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Nov 4 10 tweets 2 min read
Let me tell you how “tax credits” for solar panels work. I have gotten three bids & hilariously one sent me the whole financing spreadsheet. I probably was not supposed to see it, but I did. Let’s chat. /1 First, you will be told you are going to get a ridiculously low rate - I saw as low as 0.99% for 25 years.

Okay, then you spec your system, panels, batteries, etc based on your goals. Then you get your monthly payment options. /2
Nov 3 6 tweets 2 min read
Democracy dies when a cabal colludes to “save” an election. /1… Democracy dies when government bureaucrats censor the news to the benefit of one party. /2…
Oct 7 13 tweets 3 min read
The dumbest summary to date. Let’s break it down 🧵 /1 Lindy doesn’t know anything about political systems. Saudi Arabia is a theocratic monarchy. North Korea is a Communist dictatorship & client state of China. Russia is a corrupt oligarchy. The situations she points out are a direct result of Biden’s energy & foreign policy. /2
Jul 31 4 tweets 2 min read
Having followed reporting from @julie_kelly2 & @RevolverNewsUSA pretty closely there is stuff in here I did not know. Strongly suggest you watch. /1… via @epochtimes I will also add that @crossroads_josh did a definitive documentary on the origins of COVID in the 1st half of 2020. It included the 2015 gain of function study used by @RandPaul to question Dr. Fauci. /2
Jun 10 6 tweets 1 min read
I was horrified by Jan 6 that day & for some time after.

However, I am far more horrified by the difference in the standard of justice for the detainees from that day & the rioters from the summer of 2020.

Biden’s DOJ just asked for mercy for 2 leftwing attorneys /1 that threw Molotov cocktails into police cars & almost all federal charges related to the months long riots have been dropped.

People accused of misdemeanors on Jan 6 are in solitary confinement for months at this point. /2
May 23 9 tweets 2 min read
These geniuses have been wargaming pandemics at the global level for decades. They have also been pulling viruses out of the buts, mouths, ears & veins of bats, monkeys, birds, pigs & God knows what for decades. /1 They were trying to predict & preempt the next disease emergence. Yet COVID came along and every last one of them had NO ideas rather than taking your liberties, ruining your small businesses, locking your church, ruining your children & forcing you to take an experimental /2
Apr 20 7 tweets 2 min read
A few minutes before I respond to this ridiculous position, please remember every video @libsoftiktok posted was freely and proudly created by the person in it and unedited after the users decision to post it. /1

Then ask almost any teacher you know about the coaching they receive about social media. I did. They are told to be very cautious as parents and the community are watching. Further, many of them are told to live outside their school boundary to avoid running into students and /2
Apr 9 12 tweets 3 min read
NEWSFLASH - It is perfectly normal to love & accept people in your real life who radical movements say they represent.

Because the HRC represents the views of precisely zero of my gay friends. None of them. These groups are not about people who /1 happen to sleep with others of the same sex, have brown skin, or are women or girls. Rather they are about an ideology. One that is becoming far left & more radical.

Most women do no feel oppressed & do not want to share locker rooms, bathrooms, sports competitions, or /2
Apr 7 4 tweets 1 min read
I see the Surrender Cons are circling the wagons because they don’t like calling things what they are.

Grooming is a conditioning process. It is not a synonym for pedophilia. It is precisely what preparing young children to accept their most fundamental identity is /1 fluid and can change frequently, that basic biology is irrelevant & biological sex is a social construct while distancing them from confiding in their parents about these issues is. Grooming them to fail to integrate a stable identity. /2
Mar 18 8 tweets 2 min read
As a former competitive swimmer here is what I know.

