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24 Apr
Oh man. The border thing is tricky. It *looks like* Canadians are mostly bringing the variants into Canada and spreading them. Some are cheating and flying to the States and walking through at unguarded border points. Some are arriving on planes and ignoring quarantine protocols.
Some are moving from province to province, ignoring provincial restrictions or guidelines.

All the federal restrictions on flights and whatever won't mean *anything* if provincial quarantine protocols aren't adequately enforced.

"Adequately" enforcing them could be very hard.
And if they land in or end up in a province who has not got a good quarantine system, there we are.

Because we're not a police state, enforcing quarantine is ... well, tricky.

And Canadians must be allowed to return home.
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23 Apr
Honestly, folks still on the "feds failed at vaccines" is making my brain itch.

Using the incompetent performance of incompetent premiers in conservative provinces as an endorsement of small government is like a logic puzzle written in a dead language.
I totally hope those bozos try to run on that. Because I'm ready for a blood bath at the polls, frankly.
You know what we say in Nova Scotia? "Thank God we elected a good government."

No one here talks about "vaccine failure" because we're not fucking idiots trying to cover up for our premiers' utter failure.
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22 Apr
The cases in Nova Scotia got here somehow. They didn't spring up out of the ground on their own. So, yes, I expect stricter border and/or quarantine measures in addition to what we have to do as a society to knock this outbreak down.

I'm not sure why that's controversial.
Also, I fully expect our government and our population will get this right. I have no reason to believe otherwise.
And I must tell you, that confidence is worth a zillion buck a beers or torn down windmills. Without it, compliance fails. When compliance fails, the virus wins.

My government hasn't wasted my precious energy on gaslighting me or blaming other people.

I ❤️ them for that.
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22 Apr
We had a 25 case "outbreak" in Nova Scotia yesterday. Naturally I'm concerned. You know what I'm not?

Scared. Angry. Freaked out.

You know why?

Our government, their advisors, and Nova Scotians have proven time and again that they will take measures to manage this properly.
I'm a worry wart, usually, like a mother hen who wants all her chicks in the barn where they'll be safe. But I do feel genuinely optimistic that we will manage this situation.

I'm super glad to be a Nova Scotian these days.
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7 Apr
Ford is that guy who fancies himself a shade tree mechanic and when the real mechanic tells him the brakes are going to go, he decides he knows better, refuses to replace them, and drives around until he kills someone. Then he blames the real mechanic for not fixing the brakes.
And his friends all agree with him because the real mechanic is just an elite asshole anyway, trying to sell brakes to those who don't really need them, and shade tree mechanic Dougie knows how to keep cars on the road.

They never explore their logic.
Because they really, really hate those elite mechanics. And they'd rather let Dougie drive around killing people with his broken down brakes than admit the mechanic might have been right.

When political partisanship trumps human life, what's next?
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7 Apr
I had to stay off Twitter for a while because I kept accidentally running into the narrative that the reason the pandemic became so deadly in certain provinces was because the feds "failed" on vaccines.

Stupidity and dogma make me cranky when they cause death. Go figure.
It's not even that it isn't true. Even if it were true, and it was a failure, it was a known failure. Like knowing your paycheque is going to be X dollars but buying that unnecessary thing that costs X+ and then blaming your employer because the bill collectors come knocking.
Let's pretend they failed big. Let's pretend they could have pirated or stolen or made deals with the devil to get 38 million vaccines in March and didn't. Let's pretend that.

How does that let premiers who *knew* that off the hook for managing the reality?
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6 Apr
In Nova Scotia. I just booked an AZ vaccine for my cousin who is in the 55-60 age group. There were hundreds of location choices. It took about twenty clicks to find a suitable location with an available appointment. About 15 minutes.
Most sites are pharmacies and are scattered all over the place, even one locally in a town of less than 3000 people. (But they're only booking 70+ at the moment.)

Site updates in real time, so I did lose one because I stopped to make a coffee in the middle of filling the form.
Was straightforward. Easy to understand and simple to fill out.

You do have to do a fair bit of clicking to find an available spot - no central registry, but I think that's the logistical trade off for being able to pick your location.

8/10 stars.
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5 Apr
A walk in the woods on a rainy spring day.

This owl followed us around and Molly made a game of finding every tree it landed upon. When she wasn't flushing pheasants, that is. ImageImage
Mosses are spectacular this time of year, especially in the rain. I see the chairs by the duck/dog pond need a painting this summer. ImageImage
Then she waited patiently while I took far too many shots of the bog. In a few months this will look like a tropical forest with five-six foot high wood ferns. ImageImage
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4 Apr
Would a political party in Canada try to fail and let people die because that's the best way to win an election or because they feel that's the price the economy demands?

Six months ago I would have taken a strip off anyone saying that.

Today, I'm honestly really not sure.
It feels like this internal question I keep asking myself is trying to literally break me in half, sometimes.
I do not mean to suggest anyone is sitting around gaming which ten people will get on the last lifeboat, but I am suggesting that *where there was no need* to choose, where most people could have been saved, they chose to pander to groups and placed the economy before people.
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21 Feb
One of the reasons I'm so agitated by the response to the #FireGallant situation is that I'm currently engaged in what is best described as the "deprogramming" of a beloved niece who went to Alberta and fell into a @cherylgallant type rabbit hole.
The first week she just ranted and raved about Trudeau being a pedophile and communist agents taking over the Liberal party and the clear drive to turn Canada into a slave state. "You used to love Canada!" she screamed at me in frustration.
She's irrational and deeply frightened and claims the vaccine is simply a way to finish off what the virus started, turning us all into automotons.

She was a pretty normal teenager. More peace and love and hippie beads than the darkness she's in now.
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20 Feb
Hello Twitter Followers.

