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麻希❤️ Antagonist to the antagonistic. There is no pride in simply being. Everyone laughs until they feel like the target. 差別とは、人権です。
9 Jun
The dishonest hacks at Anime News Network are on the defense after being caught "localizing" cringeworthy Western terminology into an interview with the Japanese writers of Megalobox. Their site should relinquish its name.
Maybe try not imposing Western wokeness onto the Japanese because you cannot reconcile your enjoyment of their media from your ideological cage.
That's an awfully convenient way to avoid having to prove the validity of the choice.
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8 Jun
They're fictional characters at an onsen, good job choosing a scene in anime where not wearing clothes makes sense. Image
The character attempting to creep on them is swiftly punished for his behavior, which demonstrates the complete opposite of the accusation here. The comedy of the scene comes from seeing his inappropriate act thwarted. ImageImage
The person fired up over a comedic scene in an anime to the point that it required a thread is here to tell you that you're the one that needs to go outside more often. Image
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