1. You workout nearly 365 days a year if you are serious.
2. Most elite swimmers start in early elementary school.
3. To reach HIGHLY COMPETITIVE status is a whole family commitment. It requires travel & a lot of /1 lost weekends. Similar demands are made of competitive cheerleading, gymnastics. traveling soccer, competitive little league & hockey during their seasons. The season for swimming and a few others never end. /2
Mar 16 9 tweets 2 min read
This makes everything look intentional & planned. EVERYONE knew a Biden presidency would be a return to the Obama era appeasement & leading from behind. /1Not Nothing about this has felt right since it started. It is a takedown by the axis forming in the East. And the accomplices to this murder of a US led world order are in Davos, Silicon Valley and global corporations generally & Washington D.C. /2
Mar 8 8 tweets 3 min read
Anyone serious about carbon emissions or the environment would have partnered with this Israeli company when they showed their automobile to the Obama administration. /1 Here is their proof of concept from eight years ago. Common metal, water & air. /2

Feb 25 4 tweets 1 min read
@CasiolaUS Why stay in a hotel? Because the A/C works. It is 75 degrees in my unit & we have gotten zero response from your team. The interior also looks NOTHING like the advertisement. ONE towel per guest? Cheap it up there folks. /1 Advertisement /2 Image
Feb 20 4 tweets 2 min read
You can detest Putin and Trudeau. Difference is this. My expectations for Putin and Russian dictators more generally is very low. He invaded Crimea in 2014 to damn near /1 I expect a hell of a lot more from our neighbor directly to the north. Trudeau leads what is supposedly a Western democracy and should really start fucking acting like it.

I have supported Russian sanctions when Putin gets froggy for as long as I can remember. Pretty /2
Feb 20 4 tweets 2 min read
Hey y'all -

To stay sane, I have decided to do something completely apolitical in addition to my current writing. Beginning this Spring join me and my friends @JudiFoodi /1 You will be able to watch me struggle with my ambitious gardening plans, can and freeze whatever I manage to grow and make it even better over the winter with cold weather and cover crops. Here's a start. Some of these are already in large containers and new seedlings /2
Feb 3 17 tweets 5 min read
The left is not FOR the working & middle class. They are AFRAID of the working & middle class. That is why they seek to crush them. /1 Why you ask? @glennbeck calls it 21st Century Fascism. @marklevinshow calls it American Marxism. @joelkotkin calls it Neo-Feudalism. All of them hit on key features of the system we are sliding towards. /2
Jan 30 6 tweets 1 min read
The number of Ex-Hippie losers pulling their music from Spotify demonstrates 3 things:

1. They are flaming hypocrites who made bank pretending to fight the establishment & have become the establishment.
2. They are clinging to their mortality & don’t care how many younger /1 Americans get hurt in service of them feeling safer by taking a vaccine that neither prevents transmission or illness & have no long term studies.
3. They have no idea why their virtue signaling, which apparently they have been doing their whole lives, is futile. /2
Jan 29 8 tweets 2 min read
BLM is was never a registered not-for-profit. They borrowed the status from Thousand Currents who raised the funds and took a portion off the top. After it became public that a convicted domestic terrorist released by Bill Clinton sat on the board /1… of Thousand Currents, the management of BLM's funds and the status they borrowed moved to the Tides Center, a division of the Tides Foundation, an infamous radical left wing dark money group. Anyone researching the funds should be looking at Tides tax filings. /2
Jan 10 7 tweets 2 min read
I may be getting oversensitive, but it really seems we are losing all expectation of personal responsibility. 🧵

I went to Walmart to pick up a prescription for a sinus infection. A generic antibiotic I have taken before. And I was trained as an RN. /1 After waiting in an ungodly line the cashier finally stapled a receipt to the bag & I reached for it. She went and placed it behind a plexiglass divider at the end of the counter. I moved to where the bag was.

Then a redhead likely about the same age as my oldest kid came /1
Jan 2 5 tweets 1 min read
Ummm, we know about Zuckerberg Chan funding of election offices & all the dubious pandemic adjustments. Add the Time article where they BRAGGED about a shadow campaign. /1 Then imagine being called bigots & racists for supporting legislation that closed some of the loopholes they used, like no prohibition on private funding of election offices, unmonitored drop boxes, & approaching voters in line. /2
Dec 20, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Approving these medications along with procuring enormous amounts effective monoclonal antibodies are the ONLY things the Biden administration should be focused on. /1… ONCE AGAIN: We have a 2 step vaccine that requires up to 42 days to be considered fully effective. Boosters, two weeks.

This singular focus on vaccines staring into a seasonal surge was asinine this summer & is asinine now. /2