Yes, I am on a mission. And I need your help.

Please peruse the #FireGallant tag and share the tweets that best represent how you feel or make your own fresh, awesome, original tweet with the tag #FireGallant. Tag @erinotoole and @CPC_HQ too!
It's just Twitter - but I've watched immense pressure on social media cause politicians to do things - just to shut us up.

So, let's be loud. And united. If we all raise our voices - even in simple, straightforward ways, they *will* hear us.

Let's *do* democracy.
This is the *one, single* advantage we have over the asshats: there are more of us.

They're just louder.

If we want to keep our democracy healthy, we need to get loud, too.

We can do this.
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20 Feb
"It is clear that policy responses to disinformation – including decisions by some policymakers not to address the issue – may advantage or disadvantage different political factions."
Follows this:

"... domestic political candidates, journalists, and citizens played major roles in promoting disinformation, and often did so to advance partisan interests ... For this and other reasons, policymaking to address disinformation has increasingly been politicized.
Credit to Dr. Chris Tenove,

Taken from this link:…
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20 Feb
In a response to G&M, @erinotoole said, and I am not joking, “Canadians have other priorities and so do I.”

So democracy killing, society damaging, conspiracy theories by elected officials are not a priority.

Good to know, @CPC_HQ, good to know.

#FireGallant #FireOToole
I'm pretty relieved to know that @s_guilbeault and the rest of the @liberal_party folks in the federal government DO understand just how big a deal this is.
Even the CRTC gets it.
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20 Feb
Dear Liberal MPs,

Don't directly accuse, even with evidence, any other politicians of anything. This ensures it gets buried/dismissed by the press as "partisan".

Send it to a journalist or SM influencer you trust.

Otherwise, it will only exacerbate the problem.

This is war, of a kind. Tactics matter as much as strategy.
As an example, the original tweet by Liberal MP @JenOConnell_ had just over 1000 likes/RTs.

There are many folks with SM accounts who, had they broke this, would be in five digit shares and likes. Image
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20 Feb
The headline and the thing its talking about are the same thing.
Words weighted and organized to make it dismissable as partisan bickering.

Which is why we need public oversight. Real oversight. So bad politicians can't hide in the "partisan" thing and good ones don't get trapped in it.

@JenOConnell_ should have leaked this to a journalist.
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19 Feb
The @CPC_HQ push to call what's happening in China a "genocide", whose leader, @erinotoole, defended residential schools, called left leaning students the "dumbest" and did not support Canada's own self-declaration for much worse, sustained genocidal efforts, is peak 2021.
It bugs me on a cellular level that they believe the Uighurs deserve more from *Canada* than did the peoples from whom we wrested and then defaced this land upon which we stand, which was rightfully theirs, and then abused them, literally for centuries.
If you're not bothered by the fact that there's been no fist pounding or speech making or cries of inhumanity directed at the slow pace of reconciliation or clean water for our *own* genocide victims, and think they're being "tough", then frankly there's something wrong with you.
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19 Feb
Ask yourself this, "Does this particular opposition criticism in the middle of a pandemic seem *right* to you? Does this narrative advance Canada's chances of success? Is undermining confidence in the government with misleading information a responsible thing to do right now?"
And, yes, that should matter.

If we cannot rise above petty now when our entire future is shifting around us and we're being attacked by a virus, then what the fuck are we doing calling ourselves civilized?

Come on.
I mean, they're just lying and making shit up and misleading and misinforming.

To get us to lose faith in the government.

That's it. That's why.

During a pandemic.

We should be freaking furious at them.
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8 Feb
Prior to 2004 virtually everything a politician said that reached the public passed through the filter of “journalism”. It was printed or broadcast, or infrequently, posted online but *someone other than the individual or the individual’s spokespeople had to publish it.*
Everything was, in theory, subject to some form of editorial review.

Through a variety of official means, including legislation and professional standards, such as those protected by CBSC, those who published things were ultimately responsible for the veracity of those things.
We had what is commonly referred to as a system of “checks and balances”.

In 2004 Facebook was created. Today the number of daily uploads (of all things) is nearly five billion. Per day. Every day. The number of actual shares is in the hundreds of billions per day.
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8 Feb
Good morning, Twitter.
This is the first major weather event since my brother died and I just realized no one is coming to make me a walk path down to the barns.

Man, I miss you bro. It's not the snow. That's just frozen water. It's the path that I have to make alone now.
I could call down and one of the cousins would come right up with the plow rig, shovel to my door and put my boots on for me. I'm not stranded or anything.

I've just never had to call and ask before. So it's weird.
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8 Feb
If you were a company and saw the way the current opposition and their press familiars are willing to lie about, mislead regarding, threaten and malign third parties and you cannot be assured of responsible interactions you would have a duty protect yourself.
Two Pharma companies have had to make public statements and corrections over opposition attempts to impugn and misrepresent them for political gain and we won't even mention firecrackers and driving trucks across borders to steal other people's vaccines.
As embarrassing as our bush league opposition is, it couldn't have come at a worse time to have people like The Remple suggesting political motivations for science-based decisions and polluting the narrative with innuendo and dangerous lies.
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7 Feb
Yeah. It's a tough one. On the one hand I look at the general oil sands area that NG called the most environmentally toxic oil site on earth and I count the jobs and revenue (and all it brings) and I find the math hard, tbh. Not simple. I can see both sides.
That's not snark.

I think I'd be more okay with the oil industry if they hadn't damaged our world so much and put so very little back into fixing it.
So I get angry at oil and gas cultists who won't even talk about really, truly being responsible.

Successive conservative governments in Alberta allowed the resources of the province/country make foreigners rich and, ultimately, the people poor.
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