’ll want to join.

The key is not to force it. Show them, don’t tell them, and they’ll have a healthy relationship with exercise for life.

Here are 101 ideas to get you started:
Sep 20, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Health foods:

- Milk
- Salt
- Eggs
- Liver
- Beef
- Butter
- Berries
- Potatoes
- Avocados
- Greek yogurt
- Cottage cheese
- Root vegetables

Sick foods:

- Everything in the center aisles of the grocery store Funny story about liver:

One time I went to a golden corral when I was traveling for my old job.

The sirloin grill was closed because it was like 230pm.

So I looked around and found what I thought were grilled sirloin steaks in a tray under heat lamps.

Grabbed like 8 of them
Sep 3, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Which one were you? I was 100% committed to dinosaurs

My 2 year old is leaning trains/trucks but he hasn’t really found out about space and dinosaurs yet so we’ll see

Shoutout to the honorable mentions boats, robots, dragons, and pirates